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Stupid in love/Ambition *NEW STORY*

Hi this isnt my first story on here but my the one I did have on here Im not sure what happened to it lol so we will see how this goes. I wasnt sure if I wanted to name it Ambition or stupid in love so im naming it both. I hope u like it and feedback is appreciated. Thank you....

My new nickname
Is "You Idiot"
(Such an idiot)
That's what my friends
Are calling me when
They see me yelling
Into my phone
They're telling me "Let go.
He is not the one."

The niggas I was calling was fraud and I learned my lesson
Now I move with aggression, use my mind as a weapon
Cause chances are never given they tooken like interceptions


Come on Serenity pay attention" I heard my brother yell from the bleachers. The girl I was guarding flew passed me for the second time today and scored.
"TIME OUT" I heard my coach yell
I felt tears threatning to roll down my face. I had so many mixed emotions right now. I was the captain and the game was on the line. It was the 4th quarter with 3:23 on the clock and we were down 6.
"Yall better get it together now. Seniors this could be your last game so go out there and leave everything on this court tonight. Serenity count us out"
"Come on girl we got this" My teammate Tiana said rubbin my shoulders.
"Lets do it" I said puttin my arm around her
As I was walking back on the court my eyes connected with my dad's piercing green eyes. Stay focused he mouthed. I nodded looking for any sign of my mother it hurt me so bad that she wasnt there. Anger began to rise and I was even more anxious to win now. The ball was tossed to me as I ran down the court.
"SERENITTTTYYYY ROOOOSSSEEEE FOR THREE" The commentator screamed as the crowd went wild.
"Ambition is priceless thats something thats in your veins and I doubt that ever change". Wale's ambition boomed in my head as I got on defense ready to guard the girl whos embarrassed me more than once tonight. I saw the cross over coming before she did it and quickly swiped the ball. I passed it down court to Tiana who was already sprinting down court. Easy lay-up. YES.

"Thought I was gone have to come out there and beat yo ass" <a href=,r:23,s:0,i:155>Derrick</a> said hugging me.

"I know thats why I didnt make eye contact with you"
"When you doing that jump shot bring your elbow in more. Cause your shot isnt squared sometimes"
"Ok got you" I said hugging him
Derrick was a beast in basketball he was number 1 in the nation when he graduated from here last year. He now plays at Illinois state and has NBA teams looking at him. He's GOD here at North High.
"Good game princess" Dad said kissin my cheeck "You been working on that cross over I see you"
I smiled at my dad these two were the 2 most important men in my life besides the crew and Mike. They was always there for me.

"Serenity right?"
A tall slim white women came up to me
"Carolyn Riley from Indiana State how you doing?" She said extended her hand
"great" I replied shaking her hand
"Hello Mr.rose. We were looking at Serenity tonight and we love what we see. She's a wonderful player"
"Thank you" my dad replied
"We were wondering if you ever considered playing for Indiana?"
"No never gave it any thought"
"Well we would love to have you. I tell you what here is my card call me and we'll set something up maybe have you come down for a shootaround"
"sounds good" I smiled
"See you soon" She replied shaking my fathers hand.
"Look at baby sis tryna be like her big bro"
"AYYEE YOU DID THAT s***" Omari yelled coming towards me.
I smiled he was so silly

I appreciate the comments.

Thankfully I had Mrs Jones for Senior English; she absolutely adored me so I knew me coming in late wouldnt be a problem.
"We're in our Senior project groups" Mrs Jones smiled at me
"Thanks Mrs. Jones".
I heard some people smack their lips they hated that she gave me special treatment. I sat down next to Drake, Shad, and Omari who were all in my group and doing absolutely nothing.

