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Stuck On Stupid

<em>Stuck On Stupid</em>
<a href="">I</a> just put Tristan down for his daily nap. I figure I would just catch up on some ESPN highlights. I went to the kitchen and grabbed me a platinum and sat down and watched the t.v. I'm a man so you know how I was chilling....hands in my <a href="">pants</a> . I heard the door open "Hey babe"

She looked over with disgust "Lawrence" Why she giving me that look? "I really hope you wash yo stank ass hands"

I started laughing my ass off. She hates when I do that. Its a habit "how was work?"

She ignored the question and took her shoes off and went into the kitchen. I heard the frig door slam and she stormed back in the living room "Tf you slamming doors for?"

"I thought I told you to go grocery shopping" she said staring me down

"I did go grocery shopping" I said turning the t.v. off.

"You can't ever do anything right" She rolled her eyes and went upstairs and went into Tristan's room

"Come on bae, I just put him down" I said following her upstairs

She shot her eyes to me ," and you can just put him down again" she said about to pick the baby up

"Please babe. He is really tired" She glared at me

"Whatever." She said brushing past me. "I'm going to take a bath" I smirked at her

"Can I join you?" I asked. She burst into a continuous stream of laughter. My smirk quickly faded.

"Why are you acting like you don't wanna be around me?"I asked as her laughter finally stopped. Her face turned into a stone. She had the coldest stare.

"Because I don't" she spat as she turned to her already ran bath water "Oh look you can do something right." She undressed and got into the tub.

My <a href="">face</a> read pure hurt, "I've been nothing but a good and loving husband to you"

Her laughing spell returned. A tear escaped my eye. She stopped laughing and smiled, "look at you , you're pathetic. Now can you leave so I can bathe in peace" She closed her eyes and hummed.

I walked out and sat on our king size bed. The one she rarely sleeps in. I try so hard to be the man she wants me to be. I give her all of me. I changed for her. Since day one I have tried. I don't know why I'm so in love with this i stupid?

Cast (in no particular order)
<a href="">Lawrence</a>
<a href="">Derrick</a>
<a href="">Bryan</a>
<a href="">Rissa</a>
<a href="">Keia</a>
<a href="">Shelly</a>
<a href="">Nick</a>
<a href="">Denzel</a>
<a href="">Lisa</a>
<a href="">Nicole</a>
<a href="">Jessica</a>
<a href="">Desiree</a>


oh and Jessica and Keia don't think I have forgot about yall...yall have some spotlight coming

lmao! I'm glad yall liked the has kicked my ass so I will try and have you an add wen I get off work..if i don't have to work over time, but you will definitely have a add no later than Thursday..Thank you guys for sticking with me :)

Denzel you sexy!! Lol, Shelly. We are all just some horny muthaf***as. Ohh! Nic and Bryan!! I saw that s***!! Goddamn, that house was gorgeous!!! Bryan look at that body! Mrs. King is cool as f***. Ahhhh!!! Nick!!! Maybe he can just come visit me, without anybody else. Lol. All night I've been starin, can't you tell I want you. THAT'S WHEN YOU START TO LAUGH OH OH OH OH SAYING I JUST WANT WHAT I CAN'T HAVE!! I know I skipped a lot, but that's my s***. Oh s***, Lawrence thirsty ass finally got some pussy. Cheesin all hard. Everybody left super happy.
Run it!!!

Dang they doing like that? Rissa and Shelly hooking it up in da kitchen. Nick got Bryan good lol Lawrence and Lisa some freaks!! Derrick and Shelly to cute.
Run It!!

oooo girl let me just say DERRICK mmmh mmmh mmmhh LORD HA'MERCY!! Ok back to the story...everybody got a lil something at that get together. I think Chris and Lisa got something a little more than everybody else. But then I'm like wasn't Chris flirting with Rissa? He just trying to get in how he fit in I see. I loved how Derrick didn't want me to twerk but to dance with him AWW&&girl you know I love me some Tyrese. Rissa got her a go girl!! Straight died when Nicole asked Bryan's mom if she had a rough day lol

Nick and Derrick are so cool and nick likes Rissa and she likes him I think they would be cute together Lisa and Chris probably f***ed in that room that was so cute how Derrick didn't want her to twerk and Lawrence is very funny and I like how his mom smacked him so he could get up that was funny Bryan need to get his freak ass on humping tables and s*** everybody tried to go on me because I was hungry and Bryan in that picture when his mama came into the room lets just say mhm mmmmmhmmm lmao and I'm glad his mom is cool and that she didn't take what Nic said in a bad way and I can't believe Nick kissed Rissa that was so cute and that's funny how I call him by his middle name and how when I was tipsy we were flirting

Lmao good kush and alcohol
Run it

Run it


The girls were waiting around in the senior parking lot for the guys to get out of practice. They spotted the boys walking out of the gym. "Hey Denzel" the girls said in unison and started laughing. <a href="">Denzel</a> smiled at them and shook his head.

