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The Statistics! *Chapter Three*

RULE #1 Don't be a booty call If he don't respect you girl he gon forget you girl

RULE #2 If he's in a relationship If he will cheat on her that means he will cheat on you

RULE #3 Tell him that you're celibate And if he wants some of your goodies he gon have to work for it

RULE #4 Be the person you wanna find Don't be a nickel out here lookin' for a dime

This a story of two sisters falling in love with the guys of their dreams.
But is it just a Statistic.


Okay I started this story on Tumblr this summer with my cousin but we have up. So im going to start it on here with a twist. So..!



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First Mr. Marco, don't play bulls*** on me. Second, AHHH!!! He's so f***ing sexy. Okay okay, third, Mothaf***ing hoe you don't know my sister. She should've whooped yo ass. On clock or not. I would've! Back to the first statement. Nigga it's me or her!
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Chapter Three:


I know I shoulda never said anything about Kay. I was just wanting him to know where im coming from. <a href="">Marco</a> has every right to kick me out his house. I walked up the street wishing that my phone wasn't dead I would have called Bre. Instead I just walked to my bestfriends house.


"What the f*** you mean. It's you're fault" Tanya my cousin/bestfriend said clearly angry. I just put my head down. "Look at me Rissa. What has he done to make you think it's okay to do some s*** like that" She said now calming down. I couldn't even answer her question. I didn't know the answer myself. "I don't know Tan. I don't" I said running my fingers through my hair.

A little later I decided to call Bre to come pick me up. We was now in the car. "So. How did you end up at Tan house" She asked as we turned a corner. I knew she going to ask but not right now. "Oh. Marco had to. Uh work. So he just dropped me off over there" I said nonchalantly, and looking out the window. Bre just nodded in response. Let's hope she believed that.


My sister really thinks im stupid. I know Marco kicked her out because he called and told me. If she wants to deal with him and his girlfriend drama that's good for her. She just better not drag me intro it. As soon as I cut off the car Marissa hoped out of the car and rushed into the house. I shook my head at her. She probably thinks I don't know she three weeks late. But hey it's her life.


I stepped out of the shower to find <a href="">him</a> sitting on my bed. Why the Hell did she let him in. "Why are you here" I asked pulling my towel closer to my body. He laughed. "Hey to you to Bre" Paul laughed rising from my bed. Oh how I hated him. "Did my twin let you in" I asked going to my dresser and getting a pantie and bra set out. He nodded.

I mentally cursed Rissa out, and turned back to him. "You can leave. What are you here for anyway" I asked annoyed. He laughed and eyes me closely. He hasn't seen me in months, but now all of a sudden he's here. "I missed you Ivy" He said using the middle name I hated so much. "Bulls***. Now would you please leave" I said walking back to the bathroom. Ugh people nowadays.

Marco need to get slap
and who was that chick at the store?
Her attitude needs to be stomped out!

Chapter Two:

<a href="">*Bre'Lin*</a>

Finally it was over. They was gone, our dad drilled us with questions that I never thought he would ask. I mean we're twenty years old. We can have men. "Ay. Can I get a pair of these in all black" Some boy asked breaking my thoughts.

"Sure. What size" I asked beginning to walk from behind the counter. He looked off as if he was thinking about it. "A size 3. Yeah that's the size" He said I looked down at his feet and smacked my lips. Obviously the shoes wasn't for him. I nodded and preceded to the back to get the size he wanted.

It took me about three minutes to get the right pair. When I came back a young women was standing with him. "Is that all Sir" I asked stepping back behind the counter. He nodded. His female friends just continued to stare at me.

I brushed it off and continued doing my job. "You're total is 133.56. Cash or credit" I said finally returning the stare. She rolled her eyes. She lucky I'm on the clock.

<a href="">*Marissa*</a>

"Marco. Stop you gone leave a hickie" I said pulling his face from my neck. He licked his juicy lips and smiled. "Why can't I give you a hickie" He asked placing his hand on my thigh. Me and Marco been talking for about two months now. And we still haven't had sex yet.

"Because. I said so. Now move" I said pushing him off me slightly, and fixing my clothes. The only person who knows about me and Marco is Bre, he has a girlfriend already but it's not working and he doesn't know how to end it.

"Look baby. I love you. You know I do but. I can't go there with you until you break it off with Kay" I said rubbing his shoulder. He jerked away from me. "Why the f*** would you say some s*** like that. Get the f*** out" He said rising from his couch throwing my things at me. "But Baby-" "Just get the f*** out"

run run run it sis

Working on add

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whoa is there daddy jackie chan??
and pops just get straight to business huh?
no foreplay or anything...reminds me of my dad lol
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If the link not working there mom is Taraji p Henson!
Run it please!

Chapter One:

<a href="">*Bre'Lin*</a>

I woke up to the sound of rambling in the kitchen. I groaned and turned over to look at my clock. It 3:05 in the morning. I huffed and got out of bed grabbing my metal bat also. If anyone was in there they was about to get hurt.

I opener my sisters door so she can come down with but she wasn't in bed. "Awe s***. They done got my sister" I whisper while bagging away from her door, I bumped some one.

"Ahh" I screamed. I looked back to my sister fully clothed eating a ham. "What the f*** Marissa" I said throwing the bat to the floor. "Where did you go" I asked turning on the hall light.

She looked high as hell. She laughed a little at my facial expression. "I was out with Marco. And his friends. Nothing major" She said taking off her hoodie and throwing it in the closet.

"Next time tell me when you leave" I said rolling my eyes slightly before going back to my room. After I got into bed I heard her yell something. "You're only older by a minute. Stop acting like mom" I laughed before turning over to go to sleep.

<a href="">*Marissa*</a>

I woke up to my twin shaking me as if I was passed out. "Stop Bre" I managed to say in between shakes. She laughed and spoke. "Mom and dad should be here in a couple hours. Get that ass up and take a shower" She said slapping my thigh hard.

I moaned slightly making her narrow her eyes at me. "Perv" She said laughing. I laughed also. Then she left. I grabbed my things for a shower and started heading to my bathroom, but my phone started ringing. "Speak" I said in to the speaker. He have me a husky laugh before talking. "What you doing Sexy" He asked. I smiled instantly.

"Bout to hop in the shower" I spoke back trying to hide the smile. "Alright hit me back when you done" He before hanging up.


"My babies" Our <a hef="">mother</a> yelled upon entering the house. She hasn't seen us in two weeks and she act like we been gone forever. "Hi Mom, Dad" We said in unison. "So girls. Any new guys in y'all life" <a href="">Dad</a> asked eying me and Bre. Oh God. Here we go.

soooo which sister breaks which rule cant wait to find out
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Sounds interesting run it!!!!!