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Hi am Elise, i am 17 going on 18 in two months! and i am the nicest person. Your always there for your family and friends. i have 3 older brothers , they are protective of me. My dad is the CEO of Island Def Jam and my step mom is an A-list Actress. my brothers are Robin jr, Armando and Eric. My brother Eric is my twins and he is 2 hours older then me. He trust no one around me expecially boys. Our boys are Chris, Chance, trey and Tyga.
Eric: yo tweet when you ready dad wants to see you ill see you later i got to pick up Lyn.
Elise: ummm okay
Eric: you need a lift because i will wait for you.
Elise: its cool i'll drive my car today
Eric: aight cya tweet
About 15 mins later i was finished and went down stairs to see my dad Robin Thicke drinking coffee and laughing at newspaper.
Elise: Hey daddy
Robin: baby tonight me and Paula might not be home for dinner so i'll give you the money to get take out.
Elise: its fine daddy i'll cook the dinner and just put some away for you and her.
y/d: thanks baby gurl.
Elise: well i got to go now love you
I parked my range rover which was Royal Blue and i got out and walked in and seen the crew. when Chance came behind me and put his arm over my shoulder.
Chance: hey sexy
Elise smiled and stopped and hugged him. He hugged me and we both kept walking. Chris seen you and a big smile came upon his face.
Elise: nigga wipe that smile off your face.
He just laughed a lil and Eric pushed her man when he seen Elise and pushed Chance away.
Chance: nigga chill out. hey Tweet, your brother needs to chill.
You: you good
Eric: yeah nigga.
Elise walked past them and up to Chris and hugged him tight.
Chris: how you doing sexy (whispering in your ear)
Elise: i'm better now (whispering in his ear)
we both pulled away and trey and tyga walked in and chris kepted me close. His hands fit perfectly on my hips and Eric just watched in the corner of her eyes.
Trey: look nigga i ain't giving you money okay
Tyga: i ain't asking nigga you owe me money.
Trey: sure nigga
They was laughing now.
Trey: hey my niggas hey tweet.
Elise: hey tremaine.
Chris: so what we doing tomorrow niggas going to that Ambers party. (pulling you closer to him)
Eric: nigga distance
You: im just going to go to class you coming Tyga?
Tyga: yeah
Chris: bye sexy
He hugged you and kissed your cheek, me and Tyga walked off joking around
Eric: Chris man you lovin my sister to much.

In class with tyga nd Elise
Tyga and i were in advance Chemistry 4 and I were trying to teach him what the teacher wrote on the board.
Tyga: i don't know what im doing Elise i don't understand anything.( getting frustrated)
Elise: your fine Tyga just see how much h20 you need to put in the tube you can do it don't put your self down you have it.
Tyga: can't we just change brains like a science experiment (looking excited)
I just laughed at him and kept going on with helping him. About 10 mins later the bell rang and i got my stuff and walked to gym class which i had Chris Eric and trey. I went and got changed and seen my best friend Lyn talking s*** to some girl for stepping on her shoes. Rissa is no angel either she is into fighting and all that kinda stuff she never lets anyone stand over her.
You: hey Rissa
Rissa: hey Elise your sexy brother out there.
You: yes i think so
Rissa: what about your sexy man Chris.


Run it!

Chris' pov
she looked at me and started kissing me, so I turned her over so i was on top. her hands went up my shirt and were rubbing my abs. about five minutes later I pulled her legs apart i knew she felt CJ and got abit scared.
Chris: baby you aight.
Elise: just abit nervous
Chris: we can stop.
Elise: no i want to keep going.
i smiled and went back to it. I undressed elise and myself. i could tell she was self conscious
Chris: baby stop i love your body
Elise: i know baby i just you know.
Chris: look at me, i love your body all of it do you want me to show you how much?
Elise looked scared as i went under the covers and starting kissing her inner thighs.
Elise: baby i..............
i shhed her by sucking on your clit. her back arched. Thats when i knew she was loving it. she was trying to pull away and run from me. so I grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer
Elise: baby iiii.....
Chris: baby you taste so good.
i knew she was about to have the big O and i aint even got to the main attraction, then her whole body just started shaking and i came up with a huge smile on my face.
Chris: baby just enjoy it.
I finished sucking everything up and kissed Elise.
i reached over and got a condom and put it on
Chris: you ready i'll go really slow i promise.
she nodded yes and i positioned himself and started pushing in.