"I see yall aint doing s***"
"We been waiting on you. I know you got my text" Drake said looking at me.
"No i didnt" I said lookin at my phone and indeed there was a text from drake saying bring him some food.
"OO my bad with yo greedy ass"
"Yo you been ignoring everybody s*** aint cool" Shad said texting on his phone.
These were my brothers me and Shad grew up together been knowing him since the 4th grade. Omari Ive been knowing since the 8th grade, and Drake I met him freshman year in highschool.
"I know I just been-"
"BAE" I heard Mike yell behind me. I rolled my eyes as Drake shook his head.
"Where you been I missed you" Mike said kissing my cheeck
"Home" I replied nonchalantly
"Look bae Im sorry I didnt pick you up last night some s*** happened. I know I been f***in up lately and Im really sorry"
I looked in his eyes and saw the sincerity. I loved Mike and I knew he loved me even if he had a weird way of showing it sometime.
"Its ok babe you comin to my game?"
"Wouldnt miss it for the world" He smiled the smile I loved more than anything, then he kissed me.
"Dont he always say that" Shad said lookin at Omari and Drake.
"How about you dont worry about me and mines my nigga worry about yo b****"
"Dont be callin my girl no b**** my nigga" Shad hissed while standing up
I quickly pulled Mike away as people began to stare in our direction. Everyone I hung out with hated Mike, and everytime i brought him around there was always an issue.
"Stay over there with that f*** nigga Serenity real s***"
Drake shook his head at me again while Omari tried to calm Shad down.
"I dont like them niggas" Mike said staring Shad down
"Bae stop its cool"
"So you takin up for them now??
"Im not taking up for noone"
"yo whatever Serenity I dont got time for you" Mike said storming out the classroom. Was my life destined to have drama in it.

Good add girl here nd her fam in a bit of.a bind. I hope momz not doin drugs or nun run it

Thanks girl =)

I woke up to the sound of rain hitting my window pane. Great now I had to catch the bus in the rain. I rolled over slowly and stared at my clock that read 7:30am. I blinked a couple times then rubbed my eyes to make sure that what I saw was correct. "f***" I was late as hell. Happy Friday to me. I had to get to school fast because I could not miss Senior English again.I decided to call my dad it was the least he could do. I havent seen him in weeks. I dialed his number and put him on speaker while i rummaged through my closet for something to wear.

"Wassup Princess?"
"Hey dad are you busy?"
"Kinda why wassup?"
"I need a ride to school Im late and its raining"
"Damn Im at the office sweetheart"
I rolled my eyes he always found an excuse
"Ok dad" I said sounding defeated
"Wait you know what Ill be there in 15 minutes be ready Serenity"
"I will be thanks"
I loved my dad and truth was I missed him horribly. I missed us sitting around the house playing 2k12 on the X-box or just watching movies on Sundays. I missed feeling safe and protected. When my mom kicked him out that day he took a piece of me with him and he took all of my mom. I would give anything to have our family back the way it was. In a way i blamed my mom. My phone going off broke me out of my trance. It was a text from <a href=,r:35,s:0,i:264&tx=55&ty=58>Mike</a> My supposed it boyfriend.

His text:
Bae where you @
My text:
Still walking home from last night

I was so through with his bulls*** and wondered everyday why and how Im with this boy. O thats right my ass is STUPID IN LOVE. Stupid I feel like being the key word. I through on my hoodie with my name and number on the back and a pair of jeans. We had a game tonight and it was a pretty big game it determined our spot in the playoffs and it was against our rivals. I ate, slept and breathed basketball it was my escape and the reason why I was somewhat sane. Just as I finished up my bun in my hair my dad honked louodly outside.

"Fareal dad you couldnt get out and ring the doorbell"
"Hell naw its cold as s***"
"Exactly why I called you"
"Why you aint call yo brother he lives up the street?"
"Are we talking about the same Derrick who doesnt wake up untill 12"
"Yea but you know for you he'd wake up and get you"
"Yea after he cusses me out and then some"
"Tru Tru" my dad said chuckling "Where's your mom?" My dad asked uneasily
"Your guess is as good as mine"
"She aint come home last night?
I watched my dad as he drove clenching his teeth. He still loved my mom and i knew the thought of her with someone else was tearing him apart"
" I dont like whats going on with you two you and your mom used to be so close"
"Used to be being the key word dad. Nothings the same anymore. She dont care about me"
"Dont say no s*** like that Serenity you know your mother loves you. Its my fault"
"That s*** happened 3 yrs dad, and you and mom wasnt even together when Derrick was conceived, and it doesnt have anything to do with me Im her child"
"I didnt tell her though Serenity. It is my fault. All I want is for yall to be like yall were."
"Ha good luck with that. Im so over her and what she going through"
My dad shook his head he knew how stubborn I was and I knew it tore him apart seeing his daughter have so much hate for her mother.
"Look I know I aint been the best father, but we gone talk about this ok?"
"I love you dad"
"I love you to. 7pm right?"
"Yep see you then"
He handed me 40 dollars as i turned to walk away. He never saw the tear roll down my cheeck

