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He Shoot Coca-Cola

Mr. Brown don't be afraid of the Roller Coaster with his Joo Joo Eyeballs! Be the warrior! There are many golden calfs allready. Be bad! Show the world the peac**k feather. Please.
One day we will come together.


I encourage you to be more openmined and curious, to investigate, to learn. They are everywhere. Symbols i mean. In movies, music videos, tv shows, commercials. Colors are symbols, lyrics as well...most of the time. And those things are displayed during all ceromonies such as oscars, mtv music video awards, etc. This world is a one big ritual. And masses are being thaught evil instead of good.
People tend to think that things in the background are not important. But they are! Pay attention people! Analyze!

Capture me my blood is red
Another victim of your ritual
For you my skin is shed
Ecstacy ain't what you find
In the modern world
One flick of my tongue changes
The meaning of the world
And you say

That's impossible
That's not impossible to do, oh
And you digest what I can see
The taste of you can be

I don't wanna get eaten alive
'Cause you're so dangerous
No more hearts I can trust, you see
I don't wanna get eaten alive
To be eaten alive
Eaten alive
I don't ever wanna be
Eaten alive

Those are lyrics from a song by Diana Ross and Michael Jacson called "Eaten Alive". Please analyze the song. Pay attention to audio and video. Be curious and investigate! And after that try to compare it to Chris Brown's Deuces. I would like to have a conversation, here with somebody...ehh

Amenemhat wasn't so mighty after all. I hope this pyramid just as the black one will crumble. But everywhere i see a reminder that the Elephant is still dying. And it's taking place right before your eyes. Why don't you see it?! Why aren't you curious what i'm talking about?! You think it's all rubbish? You all love Chris protect him! And you can only achieve that by stop being blind all the time. Let the Sun shine in your blind eyes. You're not even able to realize that you're all crying now. There are so many people who are being torture on the bloody dance floor and the entire world is saying nothing!I hear only one side They are not the only ones. people are being tortured everywhere. If you don't want to be witness to Chris Brown's fall...educate yourselves, please.

Why i'm doing this...i'm trying to protect values which are important and dear to me. I've chosen this board because in Chris Brown i see the Warrior. I was so sad when he died. Not even innocent children are left alone. It is so tragic.

If anyone is interested in this rubbish, email me:

"I don't wanna go there baby (yeah)
We should never go there"

Yes, i also don't want to go there...but we have no choice. is most important to love others :]

Baby hear the children sing: Na na na na na na!
Baby wahat's up with You?! Your idol is singing!

There was this person who was pressured, bullied and finally sacrificed. He was groomed to be a tribute to Apollo. Before him, a sacrifice was given to Apollo's sister- Artemis/Diana. That man was just a human yet he fought till the end. He was a heroic warrior! Throghout almost all his painful life, he was exposing the Three Headed Lion to the world, hoping The Baby would finally see it and unite to destroy the beast. But unfortunately he was too handsome. People only saw him, not what he was showing them! The tragic thing is...he was even more beautiful inside. Chris Brown, sometimes reminds me of him, and that is such a good thing! looking at him i see The Warrior's sacrifice and i still have hope that one day the Baby will come together. I'm trying to open the Baby's eyes but my means are far more limited.

Nowadays people have ears yet they don't seem to hear, and they have eyes but somehow they don't see. So please listen, see and feel...

"Feels like we're on another level
Feels like our love's intertwined
We can be two rebels
Breaking the rules, me and you, you and I

All you gotta do is watch me
Look what I can do with my feet
Baby, feel the beat inside"

Please Baby say no to Deuces/Diana!
If you don't, sooner than later the Will will consume us!

I apologize, it was crude to ask such a thing. I guess it's hard to walk on the moon. So much pain and suffering. The sunny lion has eaten the unicorn. It's the kind of pain i wouldn't wish on anyone. No super humans exist, we are all just humans. However we should be faithfull and walk when not able. Or at least crawl...