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Coming Down

I got somethin' to tell you
But don't know how I'ma say it
I guess that I can only say one thing:
Girl, I been bad again
Girl, I been bad again

Cause with this money comes problems
And with these problems come solutions
And I use 'em but I'm fading
I forget
I forget what you mean to me
Hope you know what you mean to me

<a href="">Chris'</a> pov
"Popped a molly I'm sweating" I screamed. I went out to the hotel's balcony to get some fresh air. I needed some time to think about my decisions from last night. I enjoyed them as I turned around to see two bad b****es in my bedroom. I laughed to myself because I have no memories on what happen last night. I decided to get dressed and leave these two to have their fun. I hurried out of the hotel room and caught a taxi. As I stepped out of the car; I see <a href="">them</a> standing outside.
"You lost your keys?" I asked.
"Nah we left them inside" Trey said.
"Oh" I said while opening the door. "How was you guys' night?" I asked. They looked at each other and started laughing. "Man we just found some girls and did whatever came to mind" Drake said. I laughed because they wasn't on my level of "fun".
"But you'll never believe who we bumped into" Trey said.
"Who?" I sat down while raising my eyebrow.
"Leslie" they said.
"So?" I replied "What does that mean?" I asked.
"It means her and Kayla are moving here also" Drake said.
"The f*** you mean?" I asked.
"Leslie was at the club and she said here and Kayla are expanding their business so they decided to move to New York" Trey said.
"Should've stayed her ass back in Miami" I replied. I couldn't take it nomore I had to get up and rolled up my blunt. I grabbed a lighter and started puffing. "f*** her; she should've kept it" I said to myself. My anger was building up as the thought of her being in the same town made my blood boil.
"Look, You need to calm the f*** down and quit breaking s*** before I'm charge you extra for putting a whole in the wall" Trey said. I was grateful for my boys letting me move in after I lost everything.

Chris' Pov
Here I am staring at my brother's headstone. I couldn't believe that he was gone, I felt responsible for everything. I was influcing him on becoming popular but he became caught up with the wrong people. Here my brother laid under the ground killed for a pair of shoes. I wiped my tears away and finished my blunt I had laced. I had no one to turned to; our mother left us with a note and $3000 dollars. I walked away and knocked on <a href="">his</a> door.
"Yo?" Amir said.
"You got it?" I asked.
"Man, I don't sale anymore. I got out of the game" he continued. "You need to get your life together Chris" Amir said.
"Shut the f*** up Amir, What kind of drug deal tells his client to sober up?" I asked.
"The one who has a kid on the way" he continued

Chris' Pov contd.
I couldn't believe she had the audacity to get an abortion without my consideration. I swear if I saw this b**** I would choke the s*** out of her. Ugh I decided to take a nap because I needed something to take my mind off of her.

Drake's Pov
We decided to invite Kayla and Leslie over. We haven't see these girls since high school; now they're running one of the most up-and-coming boutiques. They came in looking fly as usual but we didn't want to keep the noise up because Chris was sleep. We also decided not to tell Kayla about Chris living here because it was too much for her to handle.

Drake's Pov
I heard someone banging on my door as Sami left my house. I hopped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my waist to see Kayla covered in liquor. It look like she had been running also as she ran into my arms. "He tried to kill me" she said. I was confused because I had no idea who she was talking about. "Who?" I asked. She looked up at me and said "Chris". I was shocked I didn't know what to believe. "Was he high" I asked. She shook her head; I couldn't believe Chris had the right putting his hands on her. "I told him i was pregnant but he was high and he attacked me" she continued crying.

Trey's Pov
I heard Chris waking up and I knew it was time for them to go. I tried letting Leslie know that Chris was up but she wasn't paying any attention. "WHY THE f*** IS SHE HERE!" I heard. Chris came out of nowhere talking about Kayla. She was extremely scared she tried getting up quick but Chris pushed her back into her seat. "GET AWAY FROM ME" she yelled. I tried getting Chris but he continued charging until Drake came in the middle. "f*** YOU CHRIS!" she said. Chris started laughing and kicked the chair over "f*** YOU TOO WHORE! WHAT HAPPEN YOU DIDN'T KNOW WHO THE FATHER WAS?!!? WHAT AMIR KEPT FORCING YOU TO SUCK HIS d***!" he yelled. Kayla's face went blank before turning into rage. She dropped her bag and tired jumping at Chris before Leslie tried holding her back. "NO f*** YOU CHRIS!" she said. Kayla tried pushing Leslie off of her so I decided to get Kayla. She continued screaming things at Chris before she somehow pushed me off of her; I was shocked because she was short and somehow manage to pushed me. She jumped up and started attacking Chris and Drake at the same time. I finally got her before she took off her shoe and tried attacking him with the heel. "WHAT ARE YOU STILL SNORTING COKE OR HAVE YOU STARTED SMOKING CRACK!" she yelled. "NO I WILL NEVER BE LIKE YOUR MOTHER YOU STUPID b****!" he yelled. Kayla's face became sadden after those words, she calmed down and started getting her things; "I'm out" she said.