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The Fast & Dangerous

'Dammit' <a href="">I</a> said outloud after getting my favorite shirt snagged on a gated fence; my bestie <a href="">V.V</a> had talked me into getting out of the house tonight with her. "This better be worth it this is a $12 dollar shirt" I said struggling to get it unhooked, she sighed before getting my shirt off the snag. "Trust me it all goes down in this area and no cop cars run through this area" she said confidently; "Why couldn't we have just taken the train and then walked down here? I ain't no damn cat!" I said upset; "(Sighs) Would you stop your b****ing and come on? We're gonna miss the first few seconds!"
"I am NOT b****ing I'm just simply stating the fact that you dragged me down to the Avenues against my will and had me climbing fences and gates like we about to rob somebody's house" I said. "Hence you're b****ing" V.V said. We walked for another 5 minutes until we came across this street racing event; "We're here" V.V said, "You took me to see...a car race?" I said unimpressed. "Not just any racing...street racing, my besties are in the race tonight and whoever wins..gets 15 gs" V.V. said. "This is illegal we shouldn't be here!" I said nervous but she was already walking ahead of me hugging other people that were there and saying 'hellos'.

"Would you relax Zee? You always said you wanted to experience spontaneous things and that you needed some excitement well I'm giving it to you" V.V. said. "Yeah but I was thinking more along the lines of something a like skydiving" I said. V.V looked at me and said, "Girl you seriously need to loosen up if you're gonna be able to handle this..follow me young grasshopper." I followed close behind when we came across our other friends <a href="">Icky</a> and <a href="">Kiko</a>; "I see you finally managed to get ole girl out the house" Icky said hugging V.V; "Yep and she's been giving me hell all the way over here" she said rolling her eyes. "Well you're right on time they're about to start" Kiko said, "Are they here yet?" V.V. asked; "Tsk girl you know they like to make a late appearance" "True lol" V.V and Icky dapped. "Who are you guys talking about?" I asked, "I told you that my besties were racing tonight and they're bad ass too."

Zee watched the other racers line up at the starting point, "Rules go is that each racer has a partner, 1st line goes down the lane and back while the 2nd line waits for the racer to cross the starting line; whoever wins gets the losers car keys. Kinda like a ranking system in the street racing world" V.V. said. "Ranking system?" Zee asked; "A racer with the most cars is crowned king street racer." "Here they come" Kiko said with a smile; Zee and V.V turned their heads to see a couple of street racers coming down the lane with engines revving loud. A couple of 'Oh sh*ts' were whispered amongst the crowd while other people rolled their eyes. The cars pulled into their designated positions; two of the drivers got out and dapped fists with the promoter.

"That's Tarantino and Wiz, they're the friends that I was talking about; they're apart of a bigger street racing group, you'll probably meet them later on." V.V. said. "You mean there's more of them?" "Yeah, they all cool with this guy named Chris but everyone calls him Cruze" she said. "Is he racing tonight?" Zee asked, "Nah, this is just an amateur street race why else would we have gone through climbing those fences?" she said. Kiko pulled V.V aside and whispered in her ear, "(Laughing) Don't tell me ya'll climbed fences to get here?" "Just wanted to spice up the excitement, she don't have to know that." V.V. laughed; "You going to hell for this lol" Kiko joked. "I know I'm so bad ain't I? lol"

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I'll be introducing Wiz, Tarantino and the other guys later on in the next post or two just wanted to get you guys into the moment for a bit.


Wiz's heart was racing along with his car as he zoomed past the other two racers being the first to hit the turn and make the way back. The other two racers were a minute behind him; Wiz looked into his rearview and hit the NOS spray bringing his speed of 100 up to 115 as he made it across the finish line. Tarantino took off just as the last two cars from the 1st run were crossing the line as well; Tarantino hit the turn and was making his way back down the lane. He crossed paths with one of the racers and mistakingly flipped the bird; the other racer swerved into his lane throwing Tarantino off the track. His engine stalled for a little bit before getting back to the lane; In short Wiz and Tarantino won the race, the money as well as the racer's car keys but tempers were high. As crowd members were giving their congrats to Wiz and Tarantino the racer that Tarantino had flipped off spun him around forcefully and punched him dead square in the jaw. Tarantino's temper flared and a fight broke out, Wiz had to step in between them and be the peacemaker. "You just mad 'cause you lost!" Tarantino laughed. "Fck you Tarantino man this ain't over yet!" the racer said.

"Yo man chill we ain't come here to fight man" Wiz said; Toolz intervened, "We got a problem my man?" he asked. "Nah, no problem except this FOOL here jipped me out of my money" the racer said hotly. "Rules go man, hand over the keys otherwise you'll be eating breakfast through a straw" Toolz threatened. The racer fed up with the whole ordeal handed Toolz the keys to his car as well as his partner's car as did the 2nd racer.

"Does this type of thing happen all the time?" Zee asked; "Ooh girl you're so innocent I pity you" Kiko asked. Suddenly they heard the bird call meaning that police were in the area. Everyone scrambled getting back to their cars; Zee and the girls ran off to the alleyways splitting up into two groups Kiko and Icky and V.V and Zee. Wiz, Tarantino and the other racers made a break for it and got out before the cops showed up.