Elise pov
Elise: arrrrh Chris it hurts
chris: sorry baby i promised after a couple more it will feel better.
Elise: please just kiss me while it happens.
He smiled and kept pushing in slowy. i got used to it after a while
chris: baby your so tight your making a nigga ready to cum early.
i just kissed him. i felt myself cum again and about 2 hours later chris did the same and fell beside me.
chris: damn baby that felt so good.
elise: we'll i guess i'll be sore for awhile
chris: let me just get some boxers and i'll ran you a bath.
elise: in a minute baby please just lay with me for a while.
chris: i'll lay with you in the bath aight baby.
He kissed me and got his boxers and went and ran a bath. After that he came and picked me up and put me in the bath and he got behind me.
Chris: thank you baby for letting me be your first
Elise: i wouldn't want no one else to have it baby.
About 1 1/2 hours later after washing each other we both got out. chris ordered Chinese and i put on of his shirts on and laid in bed watching tv, cuddling
on sunday
Chris and i had the best weekend ever. It was so romantis no one around just us two. he dropped me of at Rissa house.
Chris: you have a good weekend baby (kissing my hand)
elise: i loved it i wish it didn't go by so quick.
chris: me either but i'll be by your house soon aight baby.
i nodded and got out of his car and rissa came out.
rissa: you look diffrent
elise: i look the same as what i did two days ago.
rissa: i'll figure it out oh hey chris.
chris: hey rissa how are you ?
rissa: you know chilling.
chris smiled and rissa laughed.
rissa: nigga you dirty as hell thinking about me.
chris: no i wasn't dont flatter yourself, anyways babe i'll see you later i love you.
elise: love you too.
we kissed and chris got in his car and left. rissa and i got in my car since it was at her house and went to mines.
rissa: so did you like it.
elise: yeah, it hurt but i loved it,
rissa: yeah but did he treat you right.
elise: yeah after he ran me and bath and hopped in with me thanking me i gave it to him.
rissa: that nigga sweet.
elise: yeah i know he is i love him rissa i really do.
rissa: i know you look so happy with him im glad baby gurl i really am.
elise: you staying tonight ?
rissa: yeah i can
we smiled and went to the store got junk food and went home to see eric RJ, mando, chris, julian, trey and chance sitting out the front. we got out and grabbed the bags and walked up.
RJ: munchies you cooking.
rissa: no rissa staying tonight we having a girls night here.
i sat next to chris and kissed him.
chris: hey baby have a good weekend ?
elise: of course, it's was great (smiling at him)
rissa: aight lets go in.
RJ: no love rissa.
She hugged him and gave him dap. RJ loves him some rissa

BRB later this week, but enjoy this post guys

Oh she a lil freak lol betta wrap the cj up lol run it

it's now Tuesday night
elise pov.
i was finishing putting my make up on when my phone rang.
elise: hello
chris: baby im sorry can i come over and talk ?
elise: can't RJ's home and were going out for dinner.
chris: well can you just come outside for a minute just to see me.
elise: i'll be there in a minute.
i hung up walked up and went outside. chris was leaning against his car and when he seen me he got a big smile and licked his lips.
chris: baby you look so sexy.
i just stood infront of him.
elise: what?
chris: baby im sorry about today my teacher just pissed me off my dad going off at me about my grades and s*** and my teacher gave me a f and i got benched for the next three games, i just lost it and i took it out on you im sorry.
elise: baby why didn't you just ask me for help i would have helped you, instead of blowing up on me like i stole from you
chris: i know i just don't want my girl tutoring me and s***. I feel dumb.
i walked up to him and slapped him on the back of his head
elise: baby you aren't dumb your lazy just study let me help you.
chris: aight im just sorry baby i really am, but where were you today?
elise: i went to the mall and the movies with rissa i just needed to leave you know get away.
chris: im just sorry baby i really am.
i just smiled and leaned in and hugged him.
elise: you want to come to dinner with us.
chris: nah its family but get dropped off at my house after aight.
elise: i won't be allowed just i'll call you after we finish and you can come over aight.
He kissed my lips and gave you a big hug and whispered he loved me in my ear and got in his car and left. i smiled and went to walk inside when my daddy's car drove up and i waited for RJ to come out of the car. He did and i ran to him giving him a big hug.
RJ: hey lil sis i missed you look at you all grown up and why you looking like a stick?
elise: just come inside hey lulu
i hugged his wife.
Lulu: hey, love that dress and shoes you look so grown up.
RJ: she going to cover herself and where is this nigga chris trying to date my sister with out my permission, b**** nigga.
i just sighed and went inside to freshened up.
The dinner was great and its good to have my brother home. After dinner i called chris up and told him to come over. i was waiting outside. He drove up and smiled, got out and walked up to me giving you a big kiss.

chris pov
chris: how was dinner.
elise: alright RJ just going on about my weight, you, and school
chris: what about me. Huh
elise: you didn't ask him permission to date me.
i smiled a little and sat down on the chair out the front well elise was in the swing chair
chris: i love you baby.
elise: i love you.
i pecked her neck.
chris: this weekend my parents are going away something about chez and school i don't know, you wanna stay this weekend and say your staying with rissa or teek.
elise: yeah i do but........
chris: come on please i just want it to be me and you no one else please.
she smiled and nodded yes thats when RJ came out.
RJ: boo go inside i want to talk to chris alone.
elise: why ??
RJ: just go now
elise: tyson im not 3 years old
RJ: i know just go now
she kissed my cheek and went inside.
RJ: im happy you dating her dog you good i just want to freak her out a little.
chris: what nigga man you crazy (laughing)
He sat next to me.
chris: so how you been.
RJ: aight working trying to get the courage to announce that lulu is pregnant tomorrow night you coming to the bbq.
chris: yeah congrats.
RJ: thanks man.
then eric walked out.
eric: good night b****es.
we looked at him like he was weird.
RJ: you weird my nigga

so it now Friday after school............
chris parents have gone away and elise is staying at his house for the two days. After school elise said she was staying at rissa house for a girl sleep over weekend.

