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Unexplainable Feelings


Main character, Shamari is experiencing her own set of unexplainable feeling when she finally gets to meet her celebrity crush Tyra B. The thing is Shamari is not a lesbian, but she has had her heart stolen by the very attractive Virginia native, RnB singer Tyra B, who is a lesbian. Unlike other girls, her fantasy becomes a quick reality for her. Fortunately, her best friend Jassiel has been in a very long on again, off again relationship with Virginia RnB singer Trey Song. Trey and Tyra are good friends with each other and have come home to Virginia to do some promotions for their new song they have together. While they are there, Tyra and Shamari link up with each other, despite the fact that Tyra has a girlfriend named Lex. As for Jassiel and Trey's situation, Trey tries to win back the heart of the one women who really loved him, even though she is fed up with his past actions that left her heartbroken and bitter. Although the plan seems simple for everyone, all four will experience their trial and tribulations and...... Unexplainable feelings