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*Concrete Angel* chapter 7 posted

<a href="">i</a> made it to john's house and as soon as i walk in the door i heard him and our mother arguing.
"john we're here." i said sitting the baby in the front room and Bj sat next to her and walking through the house and find them in the kitchen fighting over how much sugar to put in the kool-aid.
"hello i said we're here."
"hey babygirl come here." i dropped the diaper bag and ran into my brother's arms.
"hi momma." i said releasing john.
i waved her and turned my attention back to john.
"ok renee where is my niece.?" he asked.
"in the front room. be right back." i walked back to the the front room, took brandee out her baby phat snowsuit and took her to john.
"here she is." i said handing her to him.
"aw shoot look at my niecey. her so cute but damn, you look like yo daddy. you know you favorite uncle dont like him." he said in baby talk, his form anyway.
"john.!" i said
"what.? its the truth."
"so what bubby. you dont say that in front of his kids."
"ok im sorry babygirl. so what's my niece's name.?" he asked sitting down.
"Brandee Ma'Shell Keyshawna Shane." i replied with a smile rubbing my baby's head full of hair.
"aw that's cute. how'd you come up with that.?" he asked.
"well Bj decided on her being named brandee. spelling and all but ma'shell is brandun's mom' middle name and keyshawna is ms. townsend's middle name."
"so just fuxk me right.?" my mother finally said.
"excuse me but i haven't seen you since you put me out for being pregnant the first time so why put in your mind that i would ever name my kids after you.!" i replied getting close to her.
"that's fuxked up ranee i am still your mother." she said.
"what kind of mother are you.? you've never taken care of me. did you forget you were a crackhead all my life.? do you remember why you went to prison when i was eight. hell do you even remember my birthday." i was all in her face now.
"alright renee now that's enough." john spoke up saying.
"but john---" i said but he cut me off.
"no buts, this is my house and i said stop.! damn, don't you see these kids in here."
"how about i just leave." my mother said grabbing her bag.
"ofcourse your leaving, im so use to seeing the back of your head anyway." i said as she walked out the door.

