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The Fast & Dangerous

'Dammit' <a href="">I</a> said outloud after getting my favorite shirt snagged on a gated fence; my bestie <a href="">V.V</a> had talked me into getting out of the house tonight with her. "This better be worth it this is a $12 dollar shirt" I said struggling to get it unhooked, she sighed before getting my shirt off the snag. "Trust me it all goes down in this area and no cop cars run through this area" she said confidently; "Why couldn't we have just taken the train and then walked down here? I ain't no damn cat!" I said upset; "(Sighs) Would you stop your b****ing and come on? We're gonna miss the first few seconds!"
"I am NOT b****ing I'm just simply stating the fact that you dragged me down to the Avenues against my will and had me climbing fences and gates like we about to rob somebody's house" I said. "Hence you're b****ing" V.V said. We walked for another 5 minutes until we came across this street racing event; "We're here" V.V said, "You took me to see...a car race?" I said unimpressed. "Not just any racing...street racing, my besties are in the race tonight and whoever wins..gets 15 gs" V.V. said. "This is illegal we shouldn't be here!" I said nervous but she was already walking ahead of me hugging other people that were there and saying 'hellos'.

"Would you relax Zee? You always said you wanted to experience spontaneous things and that you needed some excitement well I'm giving it to you" V.V. said. "Yeah but I was thinking more along the lines of something a like skydiving" I said. V.V looked at me and said, "Girl you seriously need to loosen up if you're gonna be able to handle this..follow me young grasshopper." I followed close behind when we came across our other friends <a href="">Icky</a> and <a href="">Kiko</a>; "I see you finally managed to get ole girl out the house" Icky said hugging V.V; "Yep and she's been giving me hell all the way over here" she said rolling her eyes. "Well you're right on time they're about to start" Kiko said, "Are they here yet?" V.V. asked; "Tsk girl you know they like to make a late appearance" "True lol" V.V and Icky dapped. "Who are you guys talking about?" I asked, "I told you that my besties were racing tonight and they're bad ass too."

Zee watched the other racers line up at the starting point, "Rules go is that each racer has a partner, 1st line goes down the lane and back while the 2nd line waits for the racer to cross the starting line; whoever wins gets the losers car keys. Kinda like a ranking system in the street racing world" V.V. said. "Ranking system?" Zee asked; "A racer with the most cars is crowned king street racer." "Here they come" Kiko said with a smile; Zee and V.V turned their heads to see a couple of street racers coming down the lane with engines revving loud. A couple of 'Oh sh*ts' were whispered amongst the crowd while other people rolled their eyes. The cars pulled into their designated positions; two of the drivers got out and dapped fists with the promoter.

"That's Tarantino and Wiz, they're the friends that I was talking about; they're apart of a bigger street racing group, you'll probably meet them later on." V.V. said. "You mean there's more of them?" "Yeah, they all cool with this guy named Chris but everyone calls him Cruze" she said. "Is he racing tonight?" Zee asked, "Nah, this is just an amateur street race why else would we have gone through climbing those fences?" she said. Kiko pulled V.V aside and whispered in her ear, "(Laughing) Don't tell me ya'll climbed fences to get here?" "Just wanted to spice up the excitement, she don't have to know that." V.V. laughed; "You going to hell for this lol" Kiko joked. "I know I'm so bad ain't I? lol"

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I'll be introducing Wiz, Tarantino and the other guys later on in the next post or two just wanted to get you guys into the moment for a bit.


Hi im new to this site,been a silent reader but I like this story so much that I had to leave a comment.

Smh mfs don't never learn
I think Vyce got a hidden agenda idk
She gon fck around n go to Little Jamrock out of spite
Smh if Cruze ain't like her before he really won't now
Poor lil Tarantino

~The Next Day~

<a href="">Zee</a> was coming out of class when she crossed paths with V.V. who had the most biggest grin on her face. "Ooh looks like somebody had a good night last night" Zee said with a smile. "Am I smiling?" V.V. said. "(Laughs)Girl it makes me feel a lot better knowing that Meika's coming back, maybe you can chill with being a wild girl for a while lol" Zee said throwing an arm over her shoulder. "What you mean? I'm still a party girl lol" V.V. said. "Wanna grab some lunch?" Zee asked, "Hmm it's still a little early maybe if we hurry we can grab some breakfast." V.V said; "Cool." Zee said.

As they were walking to the MU to grab some breakfast, their paths crossed with Vyce and Ross. "Are those the guys from last night?" Zee asked; "Come on Zee" V.V said pulling on Zee's arm. Vyce gestured his finger at Zee motioning for her to come over, "He wants something." Zee said; "Zee I'm telling you right now, DON'T go over there that's trouble" V.V warned.

"I promise I'll be right back" Zee said getting loose from V.V's grip. She walked over to where Vyce and Ross stood leaning against the school's fountain. "Curly cue, mi not know you go here" Vyce said; "Vynce right?" Zee said. "Vyce, like Miami Vyce lol" he said; "What is it that you want?" "Since mi never got your name from last night mi curious in wanting to know more about curly cue girl." Vyce said running a hand through Zee's curls. "My name is Zee." "Well..Zee, if you're ever interested in seeing me come to Little Jamrock, here's the address" Vyce said handing over a card. Zee took it stuffing it into her pocket, "Until we meet again Zee" Vyce said taking her hand and kissing the top of it before leaving.

Zee stared mindlessly off into space watching Vyce and Ross leave before turning around to see a somewhat steamed Cruze behind her.

"What were you doing talking to Vyce?" he asked.

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Lol it's more so of what I want to happen
rather than being that it will happen

@Blame Monroe you seem so sure..guess I'll just add some twists into the story then lol

Run it! <3

Zee & Cruze are gonna fck
I don't care what nobody say! lol
And the reason for them doing so
is gonna be because of Vynce snake ass
Tarantino doesn't stand a chance! lol
but yo, RUN IT!

