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So Team Breezy, This new site/app the Chris has created for us. Pretty dope right? My Personal thoughts on it, I like it because all of those other social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, etc., that Chris is on, we use those to interact with him but there are also others on those sites that are not Team Breezy or could care less about Chris and what he is doing so it's kind of hard to be "Team Breezy" because they are sometimes negative and they think that we are annoying. But this new site/app that Chris has developed for us is great because we don't have to worry about any of that. It's just for the family and I like that. Now don't get me wrong because we are not ashamed anywhere. The media, the internet, the public, etc., but I'm saying that now we don't have to worry about those people or their ways. I also love how much connection we have to Chris now. I'm pretty sure this is what we all wanted. But those are just my views on it. Let me now what you think, don't forget to download the app, the Chris Brown channel, or visit the site,, and get ready for X! Love Y'all Fam!
Signing off..... TEAM BREEZY b****HHHH;)