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Stuck On Stupid

<em>Stuck On Stupid</em>
<a href="">I</a> just put Tristan down for his daily nap. I figure I would just catch up on some ESPN highlights. I went to the kitchen and grabbed me a platinum and sat down and watched the t.v. I'm a man so you know how I was chilling....hands in my <a href="">pants</a> . I heard the door open "Hey babe"

She looked over with disgust "Lawrence" Why she giving me that look? "I really hope you wash yo stank ass hands"

I started laughing my ass off. She hates when I do that. Its a habit "how was work?"

She ignored the question and took her shoes off and went into the kitchen. I heard the frig door slam and she stormed back in the living room "Tf you slamming doors for?"

"I thought I told you to go grocery shopping" she said staring me down

"I did go grocery shopping" I said turning the t.v. off.

"You can't ever do anything right" She rolled her eyes and went upstairs and went into Tristan's room

"Come on bae, I just put him down" I said following her upstairs

She shot her eyes to me ," and you can just put him down again" she said about to pick the baby up

"Please babe. He is really tired" She glared at me

"Whatever." She said brushing past me. "I'm going to take a bath" I smirked at her

"Can I join you?" I asked. She burst into a continuous stream of laughter. My smirk quickly faded.

"Why are you acting like you don't wanna be around me?"I asked as her laughter finally stopped. Her face turned into a stone. She had the coldest stare.

"Because I don't" she spat as she turned to her already ran bath water "Oh look you can do something right." She undressed and got into the tub.

My <a href="">face</a> read pure hurt, "I've been nothing but a good and loving husband to you"

Her laughing spell returned. A tear escaped my eye. She stopped laughing and smiled, "look at you , you're pathetic. Now can you leave so I can bathe in peace" She closed her eyes and hummed.

I walked out and sat on our king size bed. The one she rarely sleeps in. I try so hard to be the man she wants me to be. I give her all of me. I changed for her. Since day one I have tried. I don't know why I'm so in love with this i stupid?

Cast (in no particular order)
<a href="">Lawrence</a>
<a href="">Derrick</a>
<a href="">Bryan</a>
<a href="">Rissa</a>
<a href="">Keia</a>
<a href="">Shelly</a>
<a href="">Nick</a>
<a href="">Denzel</a>
<a href="">Lisa</a>
<a href="">Nicole</a>
<a href="">Jessica</a>
<a href="">Desiree</a>


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I'm so happy that they did that its so great that keia and Lisa are together it's so great and I'm glad he asked keia to marry her as Jess and Lawrence I wonder why she acts like she doesn't care about her son that is horrible and rude she should love her child whether she still loves his father or not and I'm starting to think Tristan may not be Lawrence if he acting like this and WTF is up with me and Bryan? What did I do to him? And that is rude how he came to the party drunk and messed everything up I'm glad Kevin stood up for me but maybe he should have just let it go Bryan also needs to chill idk what happened but I want to know what

I forgot my little comment about Jessica, if you don't get your s*** together so help me God, I will whoop that asss!! And she cheatin, Chris I think you and I just might be stuck on stupid.
Run it

Ugh I'm SO over Kevin!! I'm like WOW did Lisa really propose?? I'm so glad that they are finally getting married EEEEEEEEHHHHHHH....Bryan about to show all the way out at the house warming/engagement party..WTF Derrick mean he don't know...What is Rissa talking about?? Is Nick cheating?? OOOOOOHH NAAAAWWWWWWWW

lord lisa is a freak lol I'm innocent hahaha We're getting married??? omg that was a shocker. Bryan come in late tryna ruin our party. Lisa put that ass out lmfao Kevin seems suspect. Jessica need an ass whooping!!
Run It!!

Lol, Bryan always humping something. Awww, Shelly and Derrick are too cute. Hold the phone! Who's house did this nigga catch himself going to. If that nigga cheatin, thats gon be his ass. Ugh! Keia and Lisa some damn freaks. They nasty as f***. Lol, Their getting married!!! I wanna be the maid of honor!! I called it! Jk, but really Bryan. I would've kicked yo ass, scratch that. Who the f*** Kevin think he rolling up on. This nigga disrespecting my peoples. Oh hell nah!! Nic I don't like him.
Run it

i lied about chapter 10 lol it will be up Monday..I hope you guys have a great Easter weekend. Enjoy the scene..and if there are any typos forgive me now..i'm in a rush

Chapter 9

House Warming Party

It was Saturday morning Lisa was up and about all morning. Her and Keia have been a little distant since their talk. Lisa was in the kitchen preparing the food for tonight. Keia had just gotten out the bed. Keia was walking downstairs and into the kitchen. Lisa looked up and smiled, "Morning bae"

Keia looked over at her, "Morning" She poured herself some orange juice and sat at the table.

