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Opposite Sides Of The Track


On one side of Bayonne, New Jersey <a href="">Kaylin</a> Tran lived in a High Income Neighborhood with just her parents since she was an only child.

"kaylin!! it's 7:45!" her mother Sara called out.
"i know mom i'm coming!" kaylin called out as threw on her jacket and rushed down the stairs.
"it's for first day at this school, you don't need to be late" her mom said.
"i won't be late and its high school nobody cares" kaylin said as she grabbed a bagel.
"i care now go" she said pushing her out the door.

Kayln took her car keys out her bag, hopped in Mercedes and drove away from her <a href="">home</a>


Dang Mr.Moore is playing no games with them. I'm already hip it's gonna start out rough as hell

run it

They getting off to a bad start. I hope it gets better. Run it:)))

I guess their stuck with each other now!!! Lol Damn that Mr. Moore not playing!! I hope they learn to get along soon.

Well I guess they're stuck with each other run it


It was only the second week of school and jacob walked in 5 minutes after the late bell.

"mr brown i see you're sticking to old habits" his teacher Mr Moore said.
"i came earlier today" jacob said in defense as he took his seat next to his friend mike.
"true, usually you come 15 or 20 minutes later which is something i will not tolerate this year" he spoke to the whole class."this is your senior year, lets act like seniors" he added.
"i think i should transfer out this class" jacob said.
"good luck trying, i'm the only teacher teaching trig this year" he said.

"damn yo, i'm tryna have him again" jacob said to mike.
"just chill, you can pass this class easy as hell if you relax" mike told him as the class room door opened.

Kaylin walked in threw the door and handed the teacher her transfer slip since the school was adding her on their list late.

"yo jay thats that rich girl everybody's been talking about" mike said to jacob.
"Mr moore i think you forgot to let out the red carpet for your highness here" jacob said as kaylin sucked her teeth. This wasn't new to her everything time she went to a new school someone always picked on her because she was the "rich girl".

"class this is Kaylin Tran she came all the way from LA" Mr Moore said reading off the paper."have a seat" he said to kaylin.

Kaylin walked towards the only available seat next to jacob. All eyes were on her as she sat down and went threw her back to pull out a note book. The teacher began his lesson and handed out worksheets for the class to do for the rest of the class.

"did you drive here in a Bentley or a Porsche?" jacob asked kaylin.
"more like a Merceds, problem?" she said as the classed 'ohhed'.
"little rich girl got a attitude" mike said.
"whatever" kaylin said turning her attention back to her worksheet.

The class was quite as everyone did their work, all except jacob who sketched pictures in his note book. He turned his head and looked at kaylin who was almost done with her work. She looked at him from the side of her eye then turned her head fully to face him.

"what?" she asked.
"are you always this uptight?" he asked looking her up and down.
"i am not up tight" she said.
"oh by bad i meant prissy" he said.
"can you leave me alone" she said louder.

"Tran, Brown, is there a problem?" Mr Moore asked.
"no" they both answered.

The bell rang and everybody packed up their things and handed their papers to the teacher as they walked our.

"jacob theres nothing on this paper" the teacher said.
"i don't get this stuff" jacob said.
"thats because you don't pat attention" mr moore said."do you know you need this class to graduate?" he asked.
"yes, i know" jacon responded.

Kaylin walked up and handed her paper to the teacher. She began to walk out the door when the teacher called her back.

"yes mr moore" she said turning around. Jacob sucked his teeth at the way she responded.
"i see you're good at this" he said looking at her work sheet.
"yeah, i already passed trig in LA" she said.
"so why are you here?" jacob said as kaylin rolled her eyes.

"Kaylin i want you to tutor Mr Brown here" Mr Moore said as both their eyes opened wider.
"what!!" they both asked.
"you are going to help him pass this class, if he fails your grade drops" he explained to kaylin.
"thats no fair" she complained.
"whats not fair is me having to hear you to bicker back and forth thre my class, you two should become good friends because you're gonna need each other" Mr Moore said as he walked over to his desk and sat down.

Jacob and Kaylin walked out the class room with no word spoken towards each other.

"i don't need a tutor" jacob said turning and walking away.
"wait!" kaylin said stopping his."i'm not tryna fail this class" she said.
"you won't fail, your grade will go down thats it" he said turning to face her.
"i can't bring home anything but an A" she said.
"god forbid you get a B,C or even a D the word might end man whatever" he said trying to walk away again but she grabbed him.

He looked down at her hand that was wrapped around his arm then looked at her.

"i know you don't like me and trust me the feeling is mutual but Mr Moore was right we need each other right now" she said as jacob just stared at her.
"fine, whatever" he spoke.

Run it!!

that looks like the project i used to live in when i was 10 except mine was a little bigger lol. that is a very nice pic of chris and kay ooooo run it

Damn that's a little house. My apartment is bigger than that Lls

Run it!!

Run it !!

I aint got nothing to feed off of yet but I wanna see how this story goes. Run it:)))

Aww run it!!! I like it so far.

<a href="">Jacob Brown</a>

<a href=""> His house</a>

Intro Pt 2

(it'd didn't let me put the whole intro together for some reason)

On the other side of Bayonne, New Jersey Jacob Brown lived in a lower income neighborhood with his parents and his 14 year old little sister Jasmine.

"ma i'm leaving" jacob called out to his mom who was seated on the couch.
"where you going?" she asked.
"school" he told her."just like every morning" he added in.
"alright jay, see you later" she said.

"you ready?" he asked his little sister.
"yuup" she said as she grabbed her bag.

They walked out their house and walked down the block. Jacob dropped his little sister off at her school before heading to his school.

(i'll add his house and his pic in a different post, this site is being a b****)

it won't let me add the other half of the intro :(