elise pov
rissa: so you going to get freaky this weekend with him.
elise: maybe. (blushing)
chris walked up and grabbed my bags and kissed me
chris: hey rissa thanks alot for doing this.
rissa: anything for a rolled, now pay me my money nigga lol. but on the get off my porch my parents should be home any minute.
we hugged and got in chris' care.
chris: you excited about this weekend just you and me.
elise: of course baby im glad i think this is what we need no crew no nothing.
chris: lets get some food so we differently don't need to leave the house.
elise: aight baby.
we went to the grocery store and walked In. chris held my hand that's when you seen teek
elise: teek is here chris, am dead dead done
chris: she won't say anything
teek walked up.
teek: so rissa you looking more like chris today (smiling)
elise: man teek please don't say anything.
teek: i won't girl have fun aight, and dont be silly wrap your willie lmao
She gave me a hug and walked out. we got the stuff quick and left and went to his house. He parked in the garage and we both got out and walked into the kitchen.
elise: baby you want something to eat.
He waslked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.
chris: lets order in baby.
elise: okay what you want.
chris: anything you want.
He leaned in and started kissing me. He deepened it by pulling me closer. his hands went down to my ass and grabbed it. i smiled though the kiss. chris pulled away and put his forehead against mines.
chris: baby i want you so bad words can't explain.
i grabbed his hand and walked to his room. i opened the door and pushed chris on the bed. i straddled him and kissed his neck.
chris: damn baby you sure.

that's all for now. let me know what you guys think and what should happen.
run it

at rissa my bad it cousin is helping me write some of this stuff and she is off the chain lol. as far as the extra characters i might take them out cause it's alot of writing that i have to do lol. but a posting tonight so run it

girl theres too many damn characters lol my mind gettin all jumbled up but runn

Run it

Sorry for taking forever to comment...i'm slipping hard! Chris was going to get knocked tf out playing around with Elise. Nigga talking bout he won't hurt her but he stay doing it....geeessshhhh! Hmmm's different...i like that! Lmao! Hold tf up Vanessa don't get rocked again. Aye! We playing hookie!
Run it!!!

we all went to lunch after that and sat down with the crew. i sat down next to Chris and kissed his cheek.
Elise: hey baby (smiling)
Chris didnt answer he just looked pissed about something.
Elise: baby whats wrong
Chris: nothing man don't worry about it.
Elise: baby talk to me
Chris: look Elise i got s*** and my mind and your irritating me at the moment s***! just give me a little space and let me think.
i looked at him and got up and went and sat next to rissa at another table. the crew wasn't there when it happened so no one knows.
rissa: girl come with me lets ditch.
Elise: aight lets go (standing up)
rissa: i was kiddin you got a big test next
Elise: well after that if your coming or not i'm ditching meet me in the parking lot.
rissa: aight deal woo-hoo baby girl ditching.
Lilly (angel's girlfriend): whats wrong with your man he looking over here lost and s***.
i looked at Chris who was looking at me knowing he did wrong.
elise: he wanted a moment to think so i'm giving it to him and its going to be a bit longer then a moment.
rissa: well lets go sit outside its nice out here and your friends (gco)
you: there your friends to rissa.
rissa: yeah but not as much as your's girl come on
the 3 of us got up and went outside.

with the crew............

eric: why twin not sitting with us.
chris shrugged because he wasn't in the mood to argue with eric or anyone.
lyn: she was fine 10 mins ago.
trey: maybe she was wants to chill with rissa for a while.
tyga: you seen angels girl i never would have guessed lilly was swinging that way.
chance: maybe you shouldn't let elise hang with them.
teek: why she ain't going to turn
shea: yeah chance shhhhhhhh be quite.
chance: man Julian get your girl.
julian: shea baby don't okay
thats when the bell rang and everyone went to class. i had science with chance and when he went in back where i was sitting texting.
chance: who you writing to.
elise: RJ he coming home tonight and i can't wait.
chance: yeah eric excited to
elise: so is my daddy and paula they planning a special night tonight we are going going to a fancy restaurant and getting dressed up i can't wait.
chance: is chris going i know RJ going to freak out when he knows you 2 are dating.
elise: i don't think so im giving him a moment to think.
chance: what (looking at you confused)
elise: nothing don't worry.
thats when the teacher came in and i started the test. i helped chance and we both did good. after the bell rang and i rushed to get my stuff and ran out. i went to my locker and put my stuff in and ran out to my car to see rissa hiding. we got in the car and drove off.

at school..................

all the boys had p.e next and chris was worried because elise weren't there and eric was saying s*** in his ear.
chris: man i'mma piss i'll be right back.
he walked off to the change room and rang elise's phone and it went straight to voice message so he wrote a message.
baby answer your phone i was a little pissed off before i love you... chrissy pooh

he waited and got one back and smiled.

you wanted to be alone and have a moment so this is me giving you a moment cya sweet.

that pissed chris off he got up and finished the session of p.e and school and he went to elise house and he didn't see her car. he drove to his house and went inside and went to his room and laid down on the bed frusrated. he looked at a picture of elise and sighed. he don't know why he was so frustrated. he decided to go to sleep and sleep it off.

later that night.

i had the best afternoon with rissa. we went to the arcade and played around and the movies it was just fun. now am getting ready for dinner tonight.