"How did you sleep?" Lisa asked trying to make conversation.

"Fine" Keia said not looking at Lisa, but at the newspaper she had in her hand.

Lisa sighed and stopping cooking, "Keia" Keia continued to look at the paper. "Keia" she yelled this time. Keia put the paper down and looked at Lisa. "Are we really going to do this today?" Keia just stared at her "What, are we supposed to to on a poker face and pretend ain't nothing wrong?" Keia just shrugged. Lisa took off her gloves and walked over Keia. "Baby tonight is a big night for us. We're celebrating our love. We took a big step moving in together. Can't we just take a step at a time?"

Keia sighed, "Fine. You're right, I'm sorry. Tonight...we got some celebrating to do later on" Keia laughed.

Lisa winked, "Oh I know. I'm making enough food, so I can eat it off a special plate."

Keia blushed,"My baby nasty" Lisa laughed. "I'm going to get dressed, and pick up the last minuet stuff" Lisa nodded. "And Nick and Rissa supposed to be coming early to help set up." Keia went upstairs and got changed and left.

It's now around 5 o'clock and the house warming party starts at 7. Lisa was still in the kitchen cooking. Keia was in the living room decorating. There was the door bell. Keia climbed down from the ladder and got the door. There at the door was an arguing <a href="">Nick</a> and <a href="">Rissa</a> "Nick you're missing the f***ing point, why did you go over there? You knew she was gone try something funny"

Nick smacked his lips and sighed. Keia was at the door laughing at them. "Hey Keia" Nick hugged her.

"Oh don't think this is over Nick. We're gone finish this" Rissa scolded Nick as he walked inside, then she turned to Keia and smiled, "Hey boo" She hugged Keia.

She walked in the house as Keia shut the door "You and Nick" Keia shook her head.

Rissa shrugged and everybody started doing work. By 6:30 the food was done and the house was ready. Everybody started getting ready. "Will you zip me up?" Lisa asked turning around exposing her bare back. Keia walked up and kissed her down her back. "No, Keia don't start" Lisa moaned.

Keia turned Lisa around and kissed her. "Just in case you didn't know, I love you, and I'm so glad to have you here with me everyday to wake up to" Lisa smiled and pushed Keia down on the bed. Lisa climbed on top of Lisa and started kissing Keia. Keia grabbed Lisa's face to deepen the kiss. Lisa started grinding against Keia. They both let out a moan.

Just then there was a knock on the door. They both let out a frustrated sigh and said what in unison. "I was letting you know people were here" Rissa said through the door.

Lisa laughed getting off of Keia, "OKay Ris" Keia rolled her eyes and got up and went to the door.

She opened the door to see a smiling Rissa. She looked at her straight-faced. "What?"

"You guys were doign the nasty" Rissa giggled like a little school girl.

Keia rolled her eyes, "Shut up"

Everybody started to arrive. It was a good amount of people there. They hired waiters to serve people drinks and food. Everybody was mingling when there was a a throat cleared. Lisa stood up on a table and Keia not too close behind, "Excuse me everyone" Everyone got quiet. "Keia" Keia stepped up on the table, "First, I would like to thank everyone for being here this evening. It means alot to us for you guys to show up. TO our family, thank you guys for your tremendous amounts of support." Lisa's <a href="">mom</a> and <a href="">dad</a> smiled. and Keia's <a href="">mom</a> blew a kiss. "Our friends, thank yall for all of the help you given us. It doesn't go unnoticed." She turned to and looked at Keia, " and to Keia. I love you with all my heart. You mean so much to me. You have given me happiness that I didn't know I could have." She took a deep breath and turned to face everybody, "Tonite we're not just celebrating the fact that we got a new house, but if Keia says yes, then we will also be celebrating our new engagement." Lisa turned to see Keia crying.

"Are you serious?" Lisa nodded.