~Back At the Race~

Cruze had just jumped into his neon yellow W-67 Skyliner with a customized purple dragon going along the sides of the car. The promoter stood ready in front of the line as the racer's cars roared with the sounds of their engines as it echoed into the pitch black darkness of nowhere. The promoter raised the flag then brought it down with a swift force and the racers took off down the dirt road. "Seems a little dangerous to be racing out here I mean, there's no street lights to guide them" Zee said. "Nah, this is the safest route out here" Tarantino said, "How's that so?" she asked. "Well Zee the route's been marked off with glow marks indicating where they should turn left or right" Tarantino said. "Oh." Zee said. After about an hour and a half Cruze was the first one to make it across the finish line crowning him as the winner. He won money as well as another addition to his car collection; as he was being congratulated by Tarantino and the gang who else but Vyce and Ross come walking up to them.

"Well, mi just had the opportunity to see hot shot bwoy make some more money" Vyce said. "Who's that?" Zee whispered in Tarantino's ear; "(Sighs) Somebody that you don't wanna cross paths with" Tarantino said. "Why not? I mean he doesn't seem like the threatening type" Zee said. "We'll explain to you on the way back to C's crib" V.V. said. "What is it that you want?" Cruze asked. "Nuting, jeez can't mi congratulate you?" Vyce said. "I guess it ain't nothing wrong with that..thanks man." Cruze said shaking Vyce's hand. Ross's eyes scanned the crew until they landed on Zee standing next to Tarantino; his lips curled into a sickening smile. "Oh my gosh is he staring at me?" Zee thought to herself; Ross nudged Vyce and whispered something in his ear. Vyce looked and saw Zee as well making the same sickening smile. "Mi not know that you had curly cue girl" Vyce said; Cruze looked behind him to look at Zee then back at Vyce. "Chill man she's a friend of the crew." Cruze said.

"Really? Mi would like to get to know curly cue girl" Vyce said stepping closer to Zee. "Mi name's Vyce" he said taking her hand and placing a kiss on it; Tarantino wrapped an arm around Zee bringing her closer to him. Vyce looked up at T who was shaking his head sternly; Vyce backed off with the same smirk still on his face. "Good race." he said to Cruze before walking off; Ross licked his lips seductively at Zee before walking away as well.

~Cruze's Crib~

V.V. had decided that her and Meika would skip Cruze's party and head on back to the crib to get some 'special time'. Zee was in the kitchen deep in thought; her skin crawled at the thought of Vyce kissing her hand like that. She didn't know him and she wanted to keep it that way; Tarantino then nudged Zee on the shoulder. "Hey" he said. "Hey" she said. "You alright? You've been in here for the last 20 minutes" he asked. "I'm cool..hey is Cruze around?" Zee asked, tonight was the night she was gonna apologize to him. "He's out back." Tarantino said. She nodded her head and went out to the balcony to see Cruze chillin in a pool chair.

"Cruze?" she said, he turned his head to look at her then back at the pool. "What do you want?" he said coldly. "I wanted to congratulate you on your race tonight, it was really good." she said. "Really? You should see me attack a book next time or maybe some school work. I'm a real champ at being a student" he said sarcastically. Zee cleared her throat and took a deep breath because that last statement really cut her deep. "I'm looking to make bygones be bygones and clean our slate" Zee said. "We were never on any slate to begin with" Cruze said even more coldly. "I'm trying to apologize and you keep brushing me off like dirt. I really am sorry about how I treated you but if you're going to act like an a**hole so be it" Zee said. "Gladly" Cruze said taking another sip of his beer.

Zee stormed back into the house and into the kitchen sitting at the table where Icky and Wiz were talking. "Damn girl what happened?" Icky said; "I just tried to apologize to Cruze and he treated it like it was a piece of gum stuck to his shoe." Zee said in a huff. "Tsk man, Cruze can be a little on the..stubborn side but--" "Trust me he's a nice guy when you get to know him blah blah blah" Zee said taking a sip of her beer. "Roaw looks like someone had some kitty mix" Icky said with a laugh; Zee looked sternly at Icky, "It's not funny." "Well girl I did tell you that he has a big chip on his shoulder. Honestly girl I think you're more into Cruze than you are into Tarantino" Icky said. "What?" Zee said. "Well seeing you two together tonight I..I think you guys look great as a couple" Icky said.

Zee's eyes widened, "A couple? I just want us to be friends Icky." "Oh really? Is that why you told him that you wore this outfit for him?" Icky said with a smirk. Cruze came into the kitchen catching eyes with Zee; "Hey can I talk to you?" he asked her. "We'll be in the other room." Wiz and Icky said exiting the kitchen. "Hey" Cruze said, "Hey" Zee said. Cruze sat down at the table next to Zee. "So what else do you have to say to me Cruze? You pretty much said everything in a nutshell out on the balcony." Zee said crossing her arms. "...I'm sorry." "You're actually apologizing?" "What do you want a fckin medal or something?" "I guess I can accept your apology. Why the sudden change of heart?" Zee said.

"I already apologized I'm not going to give you a reason" Cruze said. "Why do you act so cold towards me? Is it because of what happened on campus? Okay that was partially my fault, I'm sorry; but you blew it out of proportion" Zee said. "Whatever..forget I ever apologized" C said going out the kitchen door. "Gladly" Zee said.

~Zee/ V.V's Crib~

V.V. and Meika were making out like crazy in the living room and ever since they walked through the door they hadn't been able to keep their hands off one another. They pulled away out of breath, heavily panting with their clothes messed up. "V.V?" Meika asked, "Yes?" V.V said above a whisper.