"Hey ladies" he said stopping to give each one of the girls a hug.

Nicole backed away, "Oh no not with yo sweat" she said laughing. Shelly rolled her eyes again.

Bryan and Lawrence looked at the girls. The girls just stared at them. Lawrence finally spoke up "Damn we can't get a hey or something?"

Rissa starting laughing," Do you have pretty eyes?"

Lawrence smacked his lips," That nigga ain't got no pretty eyes"

Shelly pouted."Aww you jealous you ain't got our attention?" She said rubbing his back. Lawrence pushed her hand out the way.

Denzel laughed, "Hating ain't a good look for you my dude, but anyway I'm out" Lawrence look at him.

"I thought you was coming"

Denzel dapped him and Bryan up, "Nah. My mama need me to watch my lil sister tonight." He hugged the girls one more time.

"Bye Denzel" they all cooed in unison again. They all stared at him as he smiled, shook his head, and got in his car.

"Damn that nigga fine."Shelly said

"I call dibs first,"Rissa joked. Nicole laughed.

"Then I call second" Nicole high-fived Rissa laughing.

"Hey let me have him last that way he can know how it's done. And I can enjoy him over and over" She laughed.

Lawrence just stared them. "Yall some horny motha f***ers" He laughed.

"Uhh..Hey Nic" Bryan finally spoke.

Nicole looked at him and smiled "Malik" He rolled his eyes

"Why do you always call me by my middle name." He said putting his bag in the car.

"Because everybody else calls you by your first, I'm special" She winked. Bryan licked his lips. Rissa looked between the two of them and smirked. "What are you smiling for Rissa?"

"Oh nothing" she sang. Bryan shook his head "So Lawrence what we doing about cars, parking them at Bryan house?"

Lawrence looked at Bryan. Bryan just shrugged his shoulders and got in his car. "Yeah i guess so. We gotta shower and change."

"Okay, we can just wait at Bryan's house then." Nicole suggested. Everybody smirked at her. "What it can save everybody gas" Everyone start laughing on the way to their cars and drove over to Bryan's house

As soon as they walked in Bryan's <a href="">house</a> the guys ran upstairs to get ready. The girls stayed downstairs watching t.v. when Bryan's <a href="">moma</a> walked in the house. "Hey girls, what are yall doing here?"

"We waiting on the boys," Shelly said. Mrs. King pulled off her shoes and put her keys down. She walked in the kitchen and came back.

"You look like you had a rough day" Nicole said. Rissa looked at her and hit her. Mrs. King laughed "What" Nicole thought about what she just said." Oh i didn't mean it like that Mrs. King" She said.

Still laughing Mrs King walked to the steps, "I know sweetheart. Yes i have had a long and rough day, I have been preparing for this big case for 2 weeks." She yawned" Well you ladies take care I'm tired."

"Bye Mrs. King" they all said. She walked upstairs and into Bryan's <a href="">room</a>. He walked out his bathroom in his <a href="">pants</a> on. He gave his mama a look.

"Hush boy I used to wash your ass, Where you going?" She asked leaning on the door.

"Nick and Derrick apartment." He said while putting on his shirt.

"Oh okay, where Lawrence at, I know he around here somewhere."

"Right behind you" He said walking into the room.

"Well don't yall look nice" She said looking them over. "Well I'm going to take a nap. Your daddy got another late night surgery, so he wants you to call him before you go to bed." <a href="">Bryan</a> nodded. "You staying Lawrence?" <a href="">Lawrence</a> nodded too "Alright, love you guys. Be home by 1 please. It's still a school night." They both said love you and she walked out and into her room.

"Alright you girls ready to go?" Lawrence asked as him and Bryan walked down the steps.

"Hell took yall long enough" Shelly said getting up off the couch. "We was half way sleep" The guys laughed.