"If that's what you want then that's what I want because I want you" Lisa got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of her dress. Everybody laughed. "Hey, I'm not wearing pants, don't judge me" Keia laughed. "Keia will you marry me?" Keia nodded and Lisa stood up and kissed Keia. Everybody cheered. "Everyone enjoy the free food and alcohol."

They got down from the table and went over to their families. "O my goodness, baby, I'm so happy for you guys" Diane (Keia's mom) was crying. "Lisa, you already know you were my daughter" Lisa smiled and hugged her.

"Yeah same here Keia. We saw the look on Lisa's face and knew you were the one for her" Lisa's mom said.

"Yeah. You know how I felt about you from the beginning" Lisa's dad bear hugged Keia.

"Hey my hair. I'm not that tom-boyish anymore daddy" Lisa smiled. She always loved how Keia referred to her dad as daddy.

After a while they made it over to their friend. "Hey guys" They hugged them all. Almost everybody was there. Desiree had to work and Bryan was late.

"Desiree had to go into work tonite, somebody had a wardrobe problem, but she sent her gift by us" Nicole said.

"I understand. Where's Bryan?" Lisa asked. Everybody looked around.

"He said he was coming" Derrick shrugged.

"Hey where's the bathroom?" <a href="">Kevin</a> asked. Derrick looked at him sideways. Lisa pointed and showed him.

Shelly laughed and pulled Derrick to her, "What was that look for?"

Derrick looked at her, "I don't like him you know that."

"Well you got me so don't let him get to you." Shelly smiled.

Jessica was talking one of Keia's coworkers when Lawrence came up, "Hey baby, the baby sitter said Tristan got sick." Jessica continued talking. "Did you hear me Jess?" She finally turned to look at him, "We gotta go"

"Go get him them" She said walking away.

"Jess he's your son too" Jessica sighed and walked toward the door. Lawrence found Keia and told her and they left.

The party was starting to wind down and slowly everyone was starting to leave. Just then the door opened and in walked a late and highly intoxicated Bryan. "Yo where the party at?" Bryan stumbled in. Derrick and Nick walked over to him, "What up dudes?" He tried to dap them but failed miserably. He laughed.

"B are you cool?" Nick caught him from falling.

"My dude, I'm f***ing awesome" He drunkenly laughed. Just then Lisa and Keia spotted him and rushed over there.

"Bryan what the hell?" Keia whisper-yelled at him. "Are you drunk?"

"Nope" He burped. "I am not" He laughed. "Lisa you look swell." He laughed again. "I said swell, you guys hear that?"

Nicole shook her head and walked over "Bryan are you okay?"

Bryan stood up straight, "Why the f*** do you care?" He said grabbing a shot from the passing waiter.

Nicole looked hurt, "I care about you Bryan. You know that"

He turned the drink up, "I do?" Nicole let a tear escape. "Tf you crying for?"

Kevin saw Nicole and walked over, "You okay Nic?" Nicole nodded her head, "Look B.."

"It's Bryan homie, not B" Bryan cut him off.

Kevin smiled, "Bryan. I don't appreciate the way you talking to my lady." He buttoned up his suit jacket.

Bryan looked at him, "Who the f**k are you supposed to be?"

Kevin laughed, "I'm her fiance and you are her ex."

Bryan stepped up closer to his face, "You think that gives you the right to disrespect me?"

Kevin stepped closer to him, "If you disrespect my woman, it does"

Nicole saw where this was going she stepped in, "Let's just go Kevin"

"This is between me and Nicole" Bryan clenched his jaw.

"Yeah? Now it's between me and you."

Bryan brought his hand up. Derrick and Nick pulled Bryan back. He snatched away from them, "Nahh..dude wanna be disrespectful. I'mma so him"

Keia got in front of Bryan, "Bryan come one don't do this" Kevin was just smiling at him. He looked at Keia's pleading eyes. "I'm out" He pushed past Nick and Derrick.

Lisa was upset, "Everybody just go." She walked away. Everybody gathered up their stuff.

They went outside, "Kevin you can be a a**hole"

Kevin looked at her, "Was anybody referring to your irrelevant ass?"

"Excuse me?" Shelly said walking closer to him.

Just then Derrick pushed Shelly behind him, "Wrong one"

Kevin put his hands up and walked to the car, "I'm sorry" Nicole apologized.

