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One More Chance

*Freshman Yr (College)*

"Look who coming over here Dani!" Lorane elbowed Danielle as Ree and Tev were walking up to them. "Oh man, but why they walking like that?" Danielle egged on with a silly grin plastered across her face. "Hahaha. They are bonified examples of irrelevance!" Lorane and Danielle were laughing hysterically as Ree and Tev finally made it over to the table. "Sooo, what the hell is so funny?" Tev asked. Lorane and Danielle continued to laugh. "Yo wtf I know damn well yall heard my boy ask yall a question! Aint not s*** that damn funny!" Ree said as he slapped the table..adding rediculous dramatic effect. "Aint not s***?" Danielle repeated Ree's incorrect grammar. "Ummm when you pass the distant learning year round class on BACK HALL, that's when you come back and converse with us!! hahahaha" Lorane said as she and Dani continued to laugh. "Man f*** yall!" Tev uttered. "Yeah we out!" Ree chimed in. "BYE!" Dani and Lorane stated in unison. Just as Tev and Ree were about to try and say something else Lorane spotted <a href="">him</a> . Him being none other than Maurice. Maurice and Lorane locked eyes and normally Maurice was the first person over at the table talking and sitting with Lorane during lunch. Lately he was acting distant ever since the first day <a href="">Tev and Ree</a> started coming over. Lorane was happy to see him but as he did weeks up until now he kept walking past the table and sat with the immature females that she didn't like behind her. Danielle looked up in time to catch what had happened and looked at Lorane. "Aite yall we gone catch yall later tho." Ree and Tev announced as they decided to leave. Hugs were exchanged and they departed.

As soon as they left <a href="">Danielle</a> opened her mouth. "SOOO...What the f***? This the umteemth time he done did that. You gone say something to him or what, because quite frankly I wanna know why he acting so distant all of a sudden!" "Girl I don't know he gets in his little funks every now and again. Lorane replied trying to brush it off. Danielle gave her the oh please look and spat back "f*** No. This nigga didn't start this until <a href="Ree and Tev ass started coming over. He acting jealous if you ask me." "Dani that's bestie. He is not jealous!" "Oh really? Okay then have you confronted him about it yet?" "Umm No." "Mhmm, and why not? ..I'll tell you why, because you're scared. It's obvious that yall have something else going on other than this 'bestie' s*** yall keep dishin out to people! I say, talk to him about your feelings and get the s*** over with!" Dani said practically yelling. Maurice just so happened to be walking by and he wasn't about to make any attempt to speak or acknowledge Lorane or Dani for that matter. So Dani yelled. "Well f*** is up to you to nigga! I KNOW you see us." Maurice turned slightly and simply said "Oh wat up." Lorane just sat there flabbergasted at the way Maurice was acting. Wtf was his problem she asked herself. She knew damn well she hadn't done anything to him. Was he really jealous that other dudes were coming to the table? But why? Oh f*** no. He didn't have any right as many girls he was f***ing and considering the current girlfriend he had! "f*** NO! Jealous, CHECK HIM!" Danielle blurted interrupting Lorane's thoughts. She shook her head and decided that she would...SOON....