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La Bonita Blood. (Rated M)

Chapter o01: Taste.

"Good night yall", i began to grab my bags as i walked out of the bar from a long day of working. I walked down the block to catch a bus, i was walked i could feel the cold hair hitting my face and my breathe releasing from my mouth. I gripped my jacket closer to me and continued to walk. I kept feelings an awkward feeling the whole time as i if someone was behind me.

I turned around fast and no one was there, i clenched my jacket again and began to walk faster. I finally made my why to the bus stop and stood there waiting, and waiting. Thats when i heard my phone ring, it startled me at first

"Hello?", i said with irritation in my voice.

"Hey baby girl, are you alright?", it was my dad's best friend Jody.

I smiled and sat down on the bench, "yeah im alright...just feeling a little moody"

"ah...i havent had any blood today have you?", i could hear in his voice he was about to start bashing me about this s***.

i smacked my laps with more irritation in my voice, "no...i havent, its hard yah know?, trying to be part human, YET being half vampire ok???"

"CALM DOWN!, i just asked you a simple question, look...when you get to downtown, go to 23th Ave and its a bulding...its unknoen but im sure you will smell the blood, knock on the door and tell them i sent you"

I sighed, "ok...."

"<a href="">O'Myrah</a>...becareful...please"

it was silence...

"Ok i you."


Lol she hard headed! Smdh
Run it

I finally made my way home and took a shower and laid on the couch watching TV. I began to nod off but then I heard some noise, I quickly got up and peep through the peep whole and saw nobody. I shrugged and began to turn off my TV, that's when I heard the noise again. I went back to the door and opened it....I didn't see anyone.

It made me mad because I still had the feeling from earlier tonight. I closed the door and turned around and there was Jody, I jumped and held my chest, "oh my f***ing god you scared me"

He sat down looking serious in the face, "O....who did you talk to on the way here??"

"Speaking of that when I went to that spot it was some random guy, but he didn't say anything.....why you'd ask?"

He raised his eye brow and took a deep breath,"what did he look like?"

I bit my lip has I tried to remind myself of what he looked like'", "oh..he was light skin...blonde low curly hair...tattoos..and had a nose ring"

"If you ever see him again....stay away from him....I mean it....", he looked at me seriously with a stiff face.

I shook my head and began trying to read his thoughts..,that was one of the things I learned to do. But Jody blocked me out, I began to get a headache.

"Stay out of my mind O' dont need to know everything....get some sleep I'm staying the night to watch the spot"

"Fine...OK Jody", I rolled my eyes , before I could walk away he grabbed me and kissed my forehead.

"Goodnight baby girl".

I smiled and went in into my room I jumped and bed and fell fast asleep.

Yet again I woke up go strange noise I looked at my clock and it was around 3 AM. I sat up wiping my eyes as I saw a figure standing infrint of my bed post. All I saw was red eyes and breathing, I switched in the lamp and it was it was a dark skin guy.

"Who the hell are you!?!?", I pulled the covers close to me.

He moved closer to bed and placed his finger on my lips " quiet.... I'm Milo"

"Well Milo what do you want?. You've followed me all night"

He chuckled and stood up smiling showing what looked like to be a bottom grill with fangs, "I need you to come with help"

"To help what???", I began to get louder

He placed his hands on my face again, "just come with me.....please"

I bit my lip and began to look at the bedroom door I nodded my head and got up out of bed, I through on some sweats, a hoodie and some hugs and we disappeared.

I hung up the phone and road the bus to 23rd Ace. I still felt a vibe inside of me telling me to watch my back. I got off the bus and made my way down the alley, I could smell the blood, I wanted it....i needed it.

It was this guy standing at the door, he looked at me and opened it, I walked in and saw people feasting on their victims. The smell of the sweet blood gave me Goosebumps. I walked towards the back of the club and sat at the bar, he signaled me to came in the back and there was my victim, sitting there hopeless...scared. Isucked the living daylights out if him and there I left him....dead.

I wiped by mouth as I stood seeing this guy looking at me. He eyes were first red as he stated in a trans. I grabbed my things and headed out the door, and walked back up the alley, I heard footsteps behind me and thats when o turned around seeing that same guy again.

"May I help you sir?" I said as I crossed my arms and stood there impatiently.

He smiled and moved closer, "you"...

I stood there puzzled as I backed up some more

thats when I heard the bus horn blowing I jumped and turned around to see he was gone.

I grabbed my bag and headed on the bus to go home thinking what the f*** was that.

Run this I wanna know more see how it's gonna turn out she's a half. Human bald vampire this is gonna be good I wonder will she have a human boyfriend and friends or vampire