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Secluded Heart (Complete)

<a href="">Zaira</a> had everything going for her. She was excelling in her junior year at college at age 21, was involved in multiple extracurricular activities, and was madly in love with her boyfriend, <a href="">Travis</a>. Everything seemed to be perfect, that is, until she met <a href="">him</a> and he turned her world upside down.


aww! i love this story im so glad everyone turned out fine
i wonder tho would she still model for that same company? o.O
i love their daughter's name such an emotional meaning behind it

Thank you all so much for your support!! You are all amazing and I love ya'll!

loved this story!!!!!

That was such a beautiful ending Nicole. THey got the bad guy Xaviers punk ass, still cant believe he was connected to there past wow. They're a happy family and enjoying there new baby girl into there family and everyone lived happily ever after... Team Zaira and Julian

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great story!

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It’s been about a month since Zaira found out about the whole Xavier situation. That same day she found out, she immediately apologized to me and said she overreacted. She loves how I love her enough to do anything to protect her. I have no clue how we are going to resolve the situation, but Zaira said she has a plan. She thinks that she could get him to talk about his family’s drug dealing operation. Since we went to the police and explained the situation, they think this would be best. The police also think that Xavier is involved in drug dealing as well and if we can get him, we can get his whole family. I think this is crazy because first of all I don’t want Zaira in any danger. I don’t care that police will be all over the place, I am still worried. Also she’s pregnant and I just don’t want to stress her out. She said she is willing to do anything for our family. She refuses to let anyone take her happiness away from her. Zaira is strong, but all of this scares me. I don’t like the idea, but we are going through with it. It’s A Tuesday after work and once I picked the kids up from school, I dropped them off at my mom’s house. Zaira and I think they are the safest there for a few days. After that, I am meet Zaira at the police station. I just watch as they put a secure wire on her. She looks at me and she can tell I am worried.

“Don’t worry baby. We are going to all be fine,” Zaira said.

“Zaira.....this idea scares me to death you know that right,” I said.

“Baby don’t talk like know why I am doing this. For you, for me, for JJ and Alexis and for her,” Zaira said while pointing to her stomach.

“I know baby I know. I rather do it, but I know I wouldn’t get the needed information the way you would.”

“Julian please don’t worry. You are making me nervous.”

“I’m sorry baby I don’t want to do that.”

“I know.” Once Zaira has her wire in, she walks over to me and wraps her arms around me.

“I love you baby. You know that right?,” Zaira said.

“I know baby I know. I love you too,” I said. Zaira smiles and pecks my lips. We head to a restaurant downtown since that is where Zaira is meeting Xavier. We are driving in separate cars. Zaira is driving her car and I am riding in a van with four other police officers. We are going to be parked so we can see everything. Once we get there Zaira gets out of the car and walks to Xavier whom is sitting at an outside table. I say a quick prayer that Zaira will be alright after all of this. I would not know what to do if something ever happened to Zaira or our baby girl. I would blame myself until the day that I die. Anyway, all of us in the van listen to the conversation between Zaira and Xavier. Xavier of course said something flirtatiously to Zaira the minute she sat down. He has no respect for me or my marriage to Zaira at all. Zaira just plays if off and leads to the Mario situation. Xavier spilled everything. He must really trust Zaira because he never once got suspicious about anything. Two of the cops get out of the van and start to move in towards Zaira. Suddenly though, a man comes out of nowhere and shoots Xavier right in the head. Xavier’s blood splatters all over Zaira and she screams and I screamed too. I get out of the van as the man points his gun at Zaira right at her stomach. She just puts her hand over her mouth and a cop shoots the man right in the heart. Zaira just screams and stands up and the cops shield her until they know she is safe. Once they let her go, she runs to me and I just hug her tight as we both start balling. Oh my gosh I thought I thought I was going to lose Zaira and my baby girl!! My heart literally stopped beating when I saw that man point a gun to Zaira’s stomach. I pull out of the long embrace and Zaira looks beyond terrified. I quickly take off my shirt and I wipe the blood off of her the best way I can as she trembles.

“It’s ok baby you’re safe. We’re safe,” I said. Zaira just nods her head and hugs me again.

“Let’s go home baby,” I said. She nods her head and I lead her to the van and she gets in. The cops wrap her in a blanket and they explain everything to us. Xavier spilled names and places so there are cops on the way right now to pick everyone up. This drug operation and those involved isn’t that big. Only 5-10 guys will be arrested at the most. The good thing is no one will be able to get to Zaira and me since they will all think that Xavier spilled the news to the police, since everything is said is recorded on tape. Zaira and I are fully protected and so is our family and friends. Zaira fought for her happiness and risked her life for our love. I never thought that would fall more in love with Zaira, but what she did today just proved me wrong.