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*continue renee's flashback*
a couple weeks had past since the phone conversation with kyree and school was actually going good again. one day in U.S. History class they announced there will be a class merge while the other teacher was on maternity leave. i was chillen with asia when this lightskinned, green-eyed cutie walked in. he sat right in front of us and spoke to asia.
"aye whose your friend.?" he tried to whisper.
"this is renee. renee this is antwaun." we shook hands and i went back to my conversation with asia. i couldn't help but notice antwaun did not stop staring at me the entire class period and it was kinda amusing. after a few more days i learned he had a girl that went to another school. it was cute how when he talked about her his eyes light up and a smile instantly comes on his face. he was indeed going to be a really good friend of mine i just knew it.
i had began to finally go back over ms. townsend's house and boy have i missed her so much. we did our catching up and uncle joe even let me spend winter break with her.
on new years eve Michael asked me to come over to his house and bring in the new year with him. when i got there all his little friends were there on the porch with him smoking weed so to say im pissed was an understatement i walked by all them and went straight in the house.
"oh snap mike your in trouble." i heard kae-c say causing them all to laugh.
"let me go handle this yall. imam be back" i heard Michael say before seeing him come around the corner.
"ok baby whats wrong.?" he asked.
"i thought it was just gonna be us here tonight."
"it will be baby. they just showed up but they not staying long."
"they better not." i said pouting.
"aw boo boo come here." he said pulling me in his arms and kissing me all over my face. just then my phone began to vibrate and i made an excuse to go upstairs. i pulled my phone out to find that it was kyree. i called him back but got no answer so i went back downstairs and Michael called me on the porch. i walked over to him and he sat me on the banister.
"renee you are something amazing you know that.?" he asked.
"uh i guess you."
"i love you girl."
"i love you too." i replied and he tried to kiss me. "Michael not in front of the perv pack." i said pointing to his boys.
"aye im kinda offended." tey said.
"yea me too." derrick added.
"i know im a perv so that didn't really bother me." kae-c said causing us all to laugh.
"lets make a baby." Michael blurted out.
"what.?" i said pretending i didn't hear him.
"i want us to have a baby."
"dude im 15 i aont ready to be no mom." i said getting down off the banister.
"aw welp i think that's our cue to leave." tey said as they all got up.
"holla at yall tomorrow." Michael said while walking over to me. "come on renee i cant wait no more."
"dude im a freshmen in high school and a cheerleader i don't have time for no baby."
"don't be selfish." Michael said clearly getting upset.
"im not this is my body and if i say i don't want a kid then that's just it and you got to respect that."
"but renee we love each other why not bring a little one in that is apart of both of us.?"
"dude your not listening. I DONT WANT KIDS.!"
"don't yell at me damn it." Michael said the slapped me.
"finally the real Michael has emerged." i said holding my face.
"im sorry renee come here." he said walking towards me but i quickly backed up.
"come on renee i really didn't mean to do that now come here." he said grabbing ahold of my wrist a little too rough causing me to cry out in pain.
"what the hell is wrong with you.?" i asked snatching away. he looked so confused and then he ran inside to his room . i followed him to find that he went in his room and got in the corner with his stress doll and began rocking back and forth.
"renee please stay away from me. im just having a moment."
"please let me help you." i said as i walked over to him and began rubbing his hands that had the doll tightly gripped. i got the doll out his hand and slowly began to get him to wrap his arms around me. his grip was tight but i held in the moans of pain fearing he might freak out even worse. i kissed him over and over until i felt his body relax then i slowly lead him to his bed and laid him down. when i was about to leave he grabbed my arm.
"please stay with me.?" he asked pulling me back over to him and laying me on top of him. "love me." he whispered.
"i will always love you Michael. but i don't think we can be together anymore."
"what.? why.?"
"your too unstable still. i mean this came out of no where and i cant relive the past with you."
"baby im different and you know it."
"yea now your little rants are unpredictable. look Michael i love you but i love me more."
"this aint about me fareal."
"what are you talking about.?"
"its that kyree dude isn't it.?
"what, no that is just a friend."
"yea right i see the way yall look at each other. but it aint gonna happen." with no other word Michael tossed me into the wall. i looked up at him and could tell he had blacked out. i tried to get away but he caught me in mid air throwing me in the bed and tearing off my clothes.
"Michael please don't do this you know my past." i cried out as i recalled what happened to me at my moms home. my cries went in heard as he made me hit my head on the headboard causing me to be dazed for a minute and giving him time to enter me.
"your not leaving me again renee." he said in between breaths.
"please stop.!" i cried. seeing that he wasn't i turned my head towards the clock counting the time til this was over. ten minutes later he stopped and the look on his face was pure confusion. he hopped up quickly and squirmed to the corner of the room.
"im sorry." was all he said. i sat up slowly and noticed my head was bleeding.
"oh my god renee. what have i done." i pit his head down in his legs and i got my stuff and left. i went straight to the closest house there was, kyree's. thankfully he answered the door and not his dad.
"what happened.?" he asked looking at me and helping me in to his room. i told him what went down tonight and he was ready to go over there and hurt Michael.
"ky you cant say anything."
"why the hell not renee.? look at you."
"i know i just want to forget." i laid down in his arms and fell asleep. i just couldn't believe this happened to me again and i vowed to never see Michael again.
the next morning kyree took me back to ms. townsend's hose and we told her what happened. she took me to the hospital and they stitched my head up and i stayed with her until i recovered. Michael never called me and i haven't seen him since.

*flashback over*
i have been doing so much better living drama free this past year since everything with Michael. i felt like a new person. i had my friends who i love dearly and now my momma has even been doing better. we spend time together every now and then but nothing serious. i guess you can say we are trying to get the bond we never really had.
today after school i was planning on going to see her but i ended up bumping into brandun, literally. he was a sight for sore eyes and it really nice that i got to see him again even thought things ended the way they did.
we ended up going to the park and just talking and catching up. its strange to see how much he has grown and matured since we last saw each other. we changed numbers and he took to my moms and dropped me off. was this coincidence or fate bringing us back together.?

sorry it took me so long to update but here you go...its completely caught up she is 16 and brandun is now 21