Inside Keia and Lisa were cleaning up.They couldn't believe what just happened. Their perfect night was ruined. Lisa was cleaning the dishes when Keia walked in, "You okay bay?"

Lisa wiped her face. "Yeah. Just can't believe this happened. It was supposed to be special for you and it got ruined."

Keia smiled and walked over to her, "Hey. Don't cry. I'm still happy baby." Lisa smiled, "Why don't you sit those down for them to clean and you and I go upstairs and eat some leftovers" Keia winked.

Lisa laughed, "I've never been so hungry" Lisa put down the dishes and grabbed Keia's hands and ran upstairs.

Chapter 8

<a href="">Bryan and Derrick</a> were chilling on Derrick's couch. Derrick had had a long day at work. He just wanted to unwind and have a few beers with his boy. "Mann I'm so tired." Complained Derrick.

Bryan laughed, "Stop complaining, you making good money"

Derrick nodded and grabbed a beer off the table,"This is true"

"I don't see how you do it, my ass afraid of heights" Bryan said.

Derrick laughed, "I mostly design the house, I rarely build them, that's what I got employees for"

Bryan laughed, " You gone build you and Shelly a house?"

Derrick looked at Bryan, "I don't know about that."

"About building yall a house or about Shelly?" Bryan asked.

Just as he said that Shelly walked in Derrick's house. "Hey bae, Hey Bryan." Bryan threw his hand up. Shelly laughed at him, "You still mad at me Bryan?"

"Hell yeah I'm still mad at you. Shawty was bad as hell and you c**k blocking" Bryan fussed.

Derrick laughed, "You know Shelly, mann why are you surprised?"

Shelly sat in a chair, "I wasn't c**k blocking I was just telling you she wasn't prettier than Nicole" She shrugged.

Bryan rolled his eyes, "I wish yall would stop bringing her f***ing name up Bryan was getting annoyed.

"Dude we're all still friends with her," Derrick told him.

"Yeah and yall friends with me too. So as my friends stop bringing her f***ing name up around me." Bryan drunk his beer.

"What are you doing to do this weekend, Bryan? She is going to be there." Shelly asked.

"Not going" Bryan shrugged.

"Keia and Lisa would be so upset if you didn't come." Shelly told him. "It is really that serious?"

Bryan sighed,"Damn Shelly. Ok"

Shelly smiled, "Thank you." She looked over at Derrick, "How was work today?"

Derrick shrugged, "It was work. I'm tired thou."

Shelly licked her lips, "You want me to give a...massage?" She raised her eyebrows.

Bryan looked between the two, "Oh hell nah." He got up. "Yall not finna be f***ing around me" They both laughed. "I will see yall though" He hugged Shelly and hit Derrick. "I got me a young tenderoni that's waiting on me" He humped the air.

They all laughed, "I will see you Saturday Bryan" Shelly gave him a look.

"Yes ma'am" Bryan walked out the door.

Shelly got out the chair and locked the door. She went over and sat by Derrick and laid her head on his shoulder. Derrick kissed her forehead. "Its good Lis and Ke moved in together huh?" Derrick shrugged. "I think Ke wanna get married, but Lisa don't"

"Lisa was never the marrying type. She said it's a death sentence" Derrick said watching tv.

"Do you feel that way?" Shelly said looking up at him.

Derrick was still looking at the tv, "Nah. I think marriage is a beautiful thing if the right people do it" He paused and looked down at Shelly, "Why you ask me that?"

Shelly sighed, "I mean we have been together a long time and I just wondered what you saw in our future."

Derrick turned the tv off. He looked Shelly in her eyes and kissed her, "I love you Shelly"

Shelly smiled up at him, "I love you too Derrick, but that does not answer my question"

Derrick sighed and got up, "I don't know Shelly, I can't answer that."

Shelly got up, "What you mean you can't answer that?" She was beginning to raise her voice.

"I can't see the future Shells"

"You can't see the future or you can't see our future?" She questioned.

"Don't put words in my mouth" Derrick was getting angry.

"I'm not putting words in your mouth that's what your saying" Shelly was crying at this point.

"Oh my goodness. I said I can't see the future." He walked over to Shelly and lifted her face up, "I love you Shelly and have eyes for no one but you. But you know me Shelly. I live by the present and don't stress over the future" Shelly nodded. Derrick took off his shirt. "Now how about that massage?" He said while smirking.