brb i gotta to cook dinner for my baby

Lol the girls are silly run it

authors pov
about 8 weeks later chris reliased how busy elise was and practically only spent about 12 hours with her. He missing her like crazy. she working to much now because some one quit at her auntys shop and they are teaching her how to do the books and work at the reception and stuff which is every afternoon and for 5 hours after school and 8 hours saturday and sunday is her day off. So she try to spend as much time with everyone. her older brother Robin is coming down to visit the family with his girl lulu. He is coming on tuesday and is spending the whole week with the family. Its now saturday and the shop is busy. The phone rang and elise answered it.
end of pov
elise: hi thank you for calling hair and beauty this is Elise how may i help you today?
M/v: baby look out side.
i looked outside and seen chris and eric standing around.
elise: what you doing?
chris: waiting for you to finish work and get out here.
That's when eric walked in and up to our aunty.
eric: please aunty or i'mma tell dad
anna: tell robin what that your sister wants to work and not live of her parents.
eric: come on aunty let her have the rest of the day off please.
anna: okay sweet baby she can. elise pack up and go with your brother before i cut all his hair off well you know.
elise: your sure your super busy.
ana: go now okay go i love you honey but you do work hard. Now leave go enjoy your teens.
Lady in shop: you will never ever get them back.
i smiled got up collected my stuff and walked out with eric. chris pulled me infront of him and hugged me.
chris: i miss you girl (pulling my chin up)
He pecked my lips and i just hugged him.
chris: we talking when we get home aight.
i looked at him weird and he put me in the car and i sat in the passenger seat while chris drove holding my hand. eric sat in the back.
eric: twin you loosing to much weight.
elise: no im not.
eric: yeah you are what you eat today.
elise: i had a apple. I just forget about eating.
chris: baby i love you whatever you look like but your waist is getting to thin.
elise: i know i just forget or im to tired. Or just to stressed to eat.
eric: your working yourself to the ground twin and i don't like it
chris: i second that notion
eric: we want you to quit work and be a teen and be like us i miss you you know i feel what your feeling and i know your tired and s*** elise f***.
chris: nigga chill out please just chill out, baby i miss you two these last 2 months ive hardly seen you and i just want you back.
elise: okay i'll talk to paula and daddy and see where it goes okay i love you both and i don't want you to worry about me.
eric: good im glad.
when we got home chris went to the games room to see armando and julian playing the play station 3 and eric and i went to talk to paula and dad.
armando: they having a family meeting with out me f*** this.
He ran to the kitchen. And paula was hugging me.
Robin: babygirl i dont want you to work if you feel tired and stuff your my only babygurl and im letting nothing happen to you aight. So im ringing my sister and saying you can't work anymore.
armando: whats this about.
eric: twin working 5 hours every afternoon and 8 hours and saturday and forgetting to eat and s***.
armando: you know RJ going to be pissed you lost to much weight and s*** he gonna be mad at aunty anna to like i am.
elise: its not her fault you guys i just needed money.
paula: honey just ask us.
elise: i know but you know how i am i love working for money i hate asking you and dad for money.
chris walked in.
chris: sorry to interupt but can i get a drink.
paula: your part of this family you know everything is
chris: well in that case.
He walked over to the fridge and got a bottle of juice and sat next to me. i leaned on him
Robin: do you think that she should work chris.
chris: well i can't tell her what to do but you know i don't want her stressing and stuff you know what i mean i love her and i know its tiring her out.
Robin: thats my man always loving my daughter thats why you became friends with eric for my babygirl.
i just looked at my dad and laughed. That night we all were sitting around watching tv in eric room with the fellas. i was falling asleep with chris playing with my hair.
chris: baby come on i'll take you to your room aight.
elise: its okay baby imma shower and then come say goodnight.
i got up went to my room and showered and dressed in my pj's and went to eric's room.
elise: im going to sleep now night.
cjris: let me come in for a while and spend time with you.
i smile and grabbed chris' hand and weu both went to my room. i got underneath the covers with chris and snuggled up to him.
chris: i love you baby girl.
elise: i love you too
chris: come ere
we both kissed sweetly and nice and slow. He got up and between my legs and deepened the kiss some more. It was like that for about 10 mins until chris pulled away.
chris: i want to do more but i know your parents are next door do imma chill tonight and let you sleep okay i love you sexy.
i smiled and he whispered sweet stuff in my ear and played with my hair until i went to sleeep.
eric: you better not have been getting freaky with her nigga.
chris: nah man i didn't tempted but didn't
julian: you know RJ gonna kick your ass nigga he more protective then eric he gonna be watching you.
Dru: i ain't scared of him no more
chris hung around and ended up falling asleep on eric floor.

