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Stuck On Stupid

<em>Stuck On Stupid</em>
<a href="">I</a> just put Tristan down for his daily nap. I figure I would just catch up on some ESPN highlights. I went to the kitchen and grabbed me a platinum and sat down and watched the t.v. I'm a man so you know how I was chilling....hands in my <a href="">pants</a> . I heard the door open "Hey babe"

She looked over with disgust "Lawrence" Why she giving me that look? "I really hope you wash yo stank ass hands"

I started laughing my ass off. She hates when I do that. Its a habit "how was work?"

She ignored the question and took her shoes off and went into the kitchen. I heard the frig door slam and she stormed back in the living room "Tf you slamming doors for?"

"I thought I told you to go grocery shopping" she said staring me down

"I did go grocery shopping" I said turning the t.v. off.

"You can't ever do anything right" She rolled her eyes and went upstairs and went into Tristan's room

"Come on bae, I just put him down" I said following her upstairs

She shot her eyes to me ," and you can just put him down again" she said about to pick the baby up

"Please babe. He is really tired" She glared at me

"Whatever." She said brushing past me. "I'm going to take a bath" I smirked at her

"Can I join you?" I asked. She burst into a continuous stream of laughter. My smirk quickly faded.

"Why are you acting like you don't wanna be around me?"I asked as her laughter finally stopped. Her face turned into a stone. She had the coldest stare.

"Because I don't" she spat as she turned to her already ran bath water "Oh look you can do something right." She undressed and got into the tub.

My <a href="">face</a> read pure hurt, "I've been nothing but a good and loving husband to you"

Her laughing spell returned. A tear escaped my eye. She stopped laughing and smiled, "look at you , you're pathetic. Now can you leave so I can bathe in peace" She closed her eyes and hummed.

I walked out and sat on our king size bed. The one she rarely sleeps in. I try so hard to be the man she wants me to be. I give her all of me. I changed for her. Since day one I have tried. I don't know why I'm so in love with this i stupid?

Cast (in no particular order)
<a href="">Lawrence</a>
<a href="">Derrick</a>
<a href="">Bryan</a>
<a href="">Rissa</a>
<a href="">Keia</a>
<a href="">Shelly</a>
<a href="">Nick</a>
<a href="">Denzel</a>
<a href="">Lisa</a>
<a href="">Nicole</a>
<a href="">Jessica</a>
<a href="">Desiree</a>


I'm glad Bryan and Lawrence are still good friends and I can't believe he married Jess I wonder how that happened like WTF and damn she cheating on him I knew it she sneaky af that's just wrong she shouldn't so him like tht she has a son with him she needs to start thinking about her family instead of herself Lawrence honestly needs to leave its not healthy for him or her for him I stay there she totally ignores and disrespects him and she is lucky because some men would've snatched her ass up real quick but I also wonder what happened between me and Bryan and why he doesn't wanna talk to me maybe I did something I can't wait to find out run it

Aww im a total butt hole :(
Run it

awww yeah lol I can't wait!!
Run It!!

the next chapter is dedicated to you lol i promise i didn't forget you

she fckd up in the head or something? damn like really he tryna be a good husband and ha ass cheating smfh. DIVORCE is coming. Where's my part girl lol???
Run It!!!!

Chapter 5

<em>present day..</em>

<a href="">Bryan</a> and <a href="">Lawrence</a> met up later that day at the bar. They were having a few drinks, "So man how is you and the wife?" Bryan asked Lawrence.

He took a deep sigh and chugged down his shot of Tequila. Bryan laughed while taking a sip of his beer. Lawrence shook his head, "I don't know man. Nothing I seem to do makes her happy anymore."

Bryan stared at the wall in front of him, "When has it ever?"

Lawrence looked at Bryan, "Come on Bryan, don't start this. You know I love her."

"Yeah. I know you love <a href="">Jess</a> but I just don't see why." He bluntly stated. "Where is she anyway?"

"I don't know the girls were meeting up with Nicole." Bryan tensed up. Lawrence noticed Bryan's demeanor change. Lawrence sighed, "Bryan.."

