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The Set Up - Your Help Is Wanted (Warning: Will proceed without it. Just thought I'd do the proper thing and asked while unknown

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Letter to Chris Brown...

I heard a crazy rumor on the radio and it said something about you giving "it" all up because people can't seem to get passed s*** done in the past... If that rumor is anywhere near true I beg you to read on!

I wanna present to you a moment in time in which you will die on my series; because the character I have in mind for you will get killed off eventually. But let's make it be the last time you remember dying on earth and the last time you acknowledge a judgment that isn't coming from an actual judge OR God himself.

Whatever it is that all these people think you are... I want you to portray that person while on set. But the person your mother knows you to be and the person YOU know yourself to be should be portrayed in all aspects of your life and even inside the magical moments of your career as an actor. Because after all, the cameras are always watching; however, you choose the role in which you projected!

Think about that and have your people call my people... Which is really me because I have no people at the moment. But I'm opened to gaining new friends in the process of building and projecting my awesomeness through you and my work that will one day be seen on HBO, Starz, or whatever else high-profile network wants me. Because I like you am a dreamer who dreams for people to see a new way of living... And if I most get people who are seen as uncontrollable but who I see as a simmering renowned artist...

Well I'll start by my self; but will you consider joining me?

DMV Reppin,

Christa Jenkins

On the Internet: @i_c_bri_j


Sounds very interesting and exciting. I hope they get back to you because if I was Chris I would be intrigued.