now its tuesday and i'm at school in math class with yaya, lyn, marie,rissa and cjance. i were sitting with lyn and talking about eric.
lyn: do you reckon he will stay with me girl because how he has a rep of only staying with girls until the next best thing comes along.
elise: no i think he likes you lyn you have respect for your selve were all the other girls didn't. He would always sleep with them like the first night and plus paula is liking you so.
lyn: thats good because i really like him to. So your older brother is coming tonight eric was telling me he is nice but when it comes to you your like his fav.
elise: he is just really over protective more then what eric is sometimes. Its annoying like i love him alot but you know what i mean.
lyn: yeah i wish i had brothers or something to hold me down for s*** and be over protective.
elise: so your the only child.
lyn: yeah i am it sucks.
elise: im guessing that it would you know i love having siblings best thing but they are a little over protective.
lyn: just a little
we both laughed and the bell rang. i got my stuff and walked out to lunch with yaya and marie. lyn went with the others to her locker.
yaya: me and tyga had the best sex ever last night.
Marie: well i seen trey with his shirt off last night and i wanted to jump him but i held myself together like a lady.
we all laughed.
Marie: what about you girl huh (linking arms with you)
elise: well the night after ambers party i went to chris' house the next day to sort s*** out and he didn't know i was there but he got up naked infront of me had a shower and walked out ripped his towel off and i seen the whole thing i was like my baby's packing.
Key: you and him you know did it yet.
F/v: did what yet.
we all turned to see shea and julian walking up.
yaya: if her and chris did the nasty yet.
julian: i don't want to know if my cousin banging her man listen baby i'll meet you in the lunch room. Yuck.
He ran off.
Shea: well so have you.
elise: no im still a virgin
yaya, shea and marie: FOREAL.....
They were shocked only from how chris and i are all lovey dovey most of the time well all of the time.
elise: why is that shocking.
Shea: it just is i mean you know what im saying.
elise well i want to but .......
Marie: but what..... (smiling)
elise: im just not experianced in that area.
yaya: you will be you will kill your self you waited so long

about 20 mins later Chris came and woke me up.
Chris: baby i know your upset but eric's here and wants to chat to you (playing with my hair)
Elise: no chris he hurt me really bad i just want to be alone.
chris: mane look at me
i did and he kissed the tears coming down my face.
chris: his your brother talk to him baby, he is outside with lyn. she wants to make sure your aight.
i nodded yes and he gave me one of his jackets and we got up and walked out. eric looked up and seen me and he walked towards me and he pulled me to him and just hugged me and i cried on his shoulder. No words need to be spoken.
eric: im so sorry twin i f***ing didn't mean a word i said your still my twin and you always will be i love you.
elise: i love you too.
we both pulled away and Lyn came over and hugged me while chris and eric talked.
eric: listen man i didn't mean that s*** i said i was........... (gco)
chris: listen man i know you ain't mean it we still boys (smiling giving dap)
lyn: aboutt time you aight honey i'll give you time to beat his ass.
elise: no sorry i can't do that right now, maybe later.
lyn: aight well im having a bbq tonight at my house everyone's going aight. You two coming?
chris: yeah we will be there i promise you.
elise: i don't know ash
lyn: its only close friends like my girls soon to be yours you know yaya, marie, and my girl shea she dating your cousin julian you know?
elise: yeah teek brother juju
eric: he gonna kill you twin if you keep calling him that.
elise: yeah i know well can she come.
lyn: of course its starts at 4 so you have about 4 hours aight love you babygurl and stop cryinG
elise: i will i promise.
eric: you coming home
elise: yeah aight i see you later chris baby.
chris: imma come over to your house just let me get my s*** aight.
He ran in and eric pulled me to him and hugged me again.
eric: i really am sorry
elise: me to.
chris came out and we all went to my house and sat around until lyn's bbq. chris and i were in the kitchen of lyn's house kissing. chris had me on the counter with him in between my legs. He was rubbing my thighs and sucking my neck giving me a massive hickie.
elise: baby we inlyn's kitchen stop.
chris: nah, i love you i just want to kiss you more and more you lips (pecking your lips) your neck everything baby i love everything about you
i smiled and got back to kissing him.
eric: yuck seriously you too yuck
chris pulled away and smiled.
chris: nigga i love your sister so shhhhhhh
Thats when teek walked in
teek: seriously you to dating like 4 hours and already making babies
we got embarassed and put i face in chris' neck.
lyn: out everyone....
everyone walked out and started to messing around. Trey and marie were talking and yaya and tyga hooked up so they were lovey dovey like me and chris. But the difference was they both have had sex before so she was teasing him.
tyga: ya stop
yaya: stop what nigga you know you like it.
Marie: no one wants to see that girl.
tyga: ya'll werent caring when it was chris and elise in the kitchen
Shea: difference was thats cute that s*** right there isnt cute.
tyga: what ever nigga's come ere baby.
yaya: tonight my house babe i promise.
tyga: good
julian: doesn't my baby look gorgeous
Now the girls were in the pool messing round.
tyga: yaya looking good big ass big boobs tiny waist imma shut up.
Eric: Paula asked me last night about Elise telling me she is losing to much weight.
chris: she is getting tiny
tyga: yeah i notice that
Trey: me to
Chris: maybe she is not happy with herself she might just want to lose weight you know

you guys tickle me lol. i love your feedback. am gonna update today, since i've been really busy and i've got nothing but free time today