Bryan cut him off, "Lawrence I don't wanna talk about it" Bryan sighed while turning up his beer bottle "Can I have another one?" The bartender handed him another beer

Lawrence sat quietly pondering on what to say next. He was itching to say something. Finally unable to hold it in anymore he blurted, "Have you talked to her?"

Bryan clenched his jaw and looked at Lawrence. Lawrence had an apologetic look on his face. Bryan sighed and gulped his beer, "Nope" Lawrence just continuously nodded like he wanted to ask another question. Bryan sat his beer down and turned and looked at Lawrence, "What Lawrence?"

Lawrence got a beer and sipped, "Why haven't you talked to her? I mean it's been some years."

Bryan grabbed his drink and drunk it. He shrugged turning back around to face the bar, "Don't know. Really ain't got anything to say to her." He ordered one more bottle of beer.

Lawrence took his sip of beer, " I think you should talk to her dawg"

Bryan huffed. He rolled his eyes at Lawrence "What would I say to her?" He waited looking at Lawrence. Lawrence scanned around trying to think of something, but he thought of nothing ,"My point exactly"

Lawrence sighed and changed the subject. "So how's work?" Bryan looked at him and laughed. Lawrence chuckled, "What? I didn't know what to change the subject to" They both laughed and wrapped up their time at the bar

"You know Jess ain't gone like you coming home smelling like the bar" Bryan joked as they walked out of the bar.

"S**t, she don't run nothing." Lawrence drunkenly laughed. Bryan stopped walking and looked at him. Then him and Lawrence busted into laughter. "Mann whatever, but I gotta go." They did their handshake and parted ways. On his cab ride home Lawrence was thinking that maybe him and Jess can talk and fix their broken marriage. He paid the driver and got out the cab to see Jessica's car was actually <a href="">home</a>. He walked up to the door and unlocked it. He walked into the dark house tripping on some furniture. He finally made it up the stairs. He saw the other body in his bed so he took off his shoes, shirt, and pants leaving nothing but his boxers on. He hopped in the bed and curled up next to Jess. He kissed on her neck "Jess wake up". She moved her shoulders signalling she didn't wanna be bothered. "Come on bae" He rubbed his hands across her stomach. She jerked in her sleep. Lawrence smirked and moved his hands to cup her breast. He let his other hand roam down her night gown. Jessica started moving around in her sleep. Lawrence pushed down in her panties. Jessica's legs loosened up. Lawrence placed two fingers inside her sweet center. A small moan escaped her lips. Lawrence was slowly going in and out of her hole. Jessica's whimpers became moans of pleasure. Lawrence sped up. Jessica widened her legs to allow Lawrence to go deeper. He hit her sweet spot.

She reached her peak finally waking up,"Oh my God Jason". Lawrence froze. Jessica caught her breath. Lawrence got up from the bed.

Jessica turned over. Lawrence's back was turned to her. "Really, Jessica?" Jessica laid there silent, "How long?"

She pulled the covers from over her and got up "What are you talking about?" She rambled through her drawer.

Lawrence faced Jessica's back, "Jessica, how long?" He was getting angry. Jessica looked at him and chuckled. She grab herself so more panties and got back in the bed. "Jessica" She refluffed her pillow and went back to sleep. Lawrence grabbed his pillow and some cover and slept in Tristan's room, right now he felt like maybe he was the only one who loves him.

sorry i have been having some technical difficulties with the site lately..but i've been writing..i will post chapter 5 later on tonite..sit tight and wait lol

lemme see if u can RUN IT RUN IT lol lovin the story so far..this is definitely a step up from bak in the day and DEEEEAD @ McDonald's tho lmfao =) u kno i couldnt let that slide

Run it!!!!

run it!!!


