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Guerrero Reina

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<em>I ran as fast as I could never looking back.My body was weak and I knew it yet, my adrenaline wouldn't take that as an excuse.</em>

Walking into my bedroom I began to change my clothes when my cell phone began to vibrate. Quickly grabbing it off my bed I placed the phone up to my ear "Hello," I sang into the receiver. The other end was silent for a moment causing me to to say something again. "Hello?" I repeated. I heard a small chuckle "run," the voice said calmly and then ended the call. Instantly I dropped the phone and ran to my closet. Grabbing my nike running shoes I quickly slid my feet into them. I then grabbed my all black hoodie and the black bag that sat at the back of my closet. I raced back to the bed and grabbed the memory chip out of my phone and placed it in my shoe before I placed the whole phone in my back pocket. Just as I made my last move I heard glass shattering downstairs causing my heart to stop. I threw the bag over my back and raced to my bedroom window for a quick exit but that plan was quickly shot down when I seen that I was surrounded.<em> s***! Think Kali....THINK!</em> I raced back over to my closet pushing my clothing to the side and hitting the circuit breaker that was on the back wall. Everything went black as I silently closed myself in the closet. I heard footsteps running up the staircase as I pulled my Glock17 out of the black bag before safely securing the bag back. My breath steadied as the bright lights from the guns of my attackers lit up the room. I watched as they walked around the room searching for me. Flipping the bed, opening the balcony, and checking in my bathroom left only one option in my single bedroom home. As soon as the closet doors opened I began to fire taking the first man in the head and the second in the chest. Jumping onto my feet I raced out of the closet and towards the door when I heard more feet racing up the stairs so I dropped my bag and slid behind the bedroom door. Three more filed into the room as I tried to stay silent in the dark. Once they were all in I began to fire causing them to drop like flies. Grabbing my bag I raced out the room and down the staircase and into the kitchen.<em> You're surround! Where can you go? There has to be a way out!</em> I paced the dark kitchen as I heard what sounded like a stampede running in the house. I quickly slid into the cabinet under the sink silently praising myself for leaving it empty. Buying myself of sometime I thought about how I would get myself out of here alive. Everything became silent as I heard light footsteps all around the house. <em>f***! You've gotta get out of here somehow! This cant be the way you go out!</em> Realistically, I wasn't prepared to take this whole team out by myself so whatever the plan was I was gonna have to be smart about everything I did. Reaching into the bag as silent as I could I grabbed three small hand grenades out placing two of them in my shirt up under my boobs. Pulling out my extra clip I slid it in my coat pocket and pushed the bag to the side. Opening the cabinet slowly I peeped around the kitchen before I stepped out. Crawling across the tiled floors I made it to the dining room when I heard heavy footsteps and a voice "Sir, the target can not be located." Someone responded back to through the walkie "The target is still inside, we've got her surrounded and she hasn't been spotted outside of the location." I looked at my hand and then closed my eyes. I went to stand up when I bumped my china cabinet causing the glass inside to make a loud noise. The guy walking pass me dressed in gear that resembled the swat team spotted me. I rose my gun but the sting of his bullet hitting me in my shoulder caused me to stumble back. I couldn't fight back.....I was out numbered. I tossed the hand grande that i was holding and with out a second thought I ran as fast as I could out of the front door that was now kicked down. The explosion came quicker than I expected because it nearly blew me out of the house. I winced in pain as I landed in my front yard. I had no time to play games so in pain and all I jumped up and ran as fast as I could into the woods that surrounded my now demolished home. I ran as fast as I could never looking back.My body was weak and I knew it yet, my adrenaline wouldn't take that as an excuse. I could hear them yelling for each other to split up and find me as I raced for my life. Reaching in my bra I pulled another grenade out of my chest. Pulling the safety pin off with my teeth I turned around for a brief moment and launched it into the woods creating a little wedge between me and the people who sought to have my head on a platter. My journey was cut short by me coming to a cliff. Looking down the only thing that stood between me and my escape was the gulf of mexico. "Johnson, we have you surrounded," a familiar voice yelled as I seen what seemed like a army of people dressed in swat clothing enclosing on me from every side. I kept my back towards them, turning around slowly moments later I just stood there looking at them coming closer to me. Without a second thought I reached into my chest "Fire," the familiar voice yelled. As I grabbed my last grenade and launched it into the crowd. I felt a couple of stings as I tossed my body backwards and dove into the water.

After three years of silence the Lion had woken.


I like this :)! It's so different from any other story I've read on here. Run it!

Update coming soon

Damn!!! She catchin bodies like it ain't s***! I wonder why she's running tho?
Run it

Oh hell yes!! This is like a combo of Savages, Columbiana, and Reina Del Sur all in one. I love it already. I wonder what she does and what she did to get to this point because s*** just doesnt happen like that. I loved the end of the into where it said 'after three years of silence the lion had awoken" kinda made me feel like I was at the movies. I want more.

Run it

Run this it is too crazy