"We've been tight for a bit and..I want to take that step with you and be your number one" Meika said. "Oh really?" V.V. said. "Yes really" Meika said. "I'm kinda scared, I mean yeah I've been intimate with a few girls but it never got far to this" V.V. said. (A/N: V.V's not a virgin you guys lol. She just never had intimacy with a girl before.) "Well we can take our time V.V.; we don't have to rush anything" Meika said running her fingers through V.V's hair. "....okay" V.V. said; Meika smiled before pecking V.V's lips.

~Back at Cruze's Crib~

"Stakes have been risen Cruze, what's done is done." Wiz said. "I ain't taking this without a fight" Cruze said, they were in the middle of a card game along with Tarantino. "You sure you wanna ride this train C?" Wiz said with a smirk. "Just play the damn card Wiz" Cruze smirked back. "BOO YA B*TCHES I WON!" Wiz said laying out a royal flush, Tarantino and Cruze mugged him as they handed over a roll of cash. "N*gga I think you cheatin that sh*t always works." Tarantino said with a laugh. "N*gga you just mad 'cause I win everytime" Wiz said counting his won money.

"Anyways..what you gonna do at the H.D race Cruze? Vyce is too sneaky and he'll try to pull something" Tarantino said. "Don't know T." Cruze said.

"Just promise me that things won't get hot too quick, I can't deal with losing you. You're like a brother to me." Tarantino said. "I can't..but I'll try." Cruze said. "Still not speaking to Maze?" Wiz asked. "Tsk man fck that girl I'm not getting back with her she starting to become a nuisance anyways. I can't deal with that jealousy." Cruze said. "So you and ole girl straighten things out?" Wiz asked. "If you're talking about Zee then no..that girl ask too many damn questions talking 'bout I'm being cold towards her." Cruze said.

"Well you are C, look at how Maze treated you when ya'll were together." Tarantino said. "And from what she told me and Icky that you were being an a**hole when she tried to apologize; does that not sound like you with Maze?" Wiz said. "Tsk I'm going to get me another drink, play another deck when I get back" Cruze said brushing them off. "Damn T, Cruze is completely screwed up in the head." Wiz said.

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I swear I can't wait no more!!

Since I cheated ya'll out of an update I'ma make this next one as long as I can. Post will be up tomorrow

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I can't wait... RUN IT please

I can't wait... RUN IT please

Sneak Peek of Tomorrow's post

"I'm looking to make bygones be bygones and clean our slate" "We were never on any slate to begin with" "I'm trying to apologize and you keep brushing me off like dirt. I really am sorry but if you're going to act like an a**hole so be it" "Gladly"

"We've been tight for a bit and..I want to take that step with you and be your number one" "Oh really?" "Yes really"

"Stakes have been risen Cruze, what's done is done." "I ain't taking this without a fight" "You sure you wanna ride this train C?"

"..Hey." "Hey" "...I'm sorry." "You're actually apologizing?" "What do you want a fckin medal or something?" "I guess I can accept your apology"

"Just promise me that things won't get hot too quick, I can't deal with losing you." "I can't..but I'll try."

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I've been mia but I caught up.

I must admit tht Zee was wrong to pass judgement but Cruze was wrong for the stank attituditis he was giving! Zee and T are cute! V.V is so wild I love her!


No readers????

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*2 Weeks Later*

V.V. was getting dressed as there was another street racing event taking place in downtown Toronto tonight and surprisingly Zee had agreed to go on her own free will (lol.) "V, only you could put something so <a href="">unusual</a> together and still pull it off" Zee said as V.V. entered her room. "Well that's why we're besties; I'm the fashionista of Toronto. But enough about me YOU're looking all <a href="">spiffy</a> I might say. Somebody in particular you're trying to catch?" V.V. said with a smirk.

"Nah, this time I felt like changing some things around" Zee said applying some lip gloss on. "Oh and Icky just called to say that she coming to pick us up, Kiko got stuck doing the graveyard shift so she declined." V.V. said. "Ooh by the way, while you were out a special someone left a voicemail message for you. They're going to be at the race tonight" Zee said with a smile. "Who was it?" V.V. asked, "It's a surprise I can't tell you" Zee said with a smile.

"Come on now girl don't leave me in suspense" V.V. begged, "No and stop doing that face lol. Now come on we gotta be downstairs before Icky starts blowing her horn and you know how ghetto she gets." Zee warned. "Ooh yeah girl, even I don't get that ghetto" V.V. said, Zee turned around with a 'yeah right' face before laughing.

Icky came by and picked them up driving all the way out to the secluded area of Toronto almost in the middle of nowhere; Zee's eyes widened at the amount of people who're in attendance. "Man, this crowd's bigger than the last race we were at" she said. "I know this is the big dogs street racing event, what you saw before is NOTHING compared to this. More competitive and aggressive." V.V. said reapplying her makeup. Icky found a place to park and cut off the engine, Zee's stomach began to fill with butterflies once more as they flowed within the groups of people. "Ooh Zee there goes Tarantino" Icky pointed out, Zee looked and saw him leaning against his car; when he saw Zee he waved happily at her. "Is he racing tonight?" Zee asked, "Not tonight babygirl..Cruze is" V.V. said.

Zee rolled her eyes at the mention of him, since that rude and awkward first meeting 2 weeks ago she'd been avoiding him since. "Don't tell me that you're still mad at him?" V.V. said, "Of course I am" Zee said. "Well from what Wiz told me you did judge him so he's pretty upset about that" Icky said. "All I did was just say that I'd never seen him before around the campus" Zee said in defense. "Maybe he took that as you thought he didn't belong on campus, ever think of that?" Icky said.