Hold up hold Denzel banging Desiree?!?!?! WOWZERS O_o I'm glad Bryan finally asked Nicole out. He seems like the perfect boyfriend. Already planning a second date before the first one. Jess and Lawrence..OMGosh!! All that arguing just smack him already lol jk

Omg first of all it is so cute how Bryan asked me out and dang I was shy I can't believe that but he was a gentlementhe date was so cute I absolutely loved it and mhm we kissing that was nasty but I'm glad it didn't go any farther than that and Lawrence and Jessica need to stfu arguing on my damn date but it was funny and OMG Desiree and Denzel f***ing lmao

Run it

Damn, why didn't I burn her? I'm just kidding. Holy s***!! They shut s*** down. They all looked absolutely beautiful. Lol, Lawrence and Jessica, yall know yall wanna f*** each others brains out. Ohh! Bryan and Nic, I'm telling!! Denzel and Desiree sitting in the park f***ing each other in Denzel's car! Lol, me and Bryan know.
Run it

they are silly! lol Lawrence is a fool with himself. Bryan and Nic so cute
Run It!!!!!

I like the outfit you picked for jessica
Run it!!!

OMG LMAO!!! it's not supposed to be McDonald's was just a place filler because I couldn't think of a restaurant lol i forgot to go back and change it..they went to Toscana Restaurant

<a href="">Nicole's outfit</a>

<a href="">Nicole's hair</a>

<a href="">Bryan's car</a>

Chapter 4: Part 2

The Date

All the girls are at Nicole’s house. <a href=””>Rissa</a> was doing Nicole’s <a href=””>hair</a> “I can’t believe you and Bryan are finally going out,” Nicole laughed. “I should burn you for not inviting me” Rissa laughed.

“You can take my place” <a href=””>Jessica</a> said walking in the bathroom.

“Aww you look cute” Rissa smiled at Jessica.

“Seriously, you can take my place. I don’t do dates, I got an honors exam coming up” She sat on the sink.

Nicole sighed. “Don’t think of it as a date. Think of it as support” Nicole said looking at Jessica.

She sighed, “I guess. It’s only because you’re my friend”

Nicole smiled, “And I love you” Jessica playfully rolled her eyes.

“So how do I look?” <a href=””>Desiree</a> walked in the bathroom.

“Like a Diva of course” Rissa joked. Desiree blew her a kiss. There was a knock on the door, Rissa had finished up Nicole’s hair so she went to go get it, “Oh don’t you guys look dapper” Rissa moved back to give them a good look. <a href=””>Bryan</a> <a href=””>Lawrence</a> and <a href=””>Denzel</a> walked in. “I might actually start having crushes on yall” Rissa laughed.

“Whatever you know you already got one on me” Lawrence shrugged.

Rissa looked at him and walked up the stairs. “The guys are here” She looked at Nicole. “Oh my goodness, Nic. You look beautiful” Rissa hugged her. Then all the girls hugged her.

“Okay stop yall making me nervous” Nicole laughed. Desiree walked downstairs first.

“Damn Des, you look good” Lawrence said rubbing his hands together. Desiree hugged all the boys.

“Bryan” Bryan looked up and saw <a href=”http://cdn.necoleb****”>Nicole</a> His mouth dropped. Nicole blushed.

“Daaammmmnnnn” all the boys said in unison. Nicole giggled.

“Nicole you look…damn” Bryan said licking his lips at Nicole. A chill shot down Nicole’s spine.

“You look good too Bryan” Bryan swiped his nose.

“Well you know” Everybody laughed. “Okay where’s the third date?” Just as he asked Jessica walked down the steps. “You look pretty Jess”

“Thanks, let’s go.” She said walking out the door. Everybody walked out the house. Rissa went her separate way and everyone else piled in Bryan’s <a href=””>car</a>

“So Nic, I can’t believe your like actually pretty.” Lawrence joked. Nicole turned around and flipped him off

“F**k you Lawrence” She laughed.

“I don’t think Bryan would like that” Bryan stared at him through the rearview mirror. Everybody laughed.

They arrive at McDonald’s and are seated. The girls go to the bathroom. “ Jess, you gotta loosen up some.” Desiree pleaded. Jessica rolled her eyes.

“Fine” Jessica took a deep breath and the girls walked back out. They all sat down. At first it was a little awkward because nobody knew what to say.

“TF, this awkward for? We all friends” Lawrence said sipping on his tea. After Lawrence broke the ice, conversations started pouring out. Everyone was laughing and having fun. “So Jessica you haven’t answered any questions”

Jessica looked at him then looked back “I realize that Lawrence”

“Well why are you not participating?” He asked.