They left. About 45 minutes later they arrived at Nick and Derrick's apartment. They all got out the car and walked up to the door. Rissa immediately starting smiling. Lawrence glanced at her and started laughing, "If you don't knock that big ass grin off yo face" Everybody started laughing. <a href="">Nick</a> opened the door.

"Damn i hear yall loud asses from my room" He said walking away.

"Well damn, hey to you too Nick" Bryan said laughing. Just then <a href="">Derrick</a> walked into the kitchen. Shelly started coughing. "You iight?"Bryan asked.

"Yeah. sorry I got choked." Shelly finished up coughing. Rissa bumped her smiling. "Damn he fine" She whispered to Rissa. Rissa laughed.

"Are we gone sit down" Nicole asked tired of standing.

Lawrence laughed "Oh my bad. yall sit down" They all sat down and Nick and Derrick got some drinks for them.

"Yall ain't came to visit in a while" Rissa said looking at Nick. He smiled at her.

"I know ma. I'm sorry school been kicking our asses. I'll make sure to make a special visit down there for you" Rissa blushed.

"You better." She laughed. Nicked sipped on his beer and winked at her.

"I gotcha. Who your friends here. I'm being rude. I'm Nick and this my cousin Derrick."

Rissa looked over and the girls "This is my friend Shelly and my friend Nicole."

"Nice to meet yall" Nick said then looked over at Derrick "Yo D, you straight?"

Derrick snapped out of it "Oh yeah. Sorry I was in my zone" he looked over at Shelly and smiled. Shelly blushed a lil and smiled back. Lawrence caught it and rolled his eyes.

"Where is Lisa at?" He asked. Derrick smiled at him.


"Damn I can't ask" Lawrence defended?

Nick laughed, "She on her way. SHe had to get us some food."

"Good cuz I'm hungry" Nicole said. Everybody laughed at her. "What, we sat Bryan's house forever, then took this long ass drive, and now just sitting here" She rambled.

"Damn lil mama" Nick laughed "You aint mad are you?" Everybody cut up. Just then <a href="">Lisa</a> walked into the house with the bags. "You need help Lis?"

She looked up at him, "Umm..yeah its a couple of bags still in the car."

"Alright" Nick sat back on the couch "Bryan go get them bags" Bryan looked at him.

"Why yo ass can't get them" Nick shrugged. Bryan smacked his lips and got up and got the rest of the bags out the car. "What you cooking Lisa?"

She stop putting up the groceries. "I gotta cook it too? I was hoping yall was gone cook it for me" She sighed.

Rissa got up from the couch "I will Lisa." Lisa looked at her with thankful eyes.

"Thank you" She hugged her. Rissa looked at Shelly.

"Shelly come help me." She knew what Rissa was up too.

After a while the <a href="'s_wet_burrito.jpg">food</a> was done and everyone was loosened up. Nick and them brought out that good kush and alcohol (lol). They all had a little buzz. Of course Bryan didn't do too much since he was the driver. He walked over to a tipsy Nicole and say by her, " You good?"

She smiled at him, " I'm better than good" She laughed "You having fun Maliky?" she cooed.

He laughed, "I am now" She looked at him while sipping on her drink.

"Oh s*** this my <a href="">song</a> "Rissa popped up and started dancing. She felt a body pressed up against hers. She turned around to see a high Nick. She smiled and started showing out. Nick stumbled back caught off guard. After a while he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer against him and started grinding into her. Rissa let a small moan escape her. Nick bit on his lip

Meanwhile Shelly and Derrick were getting cozy, talking. They found out they had a lot in common. Sweet Lady started blasting through the speakers, Shelly started smiling. Derrick smirked at her, "You like this song?"

She laughed, "Yess. I love me some Tyrese." Derrick got up and reached for Shelly's hand

"Come dance with me and show then. Show me how much you love this song." He smiled that sexy smile. Shelly turned around about the twerk but Derrick turned her back around," Nahh..I wanna see your face" He grabbed her waist. She put her hands around his neck. He looked into her eyes and smiled. She blushed and looked down. He laughed.

Time passed and it was about that time for them to leave. "Yo where Lawrence at?" Bryan asked reaching for his keys. Everyone looked around and shrugged. Just then Lisa's door opened and out walked a happy Lawrence.

He walked passed everyone's eyes and to the door "Yall ready to go?" He asked putting on his coat. Everybody just stared at him. "Dude let's go you know we gotta be back by 1." he said dapping up his cousins and pecking Lisa on the lips. Everybody still just stared at him as he walked out the house to the car. Then everybody looked at Lisa. She laughed and hugged the girls and went back in her room. Everybody laughed and shook their heads.