<a href=,r:3,s:0,i:139&tx=42&ty=70>Serenity</a>

Run it

It took months for me to finally except that I had a brother and I love <a,r:24,s:0,i:164>Derrick</a> to death and when he found out he was my big brother he took full responsibility. That was when he was 15 and I was 14 now we are 18 and 19 and its frustrating. I love him but I have to remind him too many times that I am not a lil kid anymore.

<a href=”,r:0,s:0,i:153>Sharon</a> please dont start this again. My father yelled at my mom.

<a,r:22,s:0,i:224>Darryl</a> dont tell me what to do this has been going on too long Im tired of this s***. where have you been?

"I told you I was out with some guys from work" my dad stated nonchalantly while taking off his shoes.

"Who is she"

"What are you talking about. Serenity go to your room"

"No she needs to hear that her dirty ass father is cheating" My mom yelled with tears streaming down her face. My dad just stared it me with hurt and pity in his eyes.

"Dad is this true" I said with tears threatning to fall down my face

"Yea is it true" My mom slapped my dad

"Sharon dont put your hands on me" My dad screamed through clench teeth. My mom slapped him again, and he quickly pinned her against the wall. By now I was in tears on the floor.

"Im not cheating on you Sharon but I have a f***in son ok. He's 15 "

My moms whole body went limp and that angry face she once worry now turned into hurt.

"A son darryl after all the bulls*** we been through a son..Get the f*** out now" My mom broke down and ran to her room and from then on she has never been the same.

I walked to the bus stop cold as s***. “My ambition to win, just to get me some ends
Help me pay my little rent, maybe sit in a Benz” Rappin to Wale’s Ambition. On nights like this the words to this song was my life. This Chicago winter was whooping my ass. You would think since I had a boyfriend with 2 cars and a brother who had mad money a b**** wouldn’t be walking in this below freezing weather, but that was definitely not the case, and to top it all off my phone was dead. “f***” I screeched after stepping in a huge puddle something had to give. This wasn’t the first time he forgot to get me and it wouldn’t be the last. I drug my frozen tired feet into the house 2 hours later and dropped my gym bag and back pack on the floor. As expected my mom wasn’t home and that’s exactly how I needed it to be she had been getting on my damn nerves lately and she wasn’t her normal self at all.
After plugging in my phone I was immediately flooded with text messages from numerous people, but the one that stood out the most was the one from my brother Derrick. Well half-brother; he was pretty pissed off from the text message so I decided to call him.
“Serenity where the f*** you been?”
“Hi I’m fine how are you Derrick?”
“I’m really not playing with you Serenity I been calling you since 7:00 and its 10:00”
“I’m Just now getting home Derrick I had to catch the bus”
“The bus? That f*** nigga had you catchin the bus again? You know that’s the last time right?”
“Just leave it alone Derrick-“
“Leave it alone? This nigga got my little sister walkin home at 10:00 at night in the snow. Don’t be surprised if I come beat his ass tomorrow at the school?”
“Well you wasn’t there either Derrick. You worried about this nigga and you aint doing s*** for me neither”
With that I hung up on him. Derrick was so overprotective that it pissed me off, and what pissed me off even more is that he had his own way of playing me to the left for his groupie hopes but wanna get mad when other people do the same. Me and Derrick juss found out we were sibilings about 4 years ago, when my dad told me and my mom about his secret past. I remember like it was yesterday.