Eric need to chill tf out..they twins not father and daughter s*** makin me mad

Run it her bro is a big a**hole smh she should hav went off on him smh so he sayn basically he aint her bro no mo cus she wnt back to his friend

lets skip to Ambers party......
i was going to ambers party tonight. I took the night off work and i didn't tell anyone except rissa and my cousin teek She is dating chance and they make the cutest couple. Anyways i was dressed to kill. Chris and Eric don't know i'm going so i'm kinda worried about him and Lyn
Rissa: girl come on we going to teek's house.
i walked down and we both went to Teek house to drink. i was kinda nervous because i haven't really got drunk before. but when we got there we saw chance and tyga.
tyga: ohhhhh chris going to pee him self with excitment tweet coming (hugging you).
Elise: do i look aight though.
tyga: you looks f***ing hot man if you weren't my cousin i would be chasing you instead of yaya.
we all laughed and walked in Amber's party. at about 10:30 i was kinda tipsy and rissa, tyga and i were laughing up a storm and teek was practically f***ing chance.
Elise: you hoe stop.
teek: your going to be doing the same thing soon with chrissy bear.
rissa: yeah that sexy mother f***er.
tyga: rissa why don't you have a man.
rissa: because i flow both ways and im hooking up with a mama tonight.
we all laughed. we all got out and walked in. chance was holding teek and he was looking at me because he knew chris was going to be pissed.
teek: whats wrong baby
chance: i knew that chris and eric are going to be pissed off when they see Elise.
teek: baby that's got nothing to do with us you know what im saying.
He nodded yes and walked in
Trey: yo nigga going to be happy your here come on .
elise: what about vanessa trey.
Trey: just come on he going to be happy,
He wrapped his arm around me, and walked meto the back yard to see chris, eric, and armando sitting around smoking a blunt.
Trey: niggas look who i found walking around.
They all looked up and seen me. chris got straight up and hugged me.
chris: now you ain't leaving my site.
i smiled and he pecked my lips.
elise: i won't leave your site.
eric:you better not now i can't have fun.
chris: nigga she is with me nothing is going to happen to her.
He pulled me to sit down and pulled me on his lap.
chris: you been drinking tweet.
elise: only a little bit not that much.
chris: f*** you look sexy tonight. Man lets go be alone just so i can kiss my girl with out interruptions.
elise: your girl??
chris: yeah you wanna be my girl.
i looked at him and smiled and nodded yes.
chris: good
Chris and i were having a good time. His hand did not leave once from holding my hand, around my waist, or even on my ass. He was standing against the wall with me standing in front of him. His hands were on my hips plus he was sucking on my neck.
chris: f*** your sexy.
i turned around and we both started kissing until i felt my hair being pulled and next i fell to the ground. eric came running and picked me up.
eric: yo what the f*** vanessa pulling on my sisters hair.
Vanessa: she kissing all up on my man.
chris: im not your man and i never will be aight don't f***ing touch my gurl again or so help me i'll beat your ass myself.
Vanessa: you asked me to be your gurl today when you picked me up.
chris: so i didn't mean that s*** (gco)
elise: are you serious chris, you asked her and you asked me the same day. (looking at him upset)
chris: i didn't mean it i swear
eric: are you serious nigga you hurt her and i told you not too
Eric was really pissed off after the party. i just walked out without making a scene but rissa made a scene for me and punched vanessa in the face and walked out after me.
It was two weeks since the party and i missed chris like crazy. i was going to his house to talk stuff out. i walked there to clear my head about what i was going to say to him. i got to his front door and knocked. His brother chez opened the door.
Chez: whats up Elise
elie: nothing much just wondering if chris is here and may i speak to him.
Chez: sure he is probabaly still asleep so just go up there and wake his ass up.
i smiled at chez because we always got along. i walked down the hall to chris' room which was the basement and walked in. It was dark and the tv was still going.
i looked around and seen chris asleep on the bed and his room really messy. i decided to just sit on his couch and watch t.v until he woke up. about 1 1/2 later his phone rang and he moved around bumping s*** and answered it.
chris: what........... nah i haven't............. what time......... aight cya
he hung up and got up and to my surprise he was naked. i turned my head and he went to the shower and got out and got his clothes and took his towel off.
elise: nice chris nice
he turned around falling over and hurting his elbow.
chris: s*** elise (grabbing his towel)
i giggled a little and got up and walked out. he got changed and seen me sitting outside talking to chez about s***.
chez: and i was like pow and she was like wow
i was laughing.
chris: yo chez can i talk to elise alone please.
chez: aight fine (walking off then stopped at the door) now don't be asking anymore girls out while elise sitting here, you might get caught
chris got up to chase him but he locked the door in time.
elise: chris i want to talk about last night. did you really ask vanessa out as well as me
chris: yeah but i was hella high and i was seeing your face.
elise: thats no excuse though chris and you know it.
chris: yeah i know but you don't understand when you were mine last night i was the happiest nigga around elise look at me i f***ing love you i need you last night im sorry but thats what really happened ask eric i said look here comes my sexy and he said nigga thats vanessa and i was like nah its elise, nigga i swear its her. And he slapped me thats why when you came to the party i was out the back with your twin and not inside with vanessa. Please accept my apologize.
i looked at him
elise: i want to chris i really do but......
chris: no buts just say yes and if i f*** up again i will literally let you punch me in the face
elise: one more chance chris one more, but dont let your mouth cash checks and your ass cant pay
chris: okay well come here and give me a hug
i got up and sat on his lap and gave him a big kiss.
M/v: your a sucker twin you really are.
i pulled away and looked at eric walking off. i got up and grabbed his arm.
eric: twin let go of my arm before i remove it myself.
elise: whats wrong eric.
eric: whats wrong your asking me whats wrong that nigga hurt you two weeks ago and when i come over here knowing you would be here accepting his apology i don't want you to its pisses me off.
elise: why does it eric
eric: because he only wants your f***ing virginity twin he only wants that.
chris got pissed off and walked up to him.
chris: you serious nigga thats a f***ing lie and you know it.
eric: yeah sure chris you f***ing liar. elise get in the f***ing car now.
elise: no eric just chill out.
eric: choose now family or this nigga.
i looked at eric about to cry.
eric: ChOOSE (screaming in my face)
chris: nigga chill out (pulling me behind him)
eric: aight i see how it is f*** this you are no longer my twin.
He got in his car and speed off leaving me crying in chris' arms. He picked me up and took me to his room and let me cry on his chest. About 20 mins later i was asleep. i moved around and snuggled up to him. He kissed my fore head. i stayed there for about 3 hours sleeping until i woke up to chris talking on his phone.
chris: nigga i know you don't mean what you say............ She was crying her eyes out............... She still asleep............ Yeah come over and cha with her eric............. Aight one