"Well thank yall for letting us chill" Bryan said dapping up the boys.

"Oh you know you just like family" Derrick said to him. Then he looked at Shelly and smiled "You ain't gone give me hug?" She cheezed and walked to give him a side hug, but he pulled her into a full on embrace. They finally pulled out of the hug and Derrick slipped his number in her back pocket. Shelly hugged Nick and went to the car. Nick walked Rissa to the door.

"Don't you forget to make that special trip for me" She said looking up at him.

He bit his lip " Oh I won't" Rissa reached up for a hug. Nick hugged her and leaned down and kissed her. Rissa was shocked, but began kissing back. Nick pulled away and smirked. "Bye Rissa"

She smiled and turned around "bye Nick" and she walked to the car. Everybody was quiet. They were all thinking about the events that just took place. Rissa touched her lips. They were still tingling. Everybody left there happy.

OMFG! Chris' mom reminds me of my grandma when I was younger. It was probably worse, Lol, I slipped up and cussed at her yo, lets not talk about the consequences. Lol, Lawrence is you mad nigga?! He mad. I swear you hit the spot on my personality!! That s*** cray!! Lol, ”I stay hydrated.” I bet he was mad af. Bryan stop humping tables!! Nasty ass nigga! Ahhh! Chris' face sounded priceless. Aww its just us three, s*** more for me, I'm just kidding.
Run it

Ooo I'm ready to see what happens at this party/get together! ! Run it!!

Run it

lol Rissa so demanding! Lawrence better speak up. Jessica sound like one of my real friends who smart and try to be the best at everything. I'm liking it so far! Keep it up :))
Run It!

<em>Disclaimer</em> : This might start off kinda slow, it will pick up i promise. It's my first story so i gotta learn some things lol

<em>Some where in Lawrence mind...</em>



<a href="!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/alg-chris-brown-jpg.jpg">He</a> moaned because he didn't wanna go to school. He pressed the snooze button and rolled back over. "Lawrence get ya hot yella ass up." He grabbed the pillow and put it over his head. 5 minutes later he heard his door open, "Lawrence Tristan Michaels get yo ass out this bed right damn now" His <a href="">mama</a> yelled at him

"Get the f*** out my room" He whispered.


"What you just say boy?" He rubbed the back of his head.

"Dang mama that hurt" He said as he removed the pillow and slowly sat up.

"I don't know why you choose to go thru this every morning, now get up and get ready. Your breakfast gon get cold." She kissed his forehead and walked out. He laid back down but right as he did "GET UP"

"Damn, I swear she got some cameras in here" he said getting up.

"And if you cuss one more time in my house" Finally he got dressed for school. Senior year and he just can't give 2. He walked downstairs and ate the breakfast his mama cooked.

"Hey ma, me and Bryan gone kick it after practice" He said chewing.

"Ok. Well...actually I gotta date tonite and unless you wanna see more of your mother than you want, you might wanna spend the night with him" She said as she walked to the sink.

He looked down at his food then back at her and pushed to plate away, "Okay I'm gone leave on that note"

She chuckled. "Bye baby"

He kissed her cheek, " bye mama" He hopped in his <a href="">ride</a> and headed to school.

At school
"Damn a nigga stomach growling" Lawrence said holding his stomach

"Nigga didn't yo mama cook you breakfast" His nigga <a href="">Bryan</a> asked him.

"She ruined it talking about f***ing tonite" Lawrence pretended to throw up

"Nigga, I ain't gone lie...I would tear yo mama ass up, sexy self." Bryan started humping the desk.

Lawrence stared at him with a blank face. The whole back side of the classroom started laughing. "Aww.. L she need some loving too" <a href="">She</a> said laughing.

"Yeah and what about you?" He asked licking his lips.

She mushed his face "Boy boo."

"Now Rissa I know you want the D"

She started smiling, "well L, seeing as how you just made a 32 on that test, We wouldn't trust what you know, now what we?" She asked.

Everyone bursted out laughing. "Mann f*** you!" He said turning around in his desk.

"I know you want too, but I love you Wrency!" She said reaching up and pinching his cheeks.

"Oh, s*** B, I'm spending the night with you tonight."

"How you know I ain't got plans?" He asked staring Lawrence down.

