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does anyone know of any address to write to chris brown or his management or maybe an email or something. i already know about the number that he is putting out but i don't wanna use thst


What's his manager's number tho?

woops i spelt your name wrong -.- chris brown <3

heyy there chirs :-D your so hot haha yeah love your music. you sexy thang xx

Chris i have always believed in you not in the stories i hear. Stay trueand keep making music. I love your sogns and ur videos!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! Your music means everything to me and i love listin to it. I've never been to one of your concerts but i've always dreamed of going to one. People used to make fun of me so my favorite song by u is Dreamer. It inspired me and I LOVE you for making it. STAY TRUE. I LOVE YOU!!!!

chris I love u sooooooooo much i listen to your graffitti album everyday!! I've loved you ever since i was 7. I LOVE you soo much!!!!

I would