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I've came to the conclusion that I don't know many people on this site and I would love to get know everyone so, i'll go first.

My name is Danyell but Dany is fine too. I love the color purple, that yellow nigga Chris Brown is the father of my children. I'm super nice so don't hesitate to say hi or talk to me. I'm young but wise. I like to smoke, don't judge me and I won't judge you cause it can get ugly before it gets beautiful. I have this fat lesbian crush on Karreuche Tran, Cassie, and Kim J. I give no f***s, they're flawless :) So go ahead, don't hesitate to introduce yourself.



So lace right? Red or black?

oh alright fine ill do it

He gon like the lingerie even better

he likes my slippers

Soooo whats going on?

bunny slippers?!? .....yeah suuurrreee thats sexy

dang it i have to dress up too
aww man cant i just show up
in my bunny slippers

You want lace lingerie?

ana didnt we have this discussion already you're going to give him a baby so god help me woman

I'm hair and make-up

I'm hair and make-up

Great soo when should we be there to film it

hmm hold me down and insert a turkey baster ???

ok ok fine ill go with the turkey baster lol

jk jk i will give the man a baby gosh :)

*whispers to Ana* If I were you, I would choose natural because if we have to use the turkey baster we will hold you down.

There it's settled Ana will give trey a baby
Either the natural way or a turkey baster
Your choice


*raises hand* I

All in favor of Ana giving Trey a baby
Say I!


Give that man a baby, he actually loves you unlike my big head.

He deserves a child, mine was an accident.

Come on Ana even dany && Chris got a baby
Stop bang stingy && give him a baby

neverson may never ha a son

maybe we will see
depends on how he acts over the
next couple of days...!!!

That's all Ana?! Really... Lol

But wait... I thought Trey was tryna put a bun in your hot oven?

I love the name Kadence! That's my alter ego lol.

Ummm Ana tell us please! Lol


i found my bunny slippers..

ha they were under my bed
who would have guessed lol


What's your announcement?
You having a lil Trigga

Hi Lisha :)

Whats your announcement?

my name is allisha but i will settle for lisha. i love the color sky blue. i'm 21 married my college sweetheart and am the mother of a gorgeous baby girl named kadence. dont smoke but i do drink. nothing heavy i'm still a lightweight lol.