Once the coast was clear the girls regrouped a block up the street from the race area. "That was CRAZY!" Icky said out of breath, "Right? I've never been so out of breath in my whole life!" Kiko said, "You alright there Zee?" V.V asked with a laugh. "I'm good...that was a little fun." she said with a smile; "Wait 'till you get to Cruze's house" V.V said throwing an arm around her shoulder.

<a href="">~Cruze House~</a>

Zee, V.V., Icky and Kiko had arrived later that night at Cruze's party after some pleading and begging from Zee that they take the train instead of walking there. As soon as they step inside people are partying, dancing, drinking and playing video games like 'GTA'.

"T, Wiz!" V.V said waving at them; They threw up the 'peace' sign at her. "Come on Zee lets make you some new friends" V.V. said; Zee hesitated at first but willingly went along. "Hey, I saw your guy's race tonight you guys kicked butt" V.V said. "Thanks...who's your friend?" Wiz asked; "Guys this is my bestie and roomate Zee I dragged her down with me to meet you guys." Zee waved weakly at them. "Please forgive her she's a little on the..timid side lol" V.V. joked. "Well I'm <a href="">Tarantino</a> and this skinny fool here's <a href="">Wiz</a>"

"So where's Cruze at?" V.V. said grabbing a fresh beer off the table and popping the cap. "Upstairs and that was my beer you stole lol" Tarantino said. "You snooze you lose" V.V said sticking her tongue out at him; "I'ma go chill with Icky and them make sure she ain't feeling alone" Wiz said getting off the couch. Zee sat down in his spot next to T; "So how'd you like the race? I saw you with V" he asked. "It was different" "(Chuckles) First time huh?" he said. "Guilty lol" Zee joked. "V.V tells me that you guys are a big street racing group" she asked. "Not so big but I guess you could say that, you already know 'bout me and Wiz" Tarantino said. "And what about Cruze? Is he good?" Zee asked.

"Yo where's T at?" someone yelled as he came down the stairs, Zee looked up to see some tall blonde <a href="">guy</a> walk into the living room. "I'm right here C" Tarantino said. "So what's up did ya'll catch any beef tonight out there?" Cruze asked. "Nah we straight, we won big stacks" "Cool..who's this?" he asked pointing to Zee. "Oh this is my girl Zee" V.V. asked. "She's sticking out like a sore thumb, grab her a beer or something" he laughed. Zee slightly frowned at that, was it THAT obvious that she didn't run with this type of crowd?

"Don't mind Cruze that's just his way of saying 'hello' pick your bottom lip up lol" V.V. said.

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Wiz and Tarantino made a quick dap with Toolz who was the promoter for tonight's race. "What's happening T?" Wiz asked, "They got big pockets?" referring to the other racers. "(Laughs) Real deep I wouldn't take them so lightly though" Toolz warned, "Why?" Tarantino asked. "Word around is that one of them's from Yen's crew" Toolz asked. "Forreal?" Tarantino asked. "Yep and trust me you DON'T wanna make waves with him" "We'll be cool. Here's 30 stacks, don't lose it 'cause we'll be taking it back and more lol" Wiz said. Toolz counted the money before giving each a dap.

"Don't try and play cowboy tonight T, I ain't tryna get capped" Wiz warned. "You sounding like a lil b*tch right now I'ma be cool unless somebody wanna act stupid with me" Tarantino said with a laugh. "I mean it T, last thing we need is for something to pop off because of your hot headed ass" "Yes mother" Tarantino said rolling his eyes, "As always save the spray for the return trip back" Wiz said giving him some dap. "I'm getting that red one, you'll fly out the car with your skinny ass lol" Tarantino said. "Nah that's all you that's too much chrome for me anyways" Wiz laughed.

~With the girls~

Zee was looking around all paranoid, "Girl you making me nervous as hell stop it" V.V. said annoyed. "I can't help it this place is making me on edge" Zee said. "You need to get laid you're ALWAYS on edge" Icky said. "(Gasps) Icky!" Zee said shocked, "What girl? Ain't no dude been inside your panties in a long ass time you turning into Mother Teresa" Kiko said. "That's alright 'cause I'm setting her up with Cruze tonight at the afterparty" V.V said. "No you won't Ms. Love Guru" Zee said. " your bestie I think I know what's best for you and mother V.V says you gettin' hooked up tonight" she said.

Toolz gave the go ahead for the racers to start their engines and the crowd went crazy. He raised his red rag up into the air pointing to each racer to get ready. "GO!" and the 1st set of racers took off down the lane.

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Sneak Preview: More Coming later

Wiz and Tarantino made a quick dap with <a href="">Toolz</a> who was the promoter for tonight's race. "What's happening T?" Wiz asked, "They got big pockets?" referring to the other racers. "(Laughs) Real deep I wouldn't take them so lightly though" Toolz warned, "Why?" Tarantino asked. "Word around is that one of them's from Yen's crew" Toolz asked. "Forreal?" Tarantino asked. "Yep and trust me you DON'T wanna make waves with him" "We'll be cool. Here's 30 stacks, don't lose it 'cause we'll be taking it back and more lol" Wiz said. Toolz counted the money before giving each a dap.

Run iT! <3

V.V. is my type of chick wild and out going and all that good stuff! even tho i act like Zee wanting to do outrageous LEGAL I'm down for a good race lol!

Interesting start!

Run It!!!

So far so good! I'm digging V.V. she seems like a cool ass friend. Run It!