Desiree interjected, “ Well Jess here is a good girl.”

Denzel looked at Jessica, “Well ain’t nothing wrong with that” Lawrence smacked his lips at Denzel.

Jessica shot her eyes to him “You can be a jerk.” Lawrence laughed.

Jessica stared him down. Nicole rolled her eyes, “Jess pay him no mind. Ain’t nothing wrong with being a virgin…you know I am too”

Bryan choked on his drink. Lawrence patted his back laughing. “Seriously?” Nicole nodded. “I didn’t know that. I just assumed.”

Nicole looked at him, “Is that a problem?”

“No of course not” Nicole smiled.

“A.K.A. he wanna pop that cherry” Lawrence laughed.

“Why are you a jerk?” Jessica asked annoyed. Lawrence rolled his eyes.

“Why do you care?” He challenged.

Jessica sat back in her seat “I don’t” Lawrence looked at Jessica who rolled her eyes. After the boys paid the bill, they went to the movies and saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. After the movie was over they went to the park. They were reflecting over the night they had had. Of course Jessica and Lawrence was still arguing. “No that is not how it happened”

Lawrence jumped up from the picnic table, “WTF? Yes it is.”

Denzel laughed, “Yall argue like a married couple” They both looked at Denzel.

Bryan whispered in Nicole’s ear “You wanna go on a walk?” She nodded and got up “We will be right back”

Desiree joked, “Bring my friend back a virgin Bryan.” Everyone laughed.

Bryan and Nicole walked a small little trial. “I just wanted us to have some alone time” Nicole just smiled. “Did you have fun?”

She walked a little closer to him and looked up, “I did. I was afraid it might be a little weird, but it wasn’t”

Bryan smiled, “I don’t know if I told you this but you look beautiful”

Nicole blushed and laughed, “Yes you did, but thank you.”

“Nic” Bryan stopped and faced her “I really do like you and I really don’t car that you’re a virgin because that’s not why I like you. You’re smart, beautiful and just idk I can’t even describe the word…” Bryan rambled. Nicole was looking into Bryan’s eyes as he spoke. She reached her hand up and grabbed the back of Bryan’s head and pulled him down into a kiss. He grabbed her waist and deepened the kiss. She wrapped both hands around his neck. They both felt an electric shock when they pulled out of the kiss “Damn” they both laughed and headed back to the group hand in hand.

Denzel and Desiree had disappeared leaving Jessica and Lawrence alone. It was pretty quiet. “I can’t believe you have nothing to say,” Jessica said looking at Lawrence.

Lawrence smirked at her, “You miss my voice, huh?”

Jessica scoffed at him, “Please. Not at all.” She folded her arms.

Lawrence laughed, “I do have a question though,” Jessica looked at him. “Why are you a good girl?” Lawrence looked at her.

“Umm…Idk honestly. I just am. Don’t know any other way to be” Jessica shrugged.

Lawrence nodded in understandment, “Well even thou I don’t like your ass…You actually cool” Lawrence teased.

“Trust me the feeling is mutual.” Jessica looked at a smiling Lawrence. She smiled and shook her head. Just then Nicole and Bryan walked up.

“You put them lips on him didn’t you?” Lawrence raised his eyebrows. Nicole laughed. “I know you did because this nigga got that big ass kool aid grin on his face” Everybody laughed.

“Nigga shut yo hating ass up,” Bryan laughed. “Yo where Denzel?”

Lawrence shrugged, “He went to go piss but that was right after yall left.”

Bryan smiled, “I know where he at” Just then Desiree walked up “Where you been?”

“I told them I was going to get my coat”

“Where Denzel?”

Desiree looked around, “ I don’t know, I didn’t pass by him”

Everybody started walking back to the car to see Denzel posted up against the car on the phone. Bryan walked around to open the door for Nicole. As he closed it he looked at Desiree, “I know” was all he said as he walked over to his side and got in. Desiree looked around shocked and got in.

Chapter 4: Part 1:

The Question?