brb later

Run it!!!

Run it!!!

Run it!!!

Run it. I need more runs please and thank you

Aww i hope she be ok run it

Elise: he is not my man and you know that
Rissa: well everyone knows he adores you sooo
Elise: Rissa come on
We both walked out to the bleachers and sat down. Chris and Eric walked out laughing and when Chris seen me, he walked right over and sat down.
Chris: hey tweet how was advanced chem.
Elise: it was okay.
Chris: you going to go to Ambers party.
Elise: i don't know i think i might have to work at my auntys store.
Chris: come on any way to get out of it.
Elise: i don't think so Chris
Chris: man i really want you to go it's going to be wild.
M/v: what going to be wild.
we both turned around to look at Eric.
Chris: trying to get her to go to ambers party.
Eric: your working plus i can't keep a eye on her. Nah you ain't going.
Thats when Rissa came over.
Rissa: why you looking like that for tweet
Elise: nothing i'm just going to go to the bathroom.
i got up and walked off.
Riisa: what you say to her Eric.
Eric: none of your business Rissa go some where.
Rissa: no what you say to her you know Eric your over protective crap is going to make her distant from you and not want anything to do with you.
Eric: Rissa you don't know s*** my twin loves me more then anyone else so shut your mouth.
Chris just looked back and forth at them both and Rissa had a point. he looked over and seen Elise talking to trey. Trey is his boy and everything but he knows trey has a thing for Elise. He doesn't like that.
Chris: you two shut up f*** always b****ing.
Eric: yeah angel.
Then the teacher walked in mr nash.
Mr nash: okay class go sit on the bleachers outside at the football field okay now go.
Everyone walked out and Chris walked over to trey and i and put his arm over my shoulder. I looked up and smiled at him.
Chris: sexy just sexy.
Elise: handsome just handsome.
the both of us laughed. The day went by fast at it was now the end of the day. Chris was sitting by his car on his hood with him talking to Vanessa. She liked Chris and Chris kinda was feeling her but nothing beats Elise in his eyes.
Rissa: don't worry girl he ain't s***.
Elise: lets just go. I got to go to work.
I walked to my car. Chris seen me drive off and knew that i saw him talking to her. He finished got her number and planned to meet her at amber's party.
I got home showered and put your work clothes on. I work in my aunty's hair dressing salon.
Later that night after work
I just finished work and walked in the door and to see my brothers and his boys playing the play station and being loud and Armando was just sitting there laughing with them making a mess. it annoyed me because i'm going to have to clean it up.
Armando: hey Elise
i just ignored him and went straight to the kitchen to start cooking. I got the chicken out and pasta because i wanted to make chicken bake with salad. o boiled the pasta, grated the cheese and put it in a bowl and put it in the oven. then i went to shower and relax. When i finished I put on comfy clothes and finished cooking dinner. Chris walked in and wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged tight.
Chris: you aight baby gurl you seem stressed.
Elise: just a little it will be okay.
Chris turned me around and grabbed my chin and made me look at him.
Chris: tell me sexy whats up i know something is wrong.
Elise: just school, work, and now got to clean the house cook dinner just annoying but ill be aight.
Chris looked deep into my eyes and leaned in and pecked my lips. When he pulled away you just smiled up at him.
Chris: just ask for help and i'll help you aight plus i'mma tell them niggas to clean up so you don't have to okay.
I nodded yes and he helped me serve dinner and walked out to tell everyone it was ready and to come eat. Armando looked at me cleaning up before eating.
Armando: Elise sit down and eat with us we will clean so you can nap upstairs.
Elise: you sure
Eric: yeah twin
I smiled at Chris and sat down and ate. I loved how Chris kissed me. And he knows it. Anyways after dinner I was laying in bed reading a book for school when Chris knocked on your door.
Elise: come in
He walked in and closed the door. And laid next to me on the bed.
Chris: what you reading huh
Elise: Scarlet letter for english .
Chris: is it good.
Elise: yeah its aight i guess (smiling at him)
Chris: you got a beautiful smile tweet. Damn i want you to be mines so bad.
Elise: what Chris (shocked that he said that)
Chris: Elise you know im feeling you and i know your feeling me.
Elise: i want to be yours to plus i want you to be mine Chris i feel really happy around you and feel protective around you like no one could hurt me.
chris: so you feel nothing for trey.
elise: no chris i don't
chris: well you mine now i wonder how your twin going to handle it.
elise: dont know
chris: well come ere and give your man some lovin.
i smiled at him and leaned down and gave him a nice slow passionate kiss with tongue. I just pulled away and smiled at him.
Chris: i can't believe your mine (smiling) i've been waiting for this day for ages.
M/v: y/n wake up
I opened your eyes and seen Eric pushing me to wake up. I looked around and I still had your english book in my hand and Chris was no were in site. i sighed and got annoyed because it was just a dream.
Elise: whats up Eric
