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All Because Of HIM (Socialite Stalker)

<a href="">She</a> ran down the pitch black alley, not turning to look back. Her heart feeling as if it is about to beat out of her chest pounding a mile a mintue.Blood on her hands as the evidence of what had caused her so much pain was happening once again. She wonder why did this happen to her out of all people.How did a little fun turn into a crime of murder once it was all said and done. All of her "friends" were no longer there and her family was gone all because of <strong>HIM</strong>.

(One Year Ago)


Run it

Run it

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"Shane you don't know the story"

"What do you mean Sunny? You told me that night that it all happened and you came to my door crying"

"No, I didn't Shane.Why does this have to happen to me I don't deserve this no one does. He just keeps coming back and I can't get rid of him. He knows my every move and I remember being scared to even walk out my front door without feeling someone watching me" cried Serenity

"Sunny what REALLY happened that night....the night Marcus and rose were put in the hospital" asked Shane

Need a run it!!

Shane had came into Summer's room to wake her up to get ready for tonightand left back out to go intot he guest room to get ready.Later on that night, <a href="">Shane</a> and <a href="**ktail-Dress-Trends">Summer</a> stepped out of the <a href="">Maybach</a> as the cameras flashed, the lights felt like they were going a thousand miles per hour. Shane was in front as they walked sheilding her fromthe paparazzi as they shouted questions at them.

"Summer where is Marcus, does he know about you two??""

"Where is <a href="">Rose</a> and is she out of her coma yet?!"

"How does it feel to hurt your loved ones that you care about the most, Shane be careful!!"

They ignored the questions thrown at them as they entered the club heading to V.I.P. room that has been their place for years. She grabbed her drink of Vodka that was poured by the bartender and stood by the balcony overlooking every individual like they were an obseveration all apart of an experiment.But she felt that someone was watching her and shook it off the feeling quick. Summer felt like tonight would be a start of a new beginning unknowing of the danger that lay ahead of her. The music moved through her body swiftly as she danced like no one was watching her with her sixth drink in her hand.

"Summer, I think you've had enough" Shane said while trying to get the drink from her hand but Summer pulled it back and drank it all before he could take it away.

"I'll stop when I'm good and ready to" Summer answered while a inch away from Shane slurring her words.

Shane was annoyed by the way Summer was acting tonight, this was just out ofher character. An hour past and she was completely wasted and could barely walk in her heels falling every two steps like a baby who was learning how to walk. Shane being the caring person, carried her back to the car out the back door so the paparazzi could not see her messed uo. Once they returned tot he condo he tucked Summer in as she mumbled something making Shane stop in his tracks and turn to her.

"What did you say Summer?" Shane asked curiously while walking towards her bed side

"It wasn't my fault" Summer mumbled in a drank stae

"What wasn't your fault?"

"It wasn't my fault that I hurt Rose and Marcus, he made me do it"

"Who made you do it?" Shane said in a shocking state

"<strong>HIM</strong>" Summer replied as she went into a deep slumber

Shane knew exactly who <strong>HIM</strong> was but never wanted to bring up that part of his best friend's past. He also did not want to tell her that he saw <strong>HIM</strong> in the club tongiht which is why he hurried up and got her out of there just in time before he came their way. Summer would of had a nervous break down if she HIM in person after the last time.....

What do you think should Shane have told her that HIM was there or not???

Shane seems like a good person, I like him
And I'm curious about what this incident actually was
I like this
Run it

I need a run it!!

(One Year Ago)
As <a href="">she</a> sat in her <a href="">house</a> talking with the only person she trusted besides her family was <a href="">Shane</a>, her best friend. He was the only friend that she could open up to and feel safe around since what happened to her four months ago with her ex-boyfriend <a href="">Marcus</a> before. Since the incident being all over the news dragging her name through the mud but he stood by her through it all.

"Summer it is time to let that pain go inside of you, it's not good to keept it all built in" said Shane

"Im not angry I just wish things could have ended differently than what I expected to that night four months ago besides it's 2013 now I've moved on.

Do you still miss him? Shane asked as he looked into Summer eyes if searching for the truth to his answer

Summer a little heistant at first to answer finally does" Im not gonna answer that"

"Well then I take that as a yes" Shane said as he sat back on the couch changing his sitting postion.

"Lets just drop it ok,Im tired of answering that question? Summer replied angrily while on the verge of tears that she tried to hold in butas one dropped hitting her cheek.

Shane did not feel bad about making his best friend cry because he knew that she was letting out all the pain,stress, guilt and anger from that unforgettable night.The night that ended up hurting two people very close to her learning a even deeper secret hidden for years. Shane was her rock and the only one that could see right through her into her soul. He was easy on the eye and very atttractive but Summer never admitted to anyone that she found him attractive and kept it to herself. Shane played for the Los Angelos Lakers and was her best friend since they were one years old.

He soon turned his attention back to the television of watching a football game recorded from earlier.

"Well since you don't want to talk about the incident, why don't we go out tongiht instead" he asked not taking his eyes off the tv

"I guess we could go out" Summer said nonchantly

"Then it's set, we are going to club LUX at eleven so be ready"

Whatever, just make sure you wake me up at the usual time so I can get ready" Summer said waving him off as she went into her bedroom to take a nap so she can stay alert later on tonight.

"As always" Shane replied to her

As Summer laid down in her bed she felt that deep down in her gut that this would not be a good idea for her. But since Shane was only trying to get her out of her funk she thought that it would be alright and maybe she was nervous about going out after the whole ordeal of the "incident" or maybe her gut feeling was trying to tell her something.....