A few weeks had past since the fight and everything seems back to normal. Bryan and Lawrence got in trouble with the coach and had to sit out the first game. It was only a scrimmage game. Coach ain’t stupid. They just got out of practice and the boys were getting their stuff. Denzel, Lawrence and Bryan are walking out of the gym. Bryan spots Nicole walking out of the main building. “Hey, Imma catch up with you guys later, alright?” He dapped them up and ran over to Nicole. Denzel and Lawrence laughed as they went to their cars and left. “Hey Nicole”

She stopped walking and turned around to see Bryan. She smiled, “Oh hey Bryan, how was practice?” She asked while starting back walking to her car.

“It was practice.” He laughed as he walked along side Nicole. She looked over at him and smile. He started smiling, “What?”

She laughed and shook her head, “Nothing” They made it over to her car “Well bye Bryan” she said as she was about to open her door.

“Wait Nicole” He stalled as she turned around clutching her books to her chest.

She looked up at him, “Yes”

“There’s something I wanna ask you” She looked at him. He took a deep breath and scratched the back of his head. “Well I was wondering if you would like to go out to eat….with me?”

Nicole started smiling wide, “Really?” Bryan nodded. Nicole stared in his eyes, “No” His heart sank. She saw the look on his face, “I’m just kidding. Of course I would like too.” Bryan sighed and laughed. “I had you scared huh?” Nicole laughed.

“I ain’t gone lie. Yeah you did” Bryan laughed. “You free Saturday?” Nicole smiled and nodded. “Okay see you Saturday.” Bryan smiled.

“Okay” Nicole watched him walk backwards to his car. He ran into some random person.

“Oh my bad, but I gotta date Saturday.” Bryan yelled excitedly to the stranger and got in his car. Nicole laughed and got in her car.

A few days passed and it’s Friday. Desiree and Jessica were with Nicole shopping. “Oh my goodness Chick you’re going on a date tomorrow.” Desiree obviously pointed out.

Nicole sighed and looked through the rack of clothes in front of her, “Yeah. I know.”

Desiree stopped and looked at her, “What’s wrong? Why don’t you seem excited?”

Nicole looked up at her and Jessica who was quiet, “ I’m nervous as hell” They laughed.

“But why you know Bryan likes you” Jessica inquired.

Nicole sighed deeply and plopped down in a chair. They girls followed, “ Because we’re going to be alone. And there is a lot, and I mean A LOT of sexual tension.”

Desiree grabbed Nicole’s knee, “Sweetie, you do realize Bryan is not gonna make you do anything you don’t wanna do”

Nicole nodded, “Its not Bryan I’m worried about” The girls laughed.

“Well why don’t you bring friends and he bring friends…so they can be your backbone.” Jessica suggested.

Nicole perked up, “So yall will do it?”

Of course Desiree agreed but Jessica was a little apprehensive. “Umm…I don’t think so Nic, I’m not much of a”

Nicole cut her off, “Come on Jess please. It’s last minute and yall are already here with me please?” Jessica stood silent and stared at Nicole. Finally Jessica gave in and said yes. “Thank you. Thank you.” She hugged Jessica. She walked over to the shoe section and called Bryan.

“Hello?” A groggy voice answered.

“Hey Bryan” Nicole instantly got nervous.


“Oh nothing shopping, for our date”

He sat up, “Oh s**t forreal? What you buying?”

Nicole laughed, “I’m not telling you.”

Bryan laughed, “It was worth a shot”

“I was wondering something” Nicole scanned through the shoes.

“Hit me” Bryan said getting out the bed and putting on some clothes.

“Uhh…well I was wondering would you be up for bringing two of your friends and me two of mine tomorrow?” She closed her eyes waiting for the answer.

“I mean if that makes you feel comfortable, sure”

Nicole smiled, “Thank you Bryan”

“No problem, but are you not comfortable with me?” Bryan asked getting in his car.

“No its not that, I can’t explain it to you”

“Okay, next date…It’s just you and me” Bryan smiled.

Nicole smiled, “Deal.” Bryan laughed. “Okay let me get back to shopping, I will see you tomorrow.