Zee DOES feel bad about making assumptions about Cruze but he was wrong to say what he said in such a rude manner. "But anyways Zee who was that mysterious you were talking about? The one that called?" V.V. said, "Oh just give it a couple of minutes they'll pop up when least expected" Zee said. "Come on now Z--" V.V stopped midway when she felt a pair of hands wrap around her waist, she looked down then back up at Zee who was smiling heavily. "Girl..that ain't who I think it it?" V.V. asked above a whisper, "It's me" they said into her ear. V.V. spun around happily to see her partner <a href="">Meika</a> smiling back. "Babe I missed you!" V.V said. They shared a passionate kiss embracing one another tightly.

Meika and V.V. met during our first year of college and instantly clicked with one another facebook chatting with each other for months before they got together. V.V.'s a bisexual and Meika's gay. Meika ended up going away for a semester at UCLA which then turned into a whole year. Still they tried to maintain contact with one another up until last month.

"Babe why haven't you been fb'n me for the last month?" V.V. said with small tears in her eyes. "Well I figured that since I was coming back to stay I needed to get some plans arranged; I could've been here a few weeks ago but you know" Meika said wiping V.V's tears away. "It doesn't matter now because you're here" V.V. said wiping off her lip gloss off Meika's lips. "How you been Zee? Icky?" Meika asked. "Been alright, I was missing your face around here, V.V's been acting crazy" Zee said with a laugh. "(Laughs) I'm not surprised 'cause I missed her like crazy. And babe, I'm coming back to T.U. so we can catch up on some missed time together" Meika said with a smile.

"I love you" V.V. said wrapping her arms around Meika giving her small pecks. "Hey you made it" <a href="">Tarantino</a> said coming up to Zee, "Yeah. Had to come out" Zee said. "Yo T!" Meika said. "Oh sh*t Mickey M's back!" Tarantino said dapping her up, "Hey, what did I tell about that nick name?" Meika said trying to act serious. "Oh ma bad. But I'm glad you back mamas" Tarantino said, "You chillin with us back at C's crib? I know he wanna see you" he asked. "Maybe, unless my baby feels up to it" Meika asked kissing on V's neck. "Ya'll cute as hell where's my man at?" Icky said, "(Laughing) Over there with C" Tarantino pointed out. Icky went on over to see Wiz leaving Tarantino and Zee alone. "You look fine as hell to be honest" Tarantino said twirling Zee around slowly. "Thanks because I wore this just for you" Zee said in a low seductive voice.

"Ooohh look at Ms. Mother Teresa getting her game on" Meika said jokingly. Tarantino and Zee laughed and talked for a bit before the race started.

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Update in a half hour or so

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I most positively love this story
I dont think that T will be safe racing after that stunt
Wiz & Icky are so cute!
VV & Kiko are dumb lol had me laughing
Scooter lil bad ass smh
Cruze is so mean all the damn time gosh!


<a href="">Zee</a> was back at the house on her laptop uploading some pictures that she'd taken last night onto her instagram. She tagged Icky, Kiko and V.V. in it underneath the tag


People began liking and commenting on the picture; one comment said, "No surprise V.V came out the womb as a party girl lol." Zee logged off her instagram and updated her twitter

@Zee_Zee: "Stuck at the house doing nothing. Somebody rescue me from this hell hole of boredom."

She soon heard somebody knocking at the front door; Zee wasn't expecting company so whoever was at the door must've been here for V.V. Zee opened the door and standing at her front door was <a href="">Scooter</a>, her annoying next door neighbor's son. "Oh it's just you Scooter" Zee said folding her arms; "Well I ain't Jehovah's Witness" Scooter said back smartly. "What do you want? V.V. ain't here" Zee said. Scooter had this somewhat unhealthy crush on V.V. ever since we moved in together and the only time he ever wants to come visit is when she was at home.

I however thought that the kid was a little grown for her, ain't he like 13 or something? "I ain't here for V.V. my mama going out tonight and she wanted you to babysit me" Scooter said. I scrunched up my face, "Aren't you a bit old for me to babysit you?" "Well at least I don't have wrinkles on my hands" Scooter said pointing. "Boy you a little bad ass, tell yo mama I said no thanks" and just when I was about to shut the door here comes Scooter's mother <a href="">Retha</a>.

"Zee?" she called out, "Oh hello Ms. Royce" Zee said politely; "I know it seems last minute but I really need someone to watch Scooter for me; last time I left him alone he threw a party with a mechanic bull." she said; 'How the hell does a 13 yr. old come up with that kind of money for a bu--never mind' Zee thought to herself. "I'm sorry but I'm kinda in the middle of school work"

"No she not she said she was bored" Scooter said. "You little brat you were snooping on my twitter?" Zee said through clenched teeth; "Scooter be nice. Please Zee, normally I'd ask V.V. but I realize she isn't please?" Scooter's mother begged.

"(Sighs) Okay I guess I can watch him" Zee said widening the door so that Scooter could step inside. "Thank you so much Zee I'll be back in a couple of hours..SCOOTER..behave. Love you" Retha said.

~Icky's Pad~

Kiko and V.V. were drunk off their ass playing Truth or Dare in the living room; V.V. had once again managed to get her shirt off and tied around her head and was dancing to some beat in her head on the couch(I know right?). "Girl you gotta be quiet shhh...(snickers) or else the neighbors will hear" Kiko said in a husky voice. "I don't give a damn, it's your turn b*tch Truth or Dare?" "Dare" Kiko said laying her head back on the couch.

"I dare you to go out on the balcony and flash the pool boy (laughs)" V.V. said. Kiko got up and stumbled a bit before laughing. "Shhhh!! Shh! SHhhh!" Kiko said in a goofy way; V.V. covered her mouth to hold in her laughs, Kiko made her way onto the balcony where the pool boy was cleaning the pool. "Hey..hey! PSsstt!" Kiko said, the pool boy looked up onto the balcony and Kiko quickly flashed her tits. The pool boy was so startled that he fell into the pool. Kiko ran back inside the apartment falling to the floor in laughter.