Shelly laughed and bit her lip. Shelly pushed Derrick down on the couch. and straddled him. He grabbed her waist. Shelly poured lotion on his chest and starting massaging it. She leaned down and kissed him passionately.

lol What? Forreal? hahaha *doing Chris Brown's run it move* I'm happy now 8)

Actually, two of the three are dealing with you lol

Awww man this alot to take in bt need more run it

I hope two of the three are about me lol yes I'm being stingy :P hahaha
Run It!!

I plan to have up 8, 9, 10 tomorrow some time :)

Wait? I knew they were f***ing around but how the f*** did Meagan end up in the picture? You know hat nevermind she's a nonfactor,but you Desiree, "I remember a lot of things that happened in the mirror." Oh hot damn, Denzel is a freak. Lol, I'm so glad he expressed how he felt for her. Haha, left her there dumbfounded like a boss. I like these surprises.
Run it!!!

aww Desiree need to stop playing and let him know wassup cuz he done put it out there for her.
Run It!!!!

Ong Drexel and Desiree aren't together? This story is crazy how did everybody that was together end up breaking up or not loving each other anymore this is some bull but I'm glad he admitted he loves her tht is so great I wonder if she feels the same way at least I hope she does that would be so great Denzel is a good person and she should have told him how she felt sometimes honesty pays off

Chapter 7

<a href="">Desiree</a> was sitting at the table. She had left work a little early. She had her glasses on sipping on her sweet tea. She felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw <a href="">Denzel</a> smiling. "Dennie, Hey" She got up and hugged him.

After their hug, they sat down and Denzel ordered his drink, "What's up Des, how you been?"

"I've been busy. Being a stylist can be so demanding." Desiree laughed. "What about you? How have you been?"

"Hmm...well I've been working as well. You know I host and stuff." Denzel smiled.

"Really? That's great. I remember you would always practice in the mirror." They both laughed.

"I remember a lot things that happened in the mirror." Denzel laughed and Desiree blushed.

"You're still nasty, I see. How is <a href="">Meagan</a> ? Desiree asked as the waiter came back to take their food order.

They ordered their food and they continued their conversation. "Meagan is Meagan" Denzel nonchalantly stated.

"What does that mean?" Desiree asked laughing

"Just what it sounds like. Meagan is Meagan and Denzel is Denzel" Denzel shrugged.

"So I take it, yall are not together anymore" Desiree chuckled.

"Nope, we broke up a year after college"

"I'm sorry to the hear that" Desiree said wholeheartedly.

Denzel laughed and shrugged, "She wanted a professional athlete, I wasn't cutting it for her. So she left. S*** happens"

Desiree shook her head. "I forgot how you always stay positive, even when you probably shouldn't"

Denzel smiled, "Are you and Meagan friends again?"

Just then their food was brought out. They said a quick prayer and began eating. "I mean we ain't best friends, but we cool."

"Well that's good. I hated that yall were so close, then fell out like yall did." Denzel looked up at her.

Desiree smiled, "Well you know what happened"

Denzel laughed, "Well I can't help but feel I had something to do with it"

Desiree shook her head, "Nah. It takes two to tango...I understand that we wasn't a actually couple, but she knew we f***ed around. She knew how I felt"

Denzel put his fork down, "Why didn't I ever know?"

Desiree was a little taken aback by the question, "I I don't know honestly. I guess I just didn't wanna mess up what good friends we were"

"I mean sex didn't mess us up" He challenged.

"I know but feelings are totally different than sex Denzel. Sex can be just sex for me." Denzel looked at her.

"So you saying sex with me was just sex?" He questioned

"At first yes it was, but after a while we got comfortable with each other and I started seeing you as more than a friend" Desiree played with her food.

"Why didn't you ever tell me this till now" He asked genuinely.

"Because I had those feelings then Denzel"

"And now?"He looked up at her.

"Why are you pushing this" Desiree dropped her fork and looked him in the eyes.

Denzel sighed, "Because I felt the same way about you. When I was with Meagan we constantly fought about that. She knew you more to me than I let on. But I ran from my feelings. After a while they stayed tucked away and I developed feelings for Meagan. After we broke up, I realized it didn't really hurt me as bad because" He stopped and looked past Desiree and into her soul, "all along I've been in love with my best friend"

Desiree got choked on her drink, "What?"