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*Chapter 8*
Renee's POV
(rewind back three years)

the next day after cheerleading practice was over lania and I went on a tiny shopping trip for pjs to where at the next sleepover which was suppose to be a my house this time. we got on the cota bus and we were laughing and joking around then suddenly Michael came out of no where and sat by me. we just looked at him then scooted to the other side.
"dang you cant even speak to me anymore renee.?" he asked.
"hi Michael." I said dryly.
"see that wasn't hard. where yall headed.?"
"none of your business." lania told him.
"I don't believe I was speaking to you lania." Michael replied.
"but i do believe im talking to you."
"get your guard dog renee."
"would you just shut up and leave us alone.?" i told him.
"come on renee i just wanna talk to you. everytime i call yo uncle joe's for you your never home. please just give me a moment of your time to talk." just then it was time for us to get off the bus.
"this is our stop so your time is up." i said walking off the bus. but in true Michael fashion he followed us off the bus.
"renee im not giving up on us so stop fighting it. you know you still love me girl."
"boy stop following us or i will call the cops." lania looked back at him saying.
"look how about this. can we just be friends.?" he asked turning to face him. "please.?"
"fine whatever now leave us alone." with that we walked away and finished our day out.
this whole friendship thing with Michael has been working out pretty well. can honestly see a huge change in him and i kinda like it. its like im seeing the Michael i first met just more mature and handsome. within eight months of being just just friends we were back together. my girls didn't like that too much and ms. harris was even skeptical about it but if i can see a change in him and he earned my trust back that's all that matters. and over the next two years things were even better. my fifteen birthday Michael, all our friends, and i went to the lake house uncle joe brought and had a blast.! uncle joe's new girlfriend <a href=">camelle</a> came as the chaperon and even though she tried to be a hard ass we still clowned. staring up at the nice, clear night with my friends and the love of my life and nothing could mess this up for me.
the first Wednesday of my freshmen year of school. after cheerleading tryouts me and my new friend erin whom i met at cheer camp went by the weight room where the football players were and that's when i saw <a href="">him.> he was the cutest boy that was my age that I've ever saw.
"aye <a href="">erin</a> who is that.?" i asked pointing him out.
"that's my boy kyree." she replied.
"yo introduce us." i asked causing her to laugh.
"aye kyree come here." she called out to him.
"whats up.?" he asked giving her a side hug.
"ky this is my girl renee, renee this is kyree." for a minute there we just stared at each other admiring each and every feature.
"helloooo. are yall gonna say anything.?" erin said snapping us out of our thoughts.
"oh uh hello." he said extending his hand.
"hi." i said shaking it.
after about a month we started talking on the phone and hanging out. he was a really good friend and the fact that he wasn't in this for no relationship or sex was great. i was even able to tell him about Michael and our past and he never once judged me and that made us even closer.
one night while hanging at kaydn's watching scary movies and kyree called.
"hey ky, whats up.?
"hey girl, what you over there doing.?"
"watching candyman with my girls. what you up to.?"
"at home thinking about a few things."
"like what.?" i asked. he was quite for a while.
"let me ask you a question and i want you to be completely honest. ok.?"
"yea sure whats up.?"
"do you think im cute.?"
"you already know i do so whats th-"
"do you like me.?" the way he said it caught me off guard because he knows im with Michael.
"uh kyree, where is this coming from.?"
"renee its a simple answer, yes or no."
"its not that simple you know im in a relationship."
"just answer me." i sat there for a moment could i tell him the truth.?
"well actually i think i kinda do." i confessed.
"why didn't you ever tell me.?"
"hello im in a relationship how could i.?"
"its not that hard."
"well what about you.?"
"what you mean.?"
"do you like me.?"
"actually renee i do and have been for a while now."
"so why didn't you ever tell me.?"
"because i wasn't sure at first and i didn't wanna just throw this on you and it not be real."
"oh ok. i just i understand. but um let me holla at you later."
"ok then bye."
i felt so weird hanging up with him. what iin the world was going on. thankfully though we never brought that conversation up again. now i can keep my friend and my man. plus with everything i know about him i couldn't really take being in a relationship seriously but he's a great friend.

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so now shes 19?
and i sure hope she dont get caught up in his business
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*Chapter 7*
~Renee's POV~
after having Sammy drop me off at home I went straight to my room and just sat there in my bed thinking. to only be 13 years old I have been through a lot of bullshyt. sometimes I just wish I had a mother that actually cares about me and I can tell her anything because right now i'm so confused. I got up and went over to my mirror and picked up the locket brandun got me and laid back down staring at the picture and how happy we looked. at times I actually miss him. we never really got the chance to take things anywhere because he wanted to have another girl. sometimes I wonder why he even had this made in the first place. I put it back on and curled up in fetal position and slowly drifted off to sleep.