V.V. then hopped off the couch and began rubbing her stomach, "Damn I'm hungry...I want some burgers!" V.V. said. "Yeaahhh, let's go to Five Guys" Kiko said getting up off the floor.

"Wait wait, do you think it's a good idea for us to leave? 'Cause we don't got a key remember?" Kiko said. V.V. and Kiko looked at one another and bursted out into laughter. "B*tch you so drunk" V.V. said, "Nah I'm fine I'm like a roc--" and Kiko suddenly passed out asleep (-_-).

~A Half hour Later~

Icky came back home with the biggest grin on her face; her and Wiz had officially taken that step and were now a couple. She took four more steps into the living room and V.V was lying her head atop of a still sleeping Kiko with her shades on smoking some weed while listening to Bob Marley.

<em>"I shot the sheriff....but I did not shoot the dep-O-ti"<em> V.V. sang.

"Girl?" Icky said with her hand on her hip; V.V. raised her shades up to see Icky with a 'WTF' look on her face. "Oh girl you came back..Kiko..wake your lightweight ass up girl" V.V. said patting her head. "(Smirks) Don't tell me you guys found my stash" Icky said closing up the opened bottles of cola, whiskey, rum and tequila. "Well we had to do something lol. But anyway girl how'd it go?" V.V. said. "It's official, Wiz and I are together" Icky said with a smile.

~Back with Zee~

Zee and Scooter were in the living room watching T.V.; "Bad Girls Club" was on, one of Zee's favorite shows. Scooter didn't like it and grabbed the remote to change it to "ESPN." Zee grabbed the remote and changed it back to BGC. They began having a channel click fight between the two stations until the batteries inside the remote went dead and Scooter ended up having to watch BGC. She received a text from V.V.

<em>On my way back to the crib<em>

Scooter snatched the phone from Zee and started snooping on her messages. "Gimme back my phone you little twerp!" Zee said snatching it back. "I'ma tell my momma" "Go 'head and tell her you momma's boy" Zee taunted. "Ooh I can't stand you!" "Well we can agree on something 'cause I can't stand yo little smart ass too!" "Man you remind of my sister with her ugly butt!" Scooter said with a huff before sitting back on the couch.

Zee got up to go into the kitchen mushing Scooter's head along the way to grab two sodas; one for her and one for Scooter. "Here" she said dryly setting the soda down on the coffee table taking her spot on the couch. Zee's phone buzzed with another text from a number she didn't recognize

<em>Guess Who? ;-)<em>

Zee smiled a little before replying

<em>Denzel I told you about texting me after 6 lol<em>

<em>Denzel? LOL Nah this Tarantino<em>

<em>Hey wassup?<em>

<em>Nothin much. Just driving around the city, U?<em>

<em>(-_-)....stuck babysitting my next door neighbor's annoying kid<em>

<em>LOL that must suck<em>

<em>..T you don't even know the half of it, it's like raising Chuckie, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees combined into one at the same damn time<em>

<em>Can't be that bad Zee<em>

<em>(-_-) Okay then lol<em>

<em>Anyways I was hitting up to ask if you were gonna come see me race again?<em>

<em>Maybe, my schedule fills up quickly<em>

<em>Oh well let me know ahead of time so I can make arrangements for you and the girls to get a nice view of the race<em>

<em>I'd like that =-)<em>

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Wiz and Tarantino had spent the morning together working on their cars up at Cruze's garage; Wiz was working on the 485 skyliner and Tarantino on the red EVO 360. "So 'T' I saw that you were getting all comfy cozy with V's friend" Wiz said. "She cool peoples, definitely not a girl who doesn't think their sh*t don't stink" Tarantino said. "Hmm so you diggin her?" Wiz asked; "Sorta in a way I mean, I'm cool with being her friend" he said. "I'm thinkin about taking that step with Icky yo. I already called her and set us up for a date tonight" Wiz said; "Finally because ya'll been down with one another for a while now you guys ACT like a couple why not?" Tarantino said. "Right. She was my homie before I had the 320 Spyder and hasn't left my side since" Wiz said referring to when he first got into street racing.

Just then a couple of jet black motorcycles pulled up to the garage; "Oh sh*t" Wiz said wiping his hands off, "What?" Tarantino said looking in Wiz's direction. "It's Vyce and <a href="">Ross</a>" Wiz said; the two bikers parked their bikes along the curb and pulled off their helmets resting them on their bike handles. "My my" <a href="">Vyce</a> said in a thick Jamaican accent "It seems di car mi brudda lost last night found its way to your garage" he said. "What do you want Vyce? Cruze ain't here" Wiz said. "Mi ain't here for Cruze, mi here for hot fck boy here" Vyce said pointing to Tarantino. "Hey man if it's about last night yo man over there started the sh*t" he defended.

"He tell me you flip little bwoy finger when you pass him. Mi don't think that was acceptable" Vyce said. "I told you about that cowboy sh*t T" Wiz said. "So let mi make propa choice, you give di car back and we'll forget the whole ting" Vyce said. "You know the rules Vyce, you have to race to earn it back" Tarantino said. "And truce is we don't step in your boundary and you don't step in ours" Wiz said sizing them up. "Who said nuthing 'bout boundaries? This be a fair trade" Vyce said.

" there a problem?" Cruze said coming up the drive way, Vyce smiled before saying "No little ting Cruze but hot fck bwoy here cheat mi brudda out his car last night" he said pointing to Tarantino. "I'm sure whatever my man did last night can't be no serious than you coming over here." Cruze said. "You're right, that's why mi like you Cruze you a fair deal man. See you in the Horned Desert Race in a couple of months" Vyce said. Cruze, T and Wiz watched as Vyce and Ross got back onto their bikes and rode off back to their side of town.