"You heard me Desiree. I'm in love with you" Denzel sat back in his chair "I am not running from my feelings anymore."

Desiree was speechless. She shook her head, "Don't say stuff like that Denzel" She was beginning to tear up.

"I meant what I said, maybe you don't realize that you're in love with me too right now. That's okay. But like I said Dessie...I'm not running away from this" He pointed to heart "Or us" He pointed between them. He laid some money on the table and got up and kissed Desiree's forehead, "Don't run from it" With that he left.

Desiree sat there tears running down her face. The waiter came and took their plates and took the money, "Keep the change" The waiter looked at the money and then Desiree and thanked her. She was dumbfounded. What was she to do? She called on the one person that could help her: Jesus.

you know I will stay tune lol I'm hella stoked :))
Run It!!!

No Jess didn't call out another name while with Lawrence!?!?! SO glad me and Nicole worked everything out because it's always friends before nggas anyway and besides I got Derrick fine a##..Lis is right that marriage should not define a person's love but if yall plan on being together forever then why not??


Awww s*** what the f*** happened? I swear I would've never thought Jess was that type of girl. Oh I'm pregnant!!!! Lol, wait awww I'm going through a bad time. Dang, Keia I'm sure she'll come around some time. These surprises are just creeping up on me.
Run it

Thanks, :) I try to keep it interesting lol..but House warming scene up..stay tuned ;)

aawww that's sweet!! We moved in together. Rissa prego and Nick's baby mama want him back smh. Shelly and Nicole got things straighten out. I understand that I want to get married and she doesn't but why not?? We moved in together what did she think was coming next?? Hopefully something good is coming next!!! I love that add!!
Run It!!!


you'll see :) lol

Wow Lisa and keia are together that's great that they moved in together Rissa is pregnant that's great and I feel bad for hurting Shelly feelings I'm a little bold but hey I have to have my happiness too shoot but this is great so far I hope there won't be any drama at their party

i was hungry while adding those pics of food. Smh lol

Chapter 6

The sun was blazing hot. <a href="">Keia</a> wiped the sweat running down her face. "It is too hot to be doing this" a sweaty Rissa whined while carrying a box.

Keia had just bought a new <a href="">house</a> "Oh hush girl, stop complaining so much." Keia waved her off.

Rissa sat the box down in the living room and walked back outside with the rest of the girls. "You know the doctors don't want me doing this stuff" She said plopping down on a chair outside.

Shelly looked at her, "You're pregnant, not disable" <a href="">Rissa</a> rolled her eyes.

"Same thing" They all laughed.

Nicole walked up carrying the last box and setting it down. She had been smiling all day. "Why are you smiling so much today?" Keia asked laughing.

Nicole shrugged and sat down. "It's just a good day" She smiled. Everybody "mhmm" her. She fanned herself "God its hot out, you picked the hottest day out here to move"

The girls all looked around at each other and back at Nicole. Rissa got up and walked over to Nicole and put her hand over her mouth, "Oh my goodness, are you engaged?"

Nicole smiled and nodded, "Yes, he asked last night" All the girls screamed and hugged Nicole except Shelly.

Keia noticed this,"What's wrong Shells?" Shelly shrugged and walked into the house.

"I still don't understand her problem with me?" Nicole shrugged looking at her <a href="">ring</a>.

Rissa looked over at Nicole,"You don't? You know I'm happy for you and all, but it is Shelly's ex Nicole, you gotta understand where she's coming from"

"It ain't like I intentionally dated him. Plus I asked her was it okay. She said yeah" Nicole defended.

Keia being the voice of reason, "I get that, but let's think about it from her point of view, what if she dated Bryan? You wouldn't really be okay with that even if you said you were"

Nicole thought about it, "So you think I shouldn't marry him?"

Keia shrugged,"I'm not saying that. If that's where you heart goes then by all means go for it, but you gotta understand where Shelly is coming from."

Nicole pondered this. She got up and walked in the house to find Shelly. <a href="">Shelly</a> was putting dishes up in the kitchen. "Shell" Shelly turned around to look at Nicole. She leaned back against the counter. "Look, I hadn't realized that you might not be okay with me and Kevin dating. I know we are not that close, but you're still my friend and I wouldn't purposely do you like that. I don't want no drama between us. But I do love Kevin Shelly, I really do."