*Brandun's POV*
I cant believe this nigga got me running after him.! I don't know how many times I gotta tell these fools if you make me run its gonna be worst. as I get close I notice my lil homie kae-c had already caught up to him and body slammed him on the concrete. I slowed my pace and when I got up there me and <a href=">brian</a> went straight in on his ass. stomping and punching his ass for making us run. then we drug him to the abandon building around the corner to really get to what needed to be addressed.
"you know you fuxked up my nigga." I said to him whim lightening a cigarette.
"come on now b more let me explain." he begged.
"aint no more time for explaining <a href=">rondell</a> I told yo ass to stop fuxking with my money and look at you still doing the same shyt then to stop it off you ran."
"b-more please imam get your money I just need a little more time."
"your time is up playa."
"come on man I got a family I need to take care of."
"don't care. aye yo ghost." I said turn towards the open door as my ruthless partner <a href="">ghost</a> came in.
"what up B.?"
"he's all yours." as soon as I said those words ghost had a huge yet evil grin on his face as he walked towards rondell.
"B PLEASE MAN DONR DO THIS TO ME.!!!" I ignored rondell's plea and brian and I began walking out the door. you could hear his cries of pain like a alarm waking you up in the morning.
as we got in the care brian immediately needed to speak.
"aye B my uncle wants to put us in with his people in cuba."
"I don't need no new kind of weed to keep my customers."
"no nigga this aint no weed its better."
"what is it.?"
"coke and im talking pure cocaine."
"dude don't your uncle live in LA.?'
"yea so.?"
"nigga how we suppose to get that here.?
"my unc has connections. it will be here with no problem." I thought about it for a minute. I mean that is a whole lot of money that I could really use. but then again if was to get caught weed would give me less time then that shyt.
"let me think on that and get back with you." by now we were at brian's house and he was getting out.
"iight man just let me know."
after days of thinking I agreed and we went to LA to see brains uncle and it was official.

man shyt couldn't be more better for me now. making that deal with brian's uncle was the smartest thing I have were done. I never knew there were so many crackheads in this city until I started this shyt.. and now that me and my niggas is set I decided to spoil myself with a new <a href="">dogde charger SRT8</a> and got B-More in the head rests. and seven stash spots installed as well. after I picked my car up I got a call from kae-c school about a meeting they needed to have with me. kae-c lied to them people and said I was his older brother and current guardian while his parents were gone. I got to that meeting and when they told me his ass was selling weed in the bathroom I almost knocked the fuxk outta him. we left out the school and I immediately went off on his ass.
"nigga what were thinking doing that shyt here.?"
"man b I didn't know the lil nigga was a snitch. I always sell to him."
"yea in the streets. nigga you could have been arrested today."
"I know but-" he paused because some girls bumped into us.
"oh I am so sorry I didn't mean to do that." that voice. I remember that voice.
"how do you know my name.?" she said not looking at me yet and still collecting her things.
"look up and find out." as she began to realize who I was she dropped her stuff again and hugged me.
" I cant believe your here." she said.
"I didn't know you went here."
"yea this is it." she giggled. "what are you doing here.?"
"oh my little homie told yall principle I was his guardian until his parents came back from outta town."
"that's funny."
"yea it is. what are you about to do now.?"
"um go home."
"that's it.?"
"yea and do some homework."
"oh yea that's gonna wait til later come with me."
"where's you woman im pretty sure Im the last one she wants near you."
"we aint together no more."
"are you sure.?"
"iight imma stay." we got in the car and speed off down the road.

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<strong> author's side note</strong> ok so she is now 13 in the 7th grade...she's trying to get to being and acting her age since she had to grow up quick but every time she tries something always tries to pull her back to that side of her

im so confused

how old is she and shes doing all of this s***

run it????