"Why were they here?" Cruze said, "Man I don't know they just trying to start something Cruze" Tarantino said. "Man Wiz did something go on at the race last night?" he asked. "(Sighs) Apparently hot shot over here picked the wrong person to flip off and now Vynce's convinced that T cheated Ross out of his car." Wiz said. "I ask you to do one fcking thing and you can't even do that sh*t! I got Vyce on my ass already T!" Cruze screamed. "My bad man but why you so worried about him anyway? We the best Cruze" Tarantino said in defense. "T you better quit with the cowboy sh*T or you gon get us all killed..FCK!" Cruze said punching the garage post.

"Oh man by the way Maze was up here looking for yo ass she been blowing up the phone all damn morning" Wiz said. "I don't want to speak to her ass. DON'T BOTHER ME!" Cruze said going into his office and slamming the door behind him.

~Icky's Pad~

Kiko was lying on Icky's bed while Icky was getting ready for her date with Wiz. "It's about time that n*gga took that leap ya'll forever cuddled up on one another" Kiko said. "Yeah I know, I'm nervous actually." Icky said going into her closet. "Why? Yo opinion of Wiz ain't gon change overnight just because of one little date." Kiko said. "It's not that I'm worried if things don't turn out the way I want them to tonight" Icky said. "Icky, you're stressing over this thing for no reason it's only ONE date." Kiko said.

"How do I <a href="">look</a>?" Icky said modeling in front of the mirror. "You look like you're on your way to a high school football game" Kiko said blandly. "You think I should change?" Icky said, "Yea" Kiko said shortly. Icky began undressing and going back into her closet; "Konnichiwa b****es!" <a href="">V.V.</a> said coming into the bedroom plopping right next to Kiko.

"Icky's going out tonight with Wiz" Kiko said, "'Bout time" V.V. said flipping through a Cosmo magazine. "V you seem to be the fasionista of style I need something that's gonna be simple, comfortable and casual" Icky said coming out of her closet. "Well if that's the case try going Amish they have all the qualities you're looking for" V.V. said making Kiko laugh. "V! I'm serious I need help" Icky said with a fuss, "Okay okay calm your American Eagle ass down I'll help you" V.V said getting up from the bed.

2 Hours Later

<a href="">Wiz</a> had come over and was waiting alongside Kiko in the living room. V.V. then came out Icky's door, "Ladies and Gentleman I present to you..Icky" Icky stepped out and Wiz's jaw dropped, " look <a href="">amazing</a>" Wiz said with a smile. "You don't think it's too much?" Icky asked, "Naw, it's different. I like different" he said making Icky smile. "Now be careful with my little Icky Wiz or else I'ma tie you down and feed you peanut butter with yo skinny ass lol" V.V. joked. "Chill I'ma be good lol. See ya'll later" "Bye guys I'll call you afterwards" Icky said as Wiz placed his arm around her shoulder as they walked out the front door.

"That outfit was badass V" Kiko said, "I know..and to think that a couple of hours ago she looked like G.I. Jane. (Sniffs) my little Icky's growing up!" V.V said with a laugh. "Wait a minute..this b*tch left us in her house knowing damn well we ain't got no house key. She tricked us into house sitting again" Kiko said. "Know what that means?" V.V said with a slick smile; "Tornadoes?" Kiko said. "Vodka,whiskey, rum, tequila and cola in the bottom left cabinet" V.V. said.

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Gosh he's mean, but she shouldn't judge a book by it's cover


I woke up the next day to my alarm going off, last night was one of the best nights I'd ever had; I'll have to thank V.V. later on. I tied up hair up then went into the bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth then got my <a href="">outfit</a> together for school. I began making breakfast in the kitchen afterwards and found V.V. looking a hot ass mess; she must've gotten in after I fell asleep so I know she must have a hangover. Her hair was messy and tangled and had on an oversized button up on; "Morning" I said. "Shh! Not so loud" V.V said in pain, I smirked before turning on the coffee machine. "I assume you're not going to class today" I said. V.V looked at me sternly before shaking her head 'no.' "Want breakfast?" I asked putting in some bread into the toaster; "(Groans) Don't even mention food" V.V. said laying her head on the kitchen counter, "So how'd it go with Cruze last night?" she asked. "I actually spent time talking with Tarantino" I said grabbing eggs from the fridge.

"Tarantino? What happened with Cruze?" she asked; "Nothing..I wasn't really digging the vibe, he seems kinda pushy and conceited." "I wouldn't be so quick to judge Zee, that's just how he is with people" V.V. said pulling a mug from the cabinet. After cooking I quickly ate then grabbed my bookbag; "Feel better Ms. Golden Goddess lol" Zee joked. V.V. flipped the bird with a smirk before plopping back onto the couch.

~Later That Morning~

Zee's class came and went getting a quick headstart to her weekend, as she was walking across campus she spotted <a href="">Cruze</a> coming from the school's library. 'He goes here? Why am I now finding out?" Zee said to herself; since they didn't get a cordial introduction Zee walked over alongside Cruze. "Hey" Zee said but Cruze had his ear pieces in so he couldn't hear her; "Hey!" Zee said a little louder. He looked at Zee taking one ear piece out, 'Sup?' he said. "I'm Zee from last night remember?" she said. "Oh V's friend" he said; "I didn't know that you go here" Zee said.

"What's that suppose to mean?" he said raising an eyebrow; "I mean that you don't seem like the type of guy" Zee said. "Oh so because I street race I can't be a student?" Cruze said. "I wasn't saying that I just never noticed you on campus before that's all" Zee said. "Whatever" he said coldly; "Jeez I was just being honest with you, Icky was right about you" Zee said. "Well maybe you should listen to Icky and stop trying to make conversation with me 'cause I ain't got time for that sh*t." Cruze said rudely. "A**hole" Zee said and purposely knocked into him before walking away, after getting a far distance from Cruze she couldn't help but feel bad about bumping into him like that. She circled in her tracks hoping to catch Cruze and apologize but he was no longer on the sidewalk.

