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How do you get very involved in supporting Chris Brown?

I have joined TeamBreezy,joined a lot of the websites,bought a lot of his things,but I still end up not having the right info on what I need to really get involved,plus I am in Sacramento so it is hard when I try to attend his concerts and I don't feel like I am being an awesome fan and supporter.


I just got into Team Breezy. Honestly I do get tired of seeing all of these mean and hurtful things that people are saying about Chris when it had to do with Rihanna and other stuff you know. When I watched him perform that MJ Tribute at the BET Awards, I got emotional because I was so proud of him for doing that and I knew that Michael would have been so proud of him. Chris is amazing at what he does (besides his good looks hehe ;) ), and I'm glad that he's continuing to do what he does best.

In my humble opinion you are being the greatest fan. I wish some people in the Sacramento area would contact you so you could get involved in a CB fan club over there.