"Nigga when do you ever? " He asked laughing

"Good point, but we aint got s*** to do" he said.

"Nigga, we don't ever. Mann my cousins said we can come to their apartment and chill."

"Which cousins" Rissa's eyes lit up.

Lawrence turned around "yo thirsty ass"

Rissa pulled out a bottle of water, "nah. boo I stay hydrated" She said taking a swig of her water and smiled.

"I swear I don't like you" He said staring at her.

"Whatever Lawrence, you know you love me..can I come?" She smiled at him.

"You better be glad you cute, "He laughed.

The bell rang and she got up and kissed his cheek, "thank you" she walked to the front of the row and turned to face Lawrence and Bryan "oh yeah my friends coming too. Bye" she hurried out the room.

Lawrence looked at Bryan, "She think she slick" Bryan laughed.

"Well at least they fine, "Bryan said.

Lawrence thought about it, "yeah you right especially Rissa ass."Lawrence laughed.

"Dude, she don't want you!" Bryan laughed.

Lawrence smacked his lips, "everybody want me nigga what you on" Lawrence boasted.

"Reality" Bryan said walking out the door.

"Shut up" Lawrence pushed Bryan down the hall.

At Lunch
"I got some news" Rissa said walking up to her and her friends usual lunch table.

"You always got news" <a href="">She</a> laughed.

Rissa side-eyed her,"anyways..Lawrence said we can come with him and Bryan to his cousins' house"

"Oh Lord you too excited" <a href="">Shelly</a> said while Rissa was smiling.

"Dont hate me Rissa, but I'm volunteering today" <a href="">Keia</a> said with puppy eyes.

Rissa looked at her, " anybody else gone flake on me"

Shelly looked around, "You know my ass gone be there"

"Well I gotta work so I can't maybe when get off work" <a href="">Desiree</a> said " I done already called in sick twice this week.

"This week" Shelly laughed " it's only Monday" Everyone burst into laughter.

"I know Ima be sick 2 days, damn" Desiree laughed.

"Sick off some d***"Rissa said.

Desiree got up, "I am not paying yall any attention" She laughed as she started walking away.

"Where yo ass going?" Shelly asked.

"Umm...bathroom" Desiree smiled and walked out.

"Smell that d*** a mile away" Rissa shook her head "Anyway Jessica you down, why you so quiet?"

"Oh huh?" <a href="">She</a> said looking up finally.

"" Rissa said causing everyone to laugh.

"I'm studying" Jessica said looking back down.

Shelly smacked her lips and quickly snatched the book away from Jessica. "Shelly give it back" Jessica pleaded.

"What are you talking about" Shelly said playing dumb.

"Shelly I gotta test next period" she whined.

"Girl, you shower, sleep, eat and probably f*** this damn book, can you concentrate on us at lunch" Shelly laughed.

Jessica sighed "whatever" she looked around "what are we even talking about"

"Are you coming after school with us?" Rissa asked clearly annoyed.

"Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have Speech and Debate" Everybody looked at her.

"Damn can't you miss one day," Shelly asked.

"Have I missed a day of school?" She asked picking up her tray and standing up "exactly..I'm going to Mrs. Gina room to peace" She said looking at Shelly and left.

"So it's just me, you and Nicole" Rissa said to Shelly.

Shelly rolled her eyes, "Great" she said getting up as the bell rang.

nooo you haven't been..i got side tracked the add coming i promise lol

Where you at girl lol!!! *looking around* We've been abandoned lol
Run It!

Lmao yall crazy lol...I'm writing the first chapter now..should be up later on tonite or early tomorrow trying make it long

ugh this heffa getting on my nerves already!! Why she do him like that?? pssssh RUN IT!!

Man, why she tripping over nothing. Chris must haven't put the mack down lately. Shame. She should really think about what she says before she end up hurting his feelings and then she gon have my boot stuck up her ass and my fist to her mouth. Like Kanye said ”When you coming home” That’s a text from my wife I told her, run a bubble bath And float in that motherf***er like a hovercraft And soak in that motherf***er til I call you back I mean who says s*** like that, and doesn’t laugh.” That's what should've went down Chris. Lol smh.
Run it!!

She so fckn rude smh he sounds a lot like me. Tell her how you feel bruh. Loving it! Thanks for the part can't wait to so what it's like
Run It

Naw he bot stuck on stupid he just need to boss up and smack that hoe she probably cheating on him because if she ain't sleeping in his bed she damn sure sleeping in someone elses