"(Sighs) So much for that" Zee said and continued her walk off the campus.

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Lol I remember get that drunk in my party days!!! Good times!!!

Zee and Tarantino are cute! Cruze and Maze are...dysfunctional to say the least!!! smh

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Cruze was inside the house in the game room with Wiz and a couple of girls playing some pool. The <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">girls</a> were all up on Cruze and he was just eating up their attention when his girl <a href="">Maze</a> walked up on them. "Yeaooww..I smell(sniffs) skanks. So why don't you girls make a break for it before I leave tread marks on your faces?" she said. The girls backed off of Cruze and left the game room; "That sh*t wasn't cool and you know it. I wasn't even doing anything" he said. "Whatever Cruze...just forget it." she said grabbing a poolstick, "The color green doesn't suit you well, that jealously bit isn't cute" Cruze said sternly. "Are you play pool or just talk?" she said rudely. Wiz leaned over in Cruze's ear, "Dang what's got her panties in a bunch? I know she can be mean but damn." Cruze took a swig of his beer and slammed his poolstick on the table leaving Maze in the game room; he went back upstairs to his room out onto his balcony.

He inhaled deeply a few times trying to calm himself down when he felt a pair of hands wrap around his waist. He knew it was Maze trying to apologize but he really didn't want to hear nothing from her right now. "Babe I'm sorry if I snapped at you downstairs" she said sincerely but he said nothing back to her. He spun around facing Maze who still had her arms wrapped around his waist; "Aren't you gonna say anything?" she asked. "Like what? I told you I wasn't doing anything but you took that sh*t too seriously. Really Maze if I wanted to cheat on you I would've but I ain't." he said coldly.

"Please babe I don't want us to fight tonight, not at the party" Maze said. "I'm not trying to fight but you pissed me off with that little remark you made" he said. "Oh so I'm not supposed to say anything while some b*tches are all up on you?" Maze said irritated. "See that is why we always fightin you can't trust a n*gga for sh*t!" Cruze yelled. "Well maybe I could trust you if you weren't flirting with all your little groupies and making me feel stupid as hell!" Maze yelled back. "Maze get out of my room 'cause you pushing me to some extreme and I don't wanna go there. If I said I didn't do sh*t then let that be" Maze said backing away from her. He went towards the balcony door and opened it, "Get out Maze I mean it" Cruze said. Maze rolled her eyes and went back inside.


"I'm ready to go home it's getting late" Zee said looking at her watch, "Girl it's only 9:15. You're such a lightweight" Icky laughed. "Well I'm sorry but I DO have a morning class and the last thing I need is to be completely exhausted." Zee said. "Well at LEAST get a ride home or something you don't wanna take the train at this time." Icky said. "Like who?" Zee asked, "I'll take you back home I'm getting ready to head out as well." Tarantino offered. "Are you sure I live in upper Toronto" Zee said; "I know somebody up that way so no I don't mind" Tarantino said spinning his car keys around his finger.

"Okay, tell V.V. that I'm heading out, bye guys" Zee said. "Bye girl have a safe drive home" Icky and Kiko gave Zee a hug before leaving out the side gate with Tarantino. He hit the alarm button to his 2012 <a href="">Lamborghini</a>. "Oh my gosh is that the new version of the lamborghini?" Zee said in shock; "Yeah she's my favorite, won her off of some dude in my first race. Only drove her a couple of times" Tarantino said escorting Zee to the passenger side. He opened the door for her letting Zee get inside and closed her door; Tarantino then jumped into the driver's seat and put the key into the ignition. The engine roared to life as Tarantino put his stick shift into drive. Zee got more comfortable as they drove off into the night; "What street you live on?" Tarantino asked. "345 Lorne Dr." Zee answered, Tarantino punched in the street address into his GPS and followed the automated directions. "This car's amazing it doesn't even feel like we're moving" Zee said in excitement; "She does run smooth which is another thing that I like about this car, I do however wanna make some adjustments such as changing the paint and put some body art on it."

"I think it looks fine just the way it is, you don't need to fancy up a car like this" Zee said honestly. Tarantino smirked before making a right turn heading onto the interstate. "Your friend Cruze seems...rough around the edges" Zee said; "He's always like that but all in all he's laid back and a nice guy once you get to know him." Tarantino shrugged his shoulders. "But what I can't seem to understand is as innocent as you are what made you come to a street racing event?" he asked.

"Define innocent" Zee asked; "Pretty much pure and good" Tarantino said honestly. "I guess that describes me....I don't know I always wanted to experience something outside the box; expand my interests more" Zee asked. "I can understand that" Tarantino said. They drove on for another 30 minutes until they reached the designated address; Tarantino's eyes grew wide. " <a href="">here</a>?" "Yeah..and it's really nice, you can just pull up into one of those spots.

Tarantino nodded his head and pulled into an empty parking space, he switched the engine off leaving them in complete silence. "I appreciate the ride back, thanks Tarantino" "Call me T lol" he smirked. "Well 'T' lol, I had a great time talking with you tonight." Zee said. "Me too you're really cool Zee. Hey next time you come to a street race hit me up" he said. "Are you asking for my number?" Zee smiled; "Yeah" he said cutely. "Why don't I get your number that way I can let you know ahead of time?" Zee said pulling her phone out. Tarantino gave his number on a scrap piece of paper, "Just don't call me collect lol" he joked. "Very funny" Zee said; she pulled him in for a hug before getting out of the car shutting the door behind her.