forreal he need to listen to jamel cuz what he said is true and im so glad nae aint fall for it cuz he still healing and he aint ready for another relationship. she need to do her and not date tip like high school she just too young for all that! lol
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*Chapter 6*
"john please let me go to your homecoming.!" I begged watching john try on suit for the dance.
"nae what I look like walking in there with my little sister as my date.? besides your too young and let one of them dudes try to dance with you its gonna be all bad." john replied.
"but sammy is gonna be there.!"
"dude she goes to my school ofcourse she will."
"ok and I can be with her. come on please bubby." I said tryna give him the puppy dog face.
"nae im not taking you and that's it. uncle joe get her."
"come on renee you will have your turn in a few years." uncle joe said.
"but that's two years away. I just wanna see what its gonna be like."
"all the more reason to wait til you get here." uncle joe replied. "now john is this the one you want.?"
"yea I think so. what you think unc.?" john asked. I cant even front <a href="">my bubby</a> did look nice. i just wish he could let me go so i can wear <a href="**ktail-Birthday-Homecoming-Graduation-Sweet-16-Prom-Party-Dress-/00/s/MTYwMFgxNjAw/$(KGrHqN,!nkE-vuh18PVBP8qlFoiFg~~60_57.JPG">this dress</a> i been eyeing the whole time we have been in here. as john and uncle joe began to check out i walked over to the dress one last time. admiring it and wishing i could have it.
"this is a really lovely dress." i said to no one in particular.
"yea and it would look even better on you." i heard some one say. when i turned around i saw Michael standing there.
"what are you doing here.?" i said a little afraid.
"relax im just in here with jamal searching for homecoming outfits."
"here of all stores.?"
"this is the best and not too many of the people we go to school with can shop here so i aint gotta worry about a nigga having on my shyt. how you been renee.?" he said walking closer to me.
"don't come any closer."
"come one renee im just tryna be friendly."
"leave me alone."
"look renee I've changed a lot since we broke up. momma even made me go to therapy. i know i wasn't the best boyfriend but im working on that."
"Michael you sucked at just being a human being so miss me with that I've changed mess because I've heard it before."
"your right let me prove it to you."
"naw you good. im done with relationships and all that til i get to high school."
"well how about we just be friends then.?"
"i don't think that's a good idea either."
"why not.?"
"because Michael i don't trust you."
"so let me try to earn your trust again. please."
"no." with that i walked away and met up with john and uncle joe walking out the store.
over the next five weeks Michael has really been persistent on trying to get back in my life. he's been leaving teddy bears on the front porch, coming to every cheerleading event, and even going as far as to come to my school and holding up 'i love you renee' signs at the fence. this boy is stone cold crazy and its said because its like he's not catching the hint.
"renee Michael is back." lania said pointing him out my the bleachers as we're headed to kaydn's house.
"you have got to be kidding me." asia said laughing.
"he just wont quit." i said shaking my head.
"go talk to him." kaydn suggests.
"and say what exactly.? thanks for beating my ass and tryna show you care but leave me the fuxk alone so i can move on.?" lania replied to her.
"come on lania you dont have to sound so harsh." asia replied.
"well its the truth."
"but its not like i wanna hear that shyt right now." i spoke up saying.
"well do something."
"i thought ignoring him was doing something."
"you know why he's doing this right.?" lania asked bu we all shook our heads no.
"girl yall anniversary is coming up."
"oh yea may 6th woulda made 4 years. wow that in four days. i completely forgot that."
"but i didn't." she heard Michael say right behind her. "look renee i dont know what else i can do to show you I've changed. i still love you girl and i miss you."
"Michael i already told you this aint what i want. i want to be young and enjoy life. compared to when i was with you i feel my age not yours. im happy and im content. please just leave me alone and move on."
"but renee what we have is special."
"that's just it. we dont have anything. im sorry Michael i dont love you anymore." without another word me and my girls walked away from him.
"im so proud of you nae." lania whispered to me.
"i just hope he actually listened this time and moves on.

~Michael's POV~
i walked straight home processing what just happened. no it cant be true. she was just trying to put on a front for her little friends. yea she know she still want me. i could see it in her eyes. yea its only a matter of time and patients imam get her back i just know it.
as soon as i walked in the house i when straight to my room and grabbed my stress doll. as i squeezed it i kept replying renee's words in my head. <cite>i dont love you anymore.</cite> my anger grew worst and all of a sudden my doll broke and my rage spread. i began throwing every and anything my hands touched. renee was wrong if she thought i would give up this easy.! maybe for a little while but sooner or later i will have her back and this time wont nothing tear us apart.
"dude what the hell are you doing.?" jamal asked.
"man now is not the time. renee just told me she dont love me no more."
"nigga you beat the fuxk outta her why should she.?"
"because our love should have been able to look over that and we should be able to start over."
"nigga look at yourself. why should she come back to you.?"
"im she first love."
"maybe that's not enough for her. just leave that girl alone and find somebody your own age."
"age aint nothing but a number jamal so dont try to pull that card on me."
"nigga in two years it will be considered statutory rape then what you gonna do.?"
"man i dont care about all that." i replied really hoping he would get out my room.
"what ever nigga. call your therapist and clean this shyt up.!

run it.!!!

again... she too damn young for this!
got me conflicted!

really?! that issh is cray! like tf ppl tryna do seduce or cheer?!
run it tho

girl I have seen worst for little
league cheerleading teams lol

she is too little to be dating! tf 9 u is a kid! and then her first bf is 14 oh my...
dam brandon sho eff up
that cheer outfit too revealing for a 7th grader
dam her mom sick like how could u sell ur daughter for drugs
and i love her brother he was there to protect her :)
her uncle cool ppl
run it

any more runs.?