Eric: well you going to school.
Y/n: yeah
Eric: well Armando said he will drive you okay i got to go meet
He kissed my cheek and left. i got up had a shower and finished getting ready and my brother was borrowing your car for the day. When i got to school i walked in and seen Vanessa laughing with her girls. she seen me and walked over.
Elise: hi Vanessa.
Vanessa: hey elise you going to ambers party this weekend?
Elise: i don't know i might have to work.
Vanessa: you know im Chris' date for it.
Elise: well thats nice to know i hope you have fun listen i've got to go get my books out of my locker.
Vanessa: tell chris i said hi
i just kept walking after a little upset and walked to my locker where tyga was standing with this girl named teek who he was trying to get with plus Eric's new girlfriend Lyn standing there.
lyn: whats up baby girl you don't look very happy.
elise: i'm okay ash just a bit tired.
Thats when eric, trey and chance walked up.
Eric: yo baby whats wrong with her? (worried)
Lyn: i don't know she seemed upset
eric: imma go see whats wrong with her i can just feel it you coming baby?
lyn: yeah cya guys key i'll see you next period you better go gurl.
tyga: she will be to busy making babies with her future man.
teek: who reggie bush
chance: yeah whatever.
they started laughing and eric and lyn walked off to find elise. they walked into the music studio/ dance room to see me sitting there singing and playing the piano.
eric: listen babe i'll talk to her okay.
lyn: okay baby i'll see you soon
He pecked her cheek and she walked off and eric walked in and sat next to me. i looked up at him and gave him a little smile.
eric: whats wrong.
elise: just that Vanessa girl just trying to get at me.
eric: what was she saying?
elise: asking me if im going to amber's party and telling me she is going with Chris and stuff like you know i have a thing for Chris but i wouldn't date him because you wouldnt want that. I just i don't know eric.
eric: don't stress over it baby girl it will all work out.
it is now lunch time and your sitting down eating a apple. Chris was walking over and he stopped smiling when he seen the sad look in my eye's he was really worried about me. He sat next to me and pulled you on his lap.
chris: elise why you looking so sad.
Elise: nothing i'm fine..
Chris: look at me and say that
i just put my head down and played with my nails.
Chris: come on we going to talk.
Elise: chris no okay
Chris : yeah we are because you looking sad whats the problem.
Elise: Vanessa and you are me problem chris.
i got up to walk off but he pull me back down on his lap.
chris: what me and vanessa there is no me and vanessa. elise look at me your hurting my feelings right now
Elise: vanessa came up to me this morning telling me that she is your date to ambers party and s*** like chris i don't know listen i know i can't be jealous and stuff because im not your girl
chris: elise i wish you were my girl but you know eric will have a hissy fit if we be together and you know vanessa wants me now like she is here i'm not saying i'm going to date her and have like 2o kids and marry her its just a date to ambers party and if you were going i would have never even asked her.
elise: oh okay then well yeah i need to go
i got up and walked off and went to my locker with tears in my eyes. on the way there you seen trey talking to chance laughing and stuff. he seen me and walked over to see if i was alright.
trey: whats up elise why you looking so sad.
elise: i'm not feeling very well
chance: we will take you to the nurse come on
elise: i'm fine i can take myself.
trey: man i'll meet you in the lunch room okay i'll take her.
chance: bye elise you want me to tell eric.
elise: yes please
trey put his arm around me and the both of us started walking to the nurse's office.
trey: your not sick are you
elise: no i'm just upset.
trey: what? tell trey
i smiled up at him.
Elise: well chris and vanessa kind of have a thing going on and it just makes me jealous.
trey: hey i know how it feels i used to get jealous of you and chirs, well i still kind of do but not that much anymore.
elise: trey you are a good looking and everything but you know i like chris
trey: yeah i know well maybe me saying this we might you know become best friends closer.
elise: well your always there
trey: yeah when the other half of the crew isn't
elise: true but i know marie likes you.
trey: who's marie
elise: you know the girl i talk to in maths she is gorgeous maybe you should give her a go.
trey: alot of ladies love me elise you should know that.
we both laughed
back with the crew.
chris was just sitting there knowing his the reason elise upset right now. Thats when chance walked in and sat down.
chance: yo eric elise going home she says she feels sick.
eric: aight imma go see if she is aight.
he got up.
chris: yeah nigga imma come.
eric: aight baby i'll be back.
he kissed lyn and walked off with chris.
eric: so you and vanessa huh nigga you know tweet hurtin.
chris: well if you let her be my girl rell i wouldn't be going through this s***
eric: nigga i just don't want her to get hurt.
chris: do you really think i would hurt her.
eric: nah man she just my twin but i trust you.

hey teek, i kept the same cast i just changed to boys around

Ok im filln it but question is u keepn all the cast frm prince charming or jus a few but run it