Tarantino waited until she was inside the gate before he pulled off. He got back to Cruze's house 40 minutes later and everyone was heading out. Tarantino cut his car off, got out and locked his car doors and hit the alarm. He went into the living room to see Wiz and them cleaning up the plastic cups. "Hey did she get back safe?" Kiko asked. "Yeah" he said; Maze then brushed past them from the kitchen in a angry state before opening and slamming the front door behind her, Cruze came out afterwards rubbing his head. "I don't even wanna ask." Tarantino said; "Hey Wiz, can you take us back home?" Icky asked, "Sure, lemme get V.V. from upstairs I'm pretty sure she's knocked out by now" Wiz said jogging up the stairs.

"Yo Cruze what's up man? You a little quiet over there" "T step off I'm not in the mood" Cruze said irritated before outside to the balcony. "Told you, a big ass chip enough to feed a third world country" Icky said rolling her eyes. "Man what went down?" Tarantino said plopping on the couch, "Maze and Cruze had a fight..again and they broke up..again" Kiko said nonchalantly. "Isn't that like the 5th time?" Tarantino said. "Yes" Icky said drearily, Wiz came back downstairs with a sleeping V.V. over his shoulder. "Bye T, take care of yourself" Icky said. "Bye Icky, bye K" "Bye T" Kiko said. "I'll be back man I'm just taking them back home" Wiz said going out the front door.

"Later" Tarantino said.

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No not Tarintino!!
She gotta be with Cruze!! lol

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run it!!

"So what do you do Zee?" Tarantino asked; "Right now I'm majoring in Culinary Arts, I want to own my own restaraunt one day." she said; "Oh so you throw down in the kitchen huh?" he smirked. "LOL yea you could say that. Cooking's been a passion of mine since I was little; I loved helping my mom cook or bake stuff she called me her little assistant." Zee said. "That's cool" "And what about you Tarantino?" Zee asked. "My parents wanted me to grow up and become a biologist but my passion was for street racing as I was going through the rebel stage." "Is it fun?" Zee asked; "Yeah..I mean the money's good and I'm not stuck working in a 9-5; I'm only 21 I can't spend time in a cubicle." Tarantino said. "But don't you ever worry about....getting caught?" Zee asked. "Never, I'm too fast to get caught. You should come ride with me sometimes" he offered.

"Oh no that's not in my lane I can't" Zee said, "What you scared?" Tarantino said with a smirk; "No I'm not scared" Zee mocked. "Okay..why don't we bet on it in a game of pool? I win you take a spin with me I lose I'll drop it" "Okay then you're on" Zee said. Tarantino and Zee walked over to the pool table that was in the game room. "Rack 'em" Zee said grabbing her poolstick sharpening up her tip; T got the pool balls centered and ready then got his poolstick. "Ladies first" Tarantino offered; Zee arched over the table preparing to knock the white ball and took the shot. Number 11 and 7 make it into one pocket while the others scatter. "Not bad, my turn" Tarantino said; he took his position and made the shot; Numbers 2, 3 and 14 make it into different pockets. After Zee's turn she makes one into a pocket and Tarantino makes two more; all that's left is the Number 8 ball. "Better get ready because once I make this shot I'm in" Tarantino bragged. He eyed the last ball hoping to make it into the left corner pocket; he shot....but terribly missed. "Ha! Looks like I won't be getting no ride lol" Zee joked. "Game ain't over yet" Tarantino said with a smirk; Zee blushed before bending to take her turn. He eyed Zee's curvy body from her shoulders down to her backside landing his eyes on her ass.

"I win" Zee said out of nowhere, Tarantino was so busy focusing on Zee's body that he hadn't noticed that she'd gotten the 8 ball in. "I gotta admit for a shy girl you play some hard pool" Tarantino said. "Don't judge a book by the cover cowboy I'm not as innocent as you think" Zee said flirtateously. They left the game room and crashed back on the couch where Icky and Wiz were. "Yo man where'd you go?" Wiz said through a cloud of smoke; "Me and Zee had a little game of pool. I lost though" Tarantino said with a laugh. "Oh yeah, Zee's a master at pool" Icky said laying her head on Wiz's shoulder; "So what's up with this? Ya'll a couple or something?" Tarantino asked. "Nah we just good people's" Wiz said. "I see that you got Zee all warmed up T" Icky joked. "She good peoples I like her" Tarantino said looking at Zee; she blushed again before returning the smile.

Suddenly they heard V.V. outside saying "I'M A GOLDEN GODDESS!" Icky, Wiz, T and Zee went out to the backyard and V.V's hanging against the 2nd floor balcony ledge with her shirt off. "V!" Icky and Zee said in shock; T and Wiz laughed because V.V. would always act out whenver she was drunk. V.V. jumped from the ledge doing a cannon ball into the pool causing several party goers to cheer. V.V. climbed out completely drenched laughing hard from the ordeal; "Are you crazy?" Zee said, "Girl relax it's a party we should be having FUN!" V.V. slurred a little. She stumbled into Wiz's arms throwing one over his shoulders; "Wiz I'm all wet can you get me a towel?" she said in a babyish voice.

"LOL Girl come on with your crazy drunk ass" and Wiz escorted V.V. back into the house. Kiko then came out to the backyard with Icky and Zee; "I see she didn't waste no time lol" Kiko said mentioning V.V. "How you holding up Zee?" "I'm having a good time, Tarantino and I had a game of pool" Zee said. "Did you meet Cruze yet?" Icky asked. "Sorta, he said that I stuck out like a sore thumb" Zee said with a slight frown. "Yep that's Cruze" Icky and Kiko both said, "I wouldn't take that so serious Cruze just has a big chip on his shoulder. Not so much of a people person" Kiko said. "K that chip's so big that it could feed a third world country" Icky said rolling her eyes.

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This is good!
I really like this!!