“Alright then.” Bryan hung up and pulled up at the court. He got out and walked toward Lawrence and Denzel. “What up?” He dapped them up.

“S**t” Lawrence picked up the ball. “Waiting on yo ass.” They laughed.

“I was still sleep” They played ball for a couple of hours. They were tired, so they sat on the bench. “So I gotta ask for a favor.” They looked at him. “Can yall come with me tomorrow?”

They laughed. “You scared to go on a date?” Lawrence joked.

Bryan gave him a look, “It wasn’t my idea. Nicole wanted to bring friends to feel more comfortable”

“She probably wanted to make sure you didn’t rape her, your horny ass” Lawrence and Denzel cracked up laughing.

Bryan stared at both of them, “I know neither one of yall talking. Lawrence I saw Lisa leaving your house the other night and Denzel I know your little secret. So yall can chill on that.” Denzel got quiet. “Yeah. Plus Nicole know I wouldn’t rush her into doing anything”

“Damn. You really like Nic don’t you?” Denzel asked.

“Mann D, you don’t even understand”

“Yo B, I ain’t even realize you really liked Nic like that. You know I got chu bro?” Lawrence took a drink of water.

“Yeah me too” Denzel got up. “Well I gotta go, my mama got to work the late shift” They all got up and left.

Lawrence on some otha shiid. he better get his mind right.
Run It

Lol they whooped his ass run it

Umm nigga the f*** told you, you were the s***?! And you was aboutbto hit who? I wish a nigga would!! I promise you I almost started swinging on my damn computer. Lawrence, kiss my ass! I mean we cool and all, but nigga you gon catch it! Hahaha! I squared yo ass!! Come at me b****!! Damn, Mrs. King was looking mean as f***! DAMNNN!! Mrs. Micheals about attacked that boy. Lol, aww damn. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DETENTION!!
Run it!!

Lawrence was a complete JERK!!! I'm glad he got what he deserved

New reader
Loving the story and how you showed us the future and now where it all began run it

Lawrence need to check his so being so disrespectful for no reason but Rissa shouldn't have charged at him I'm glad my baby Bryan stuck up for her but Chris better not had bruise my baby or we would've had a problem And mrs king had Bryan shook lol it was funny I was laughing while reading but I'm glad they made up that's great run it

Chapter 3

That next day at school everyone was a little zoned out. In first period Rissa couldn't stop smiling. She had been smiling ever since she left. Lawrence walked in late for school. Bryan looked at him," Where yo ass been?"

Lawrence looked at him," If you must know I overslept"

Finally snapping out of her dazed trace Rissa mumbled,"I wonder why?" Bryan laughed and agreed

Lawrence turned around," Excuse me? I know you ain't talking Rissa."

Rissa got wide-eyed "Whatchu mean? I wasn't f**king. That was yo ass" Rissa spat at him

Lawrence laughed, "Jealous ass"

Rissa laughed hard, "Jealous of what? You f""king Lisa? Hell nah. You can miss me with that bs because last night you were and have always been the furthest thing from my mind"

"What? You think you on Nick mind?" Lawrence laughed.

"TF wrong with you? You think because you got some college p***y, you the s*** now?" Rissa got a little louder. "I don't know what you on but you need to come off of it like right now" Rissa's leg was shaking now.

"Nick ain't gone do nothing but tap that and leave you alone. You think he gone make a special trip because he actually like you? B***h please!" Lawrence taunted.

"B***h?" Rissa leg is uncontrollably shaking now.

Bryan finally interjected. "Yo chill out Lawrence. You on some foul s**t today. Don't be calling Rissa out of her name or you gone have a problem with me."

Lawrence looked at him stupidly," Dude you seriously taking some b***h side over mine? Yo nigga?"

Bryan shut his book, "Lawrence I aint telling you again. Stop calling her a b***h or we will have a serious problem." Bryan turned completely out of his desk and stared at Lawrence.