<em>Four Months Later</em>

Zaira is screaming at the top of her lungs in our hospital room. My baby is finally giving birth to our baby girl! Everyone is here; JJ, Alexis, my mom, Cameron and Angela. I am holding Zaira’s left knee as she pushes. I am dressed in scrubs since I wanted to be as involved as possible in our baby girl’s birth.

“Come on baby you are doing great. Just keep pushing!,” I said. She just looks at me and then takes a deep breath and then starts pushing and I see a head full of hair!! I see my baby girl’s head!!! Oh my gosh tears just start flowing down my cheeks.

“Baby I see the head! I see her head! She is almost here,” I said. Tears run down Zaira’s cheeks and she looks at me. I smile a bit and I lean down and I kiss her cheek and then forehead.

“You’re strong baby you can do this. You can do this,” I said. Zaira nods her head and does three more pushes and I just look in awe as my baby girl comes out of Zaira. 3:53 pm; that’s when my baby girl was born! My baby girl starts crying at the top of her lungs and all of us the adults are crying as well. JJ and Alexis are just clapping in happiness.

“Oh Zaira and Julian she is beautiful,” Angela said. The nurse rests our baby girl on Zaira’s chest as nurses wipe her clean. Zaira and I are just staring at her; she is perfect!!!

“Hi baby girl hi. It’s me mommy,” Zaira said while balling. Zaira gently rubs our baby girl’s hand and then starts crying harder. I do the same and then I cut the umbilical cord. The nurses take her and clean her up more thoroughly.

“So what’s my grandbaby’s name?,” my mom asked. Zaira and I just look at each other and then smile.

“Her name is Anaya Karen Matthews,” I said proudly. My mom just gasps in shock and I hug her tight.

“That’s a beautiful name,” Angela said.

“Thank you,” Zaira and I said in unison. Zaira and I decided to name Anaya after Zaira’s mother whose name was Anaya and we decided to give Anaya my mom’s name as her middle name. We both love the name. Once Anaya is all cleaned up, weighed and measured, the nurse hands Anaya to Zaira and Zaira cradles her in her arms while crying nonstop. I can’t stop crying either. Anaya’s birth is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my life. Anaya is beautiful! She looks how I did when I was a baby. I sit on the bed next to Zaira and we both just admire her.

“She looks like you baby,” Zaira said.

“You’re right....she got that head full of hair from you though,” I said.

“She’s perfect,” Zaira said through tears.

“She is and so beautiful,” I said. Anaya is squirming around a bit while looking at Zaira and I. Zaira hands Anaya to me after a while and I just stare down at her. I can’t stop the tears from falling.

“Hi baby girl. Hi. It’s daddy. I am the one that has been singing to you and talking to you while you were in mommy’s girl you are so beautiful. You’re perfect. I love you so much already,” I said through tears. I lean down and I kiss her cheek and then I look at her as she just stares at me. I gently rock her and rub her hand. I am beyond happy right now. After 15 minutes, I hand Anaya to my mom and she sits down on the couch in between JJ and Alexis.

“Oh she’s so pretty!!,” Alexis said.

“Yes she is,” JJ said while smiling big. They both kiss her cheek as my mom gently rocks Anaya. I look at Zaira and I hug her tightly and then I look at her.

“Zaira baby I am so happy right now. Seeing my baby girl’s took my breath away. Zaira we have been through so much in our relationship. Some downs but mostly ups. Baby we have come a very long way. I cannot imagine my life with any other woman. You are everything to me Zaira. You are me. My heart beats because of you and our children. We have a very strong love Zaira I hope you know that and nothing or no one can break it. I promise you. I love you with all of my heart Zaira. I love you so much. I love you baby,” I said while sobbing.

“Julian baby I love you too. You mean everything to me. You are my heart and my life would be so miserable without you. I know we have been through some very tough times, but we made it through each time and we will do that until we die I mean that. I am so thankful for you. You are the best husband I could ever ask for and then some. I don’t regret anything that we have been through Julian and if I were given the chance, I would do it all over again because you and our kids would be worth it. I love you Julian. I love you so much,” Zaira said as tears poured out of our eyes. I just hug Zaira tight as we cry together. These are definitely happy tears. Today is an emotional day but in a good way. Zaira and I have come such a long way. We have been through so much together but we are a living example of how love can conquer all. When things got rough between Zaira and I, our love was all we needed to get us through. Before I ever met Zaira, I was in a bad, dark place. I kept my heart locked up with the hope that no one would ever forget me again. When I met Zaira, she instantly unlocked every lock on my heart and eventually our hearts became closer, but now all that has changed. Our hearts aren’t close anymore, they’re one.


Hey ladies there will be one more add to this story than that will be the end. I just need to end this story because I honestly don't want to write it anymore.....

over reacting it