Damn run it

day by day I am able to let go of michael and its so peaceful. I never thought in a million years I would be head cheerleader for the junior league football team and a math tutor. Michael would flip if he ever saw me in any type of mini skirt and lets just say these <a href="">uniforms</a> are quite revealing. hell uncle joe almost pulled me out when he saw them but the coach begged him to let me stay since im pretty much the one making up majority of the cheers. john and I have really gotten so much closer. he was kinda upset that I broke up with Michael, seeing that I never told him or uncle joe that Michael was hitting me, but eventually he got over it and its been good ever since. me and my girls have been doing great as well. we are all in the 7th grade well except sammy, she's a sophomore in high school now and her dad even got her <a href="">a car</a> for 16th birthday. I love them to death and im glad they are in my life because I don't know what I would do with out them. oh and lets not forget to mention that I've kinda been seein brandun now. ever since that night at the movies he has never left my side. he says it was fate that brought us together and he was never letting go. at first I was kinda thrown off but him and why he wanted me of all the girls out here that are not so messed up and although he never gave me an answer he showed me he cared with every action, gesture, and kind act he did for me daily.
for my 13th birthday brandun took me,lania,kaydn,alana,and asia to the skating rink then applebees. then the next day he took me to the mall and got me this diamond incrested locket necklace. it had a picture of us in it and on the back he engraved 'the heart of Brandun Jerome Shane.' it was so beautiful and it brought a tear to my eye.
anyways, its been a few weeks since then and i havent seen brandun because hes been sick with the flu, so i decided to have sammy take me over to his house to see if he was feeling better.
"so have you even called him to let him know your coming.?"
"well no, but dont nobody but me and now you knows where this spot is so who else would be coming to see him except me." sammy shook her head obviously judging me but i really didnt care.
we pulled up to his house and my stomach was in knots. i got to the door and knocked. after about five minutes and girl answered the door.
"hey is brandun---" i stopped midsentence when i noticed two things about this hoe. one, she was mugging a little too hard asking for me to tap that ass and two, the bytch had on the shirt to the outfit i got him to wear on my birthday, so to say that im pissed was an understatement.
"is brandun here i need to talk to him like right now.!"
"and who the fuxk are you.?" she had the nerve to ask.
"that aint none of your concern just get the fuxk out my way." this c**k-eyed bytch had the nerve to roll her eyes and smack her lips at me but she made sure she gave me room to come in the door. i motioned for sammy to wait for me and i walked in towards his room.
"baby who ever it is at the door tell em to just fuxking leave. me and you got some unfinished business to handle." i heard him say. when i finally got to his room i found him handcuffed to his bed butt ass naked.
"hm and here i was thinking the exact same thing about unfinished business." as soon as he heard my voice his eyes popped open so big i thought they were gonna come right out his head.
"renee its not what you think. let me explain"
"you fuxking piece of shyt scumbag." i dived on him punching him and slapping him.
"SHYT.! STOP RENEE.! DAMN.! STOP DAMNIT.!" i got up and picked up my purse.
"fuxk you brandun jerome shane. i dont need this shyt from you. i hope yo sorry ass catches something from that dirty looking bytch." before i left the c**k-eyed bytch called herself trying to rush me but needed up running straight into a strong ass left hook. to show her exactly who she was fuxking with i beat her ass all the way to sammy's car then got that bytch on the ground and kicked her in the jaw until i heard that bytch crack.! a little something i picked up from michael when we use to play fight before the real hitting started to happen.
"renee get yo crazy ass in this car before you go to jail." sammy said looking at me like she was so shocked by my actions.
"girl lets get the fuxk outta here.!" i got in the car and as we pulled away I came to the conclusion that maybe im just not meant to be loved by anyone. because when ever I think they love me they always end up hurting me. so im done with relationships all together for a while.

run it.!!!!

girl it best be
if not ima hunt u down lol

Girl im prode of u run it