Shelly sighed then smiled, "It's okay Nic. All I wanted was for you to acknowledge my feelings about the situation. I love Derrick. So it's not that I want Kevin, it's just we're friends you know?" Nicole nodded. "But we're good" Nicole smiled "Now show me this ring girl"

The girls finished unpacking everything. Rissa held on to a picutre. "I can't believe you and Lisa is the only stable relationship outta all of us." Rissa laughed.

"Hey me and Derrick are stable" Shelly defended.

Just then <a href="">Lisa</a> walked through the door carrying bags. "Hey" She went to the kitchen to put the bags down. She came back and went to peck Keia on the lips. "Hey bae." Keia stared at her, "What?"

"You know I don't do them pecks." Lisa laughed and kissed her again, but more passionately. Of course the girls were "awwing" in the background. After the kiss Lisa went back outside to get more bags. "Yall start putting up the stuff." Keia walked outside "Need help?" Lisa nodded and Keia helped her get the rest of the bags inside. A couple of hours later Keia and Lisa's new house was finished. Lisa decided to cook for all the girls. "I just wanted to thank all of you guys for helping us out." Keia raised her glass, "Too my girls, Don't know what I would do without yall" The girls raised their glasses. "Lisa, I love you and glad you decided to move in with me" She smiled and blew Keia a kiss. "Alright everybody dig in"

Everybody ate <a href="">dinner</a> . Lisa went into the kitchen and brought out <a href="">dessert</a> . "Shoot yall feeding me and my baby well." Rissa laughed.

Lisa smiled at her, "Why thank you" She laughed. "I'm glad yall liked the food."

"Like is an understatement" Shelly said. "You should open up your own restaurant" Lisa blushed. "I'm serious"

Lisa looked at Keia who nodded. "Well actually me and Nick are going to open one" Everybody cheered.

"That's good. Rissa why you ain't tell us?" Nicole asked.

Rissa looked around. "I didn't know" She said.

"I didn't want anybody to know, Rissa." Lisa quickly interjected.

"Are you and Nick okay?" Keia asked.

"Baby mama drama" Rissa shrugged. "She want him back"

"Do you think he wants her?" Nicole asked.

Rissa shrugged again, "Can we change subjects?" Everybody feel silent. Rissa got up, "It's time for me to go anyway, bye guys." She hugged everybody. "Congratz on the house and the restaurant" Rissa left. After while everybody else followed suit and left.

Later that night Lisa and Keia were getting ready for bed. "Bae, do you think Nick and Rissa will be okay?" Lisa asked putting on her night shirt.

Keia shrugged, "I don't know. I hope so." She put on her shorts.

"Well what about Nicole and Kevin?" Lisa propped up the pillows. Her and Keia climbed into bed.

"Not much I can say. If she's happy, then I'm happy. You know I don't meddle in other people's relationships." Keia pulld the covers up.

"I know. I just thought about our house warming party with everybody there" Lisa stressed.

Keia turned over, "Bae, you worry too much. Everything's gonna be fine" Keia yawned.

Lisa looked over at her and smiled, "I know. That's why I have you to mellow me out." She kissed Keia and turned off the lights.

Keia and Lisa cuddled up, "Lis, I know I asked you before, but how do you feel about marriage now?"

Lisa looked over her shoulder, "I don't know Ke"

"You love me right?" Keia asked.

"Of course, you know that." Lisa turned around to face Keia.

"Then what's the problem? You know I don't want nobody else but you" Keia pleaded.

Lisa sighed, "You know marriage changes everything."

"Only if you let it" Keia mumbled turning around.

"Don't be mad at me Keia" Lisa propped up.

"I'm not. I gotta work a double shift at the hospital tomorrow. Goodnight"

Lisa sighed, "Okay. Love you"

Keia pulled the covers over her shoulders, "Yeah."

"Keia, that's not fair. Me marrying you does not prove my love for you" Silence. "Fine Keia, but you know I love you." They both drifted off to sleep with a million and one thoughts racing though their heads.

daaaammmnnnn, she wrong!

don't worry a lot of explanation coming. I wouldn't leave yall hanging like that lol