"You only got one more b***h to fly out ya damn mouth" Rissa simply stated as her eyes started to water

Lawrence looked at her, "Aww is that baby bout to cry? Tf you gone do? Tell Nick? He nor I give a f**k about you Rissa. Dumb ass hoe"

With that Rissa flew out of her seat and onto Lawrence's face. Bryan quickly jumped out of his desk to pull Rissa off him because Lawrence was about to hit her. "Hell nah. You ain't about to hit a girl my nigga." Bryan said as he pulled a kicking Rissa away. Lawrence got up and charged after Rissa. Bryan pushed Lawrence, "Dude stop" Lawrence pushed him back. "I told you if you kept calling her out her name you got a problem with me." Lawrence swung, but Bryan already tackled him to the ground. Few punches were thrown before security pulled them apart and carried all three of them to the office. Lawrence sat with an ice pack on his face while Bryan and Rissa had packs on their hands. "You cut my damn lip" Bryan looked at Lawrence. Lawrence just looked away angry. "Rissa you okay?" Rissa sat there shaking quietly. A few minutes later Rissa sprang out of her seat and hit Lawrence square in his jaw. The <a href="">principal</a> ran out her office.

"Hey! Sit yo little ass down Rissa. You okay Lawrence?". He nodded. "Now i don't know what the hell has gotten into yall, but it sure as hell ends here. Just then Bryan, Lawrence, and Rissa's <a href="">mom</a> came rushing in and saw the three of them sitting there. They looked at the principal

"What's going on?" Mrs. King questioned.

The principal cleared her throat "Well they were involved in a physical altercation with each other." Mrs. King looked at Bryan. He looked down.

Mrs. Michaels huffed, " Really Lawrence, a fight?" Lawrence sighed. "Oh no don't you blow yo breath at me. You just what's the consequences?"

"Well, I have no choice but to suspend them."

"What!?" Rissa popped up. "Lawrence started it and Bryan was just defending me."

"What exactly happened" Rissa's mom asked. They all sat quiet. Mrs. King stared at Bryan. He just looked down.

"Bryan" She said giving him that <a href="">look</a>.

"Umm.."She put her hands on her hip.

"Bryan Malik King you better look at me and tell the truth."

He looked into his mother's eyes. He sighed," Basically, Lawrence started messing with Rissa. He uhh.." He paused and looked at Lawrence who looked down. "..called Rissa out of her name..repeatly.."Bryan looked down at his ice. "...then I told him that if he kept calling Rissa that that we would have a problem. He kept on then Rissa..." He looked over at Rissa. "...jumped on him, but I pulled her off so he wouldn't hit her. " He looked back at his mama. "Then he charged after her but I pushed him then we fought." Bryan looked back down. Mrs. King's facial expression softened but Ms. Michael's hardened.

"Are you serious Lawrence?" She yelled "did I not teach you better than that" She teared up, "I have always taught you to respect women, all you have is women, your daddy left us, Lawrence why would you disrespect another female huh?" She asked. "You hear me talking to you boy?" He looked up at her."You had so much to say then, but nothing now huh? Don't worry nothing is going be common for a while."

"Rissa, what have I told you about your anger you can't let everything upset you. You three been friends since diapers, now you all fighting? That breaks my heart" Rissa mama preached. They all looked at each other. "Yall need to fix this, now" They sat there quiet. "I SAID NOW"

Lawrence sighed, " Ris, look I am really sorry for disrespecting you? I don't really think those things about you. I was just feeling myself and was being a jerk."

"You got that right" Rissa spat. Her mom looked at her. "I accept your apology. I'm sorry for attacking you, even though yo ass deserved it," They bursted into laughter.

"We good Bryan?" Lawrence looked at Bryan. He dapped up Lawrence.

"Yeah man, we cool. You my nigga. You been like my brother I never had. You wrong, Imma correct it." Lawrence nodded.

"I'm glad we all made up but discipline is still in order here" the principal said "So I won't suspend you since this is your first offense, but after school detention all week"

"Coach gone be pissed." Bryan said.

"Shoulda thought about that." Ms. Michaels said. After they got that all cleared up, everybody went on with their day like nothing happened.

i got an add coming..i just got home to a my labby is finna die..but i'm off work for two i promise ya a lot more adds

Lol ok kewl with me. I'm just waiting to see this :)