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Hood Love=Good Love ??? **Repost**

Being the wifey of a dope boy is never easy. dealing with the police scares, late night work,and not to mention the hoes tryna take yo place. but <a href="">i've</a> learned to deal with it. ya see i've been with my babe <a href="">Columbus</a> since i was 15 years-old and he was 20 so you know we done been through it all and three years later im still here. oh btw my name is Kween nd heres the story of my life.

Chapter1: Kween wants her King
Since the first day i saw Columbus i knew i was gonna make him mines no matter what. his milk chocolate skin was so sexy smooth and he stood 5'10" and had a body to die for. the only problem was he was my older brother <a href="">John's</a> bestfriend and i dont want that to be the reason he wont let me have him. everyday he comes over he always asks for a hug and a kiss the next time he comes imma give hime the best kiss ever.!
One hot summer day i was laying out on a towel in the grass with my two piece baby phat swimsuit on and columbus pulled up. i slapped on a quick coat of lipgloss and watched as he got out the car wearing his gucci everything(shirt,shorts,glasses,shoes,hat,belt,and the backpack) looking so sexy.
"hey kween what you doing out here with no clothes on.?" he asked with a smile. he was only saying that because i had the perfect frame for a 24 year old video girl. i wore a size 32C bra and a perfectly flat stomach and hips and ass like Beyonce
"columbus im hot that's why." i replied.
"yeah ok...wheres my hug and kiss.?" i took a deep breath,got up and gave him a hug and when he turned his head for me to kiss his cheek i turned it back and gave him the most passionate kiss on the lips then bite his bottom lip softly but seductively then i walked away and layed back on my towel smiling. for a few seconds he just stood there staring at me with a confused look but then he smiled and went in the house.
i watched as columbus went in the house and then hoped on the phone with my bestie <a href="">leasia</a> to tell her what just happened.
"kween i cant believe you really did that." she said cracking up laughing. leasia has been daring me to make my move ever since she got with her man <a href="">chris</a> who is 22 and she's 16. my bestie was very persistent when she went after chris and it didnt take long for her to get him either.
"leasia i told you imma get columbus by the end of the summer no matter what and this was just the step i needed to take to know if he was on what im on and i can tell he was."
"iight girl we'll see but shoot i dont think john is gonna like this at all."
"oh well this is what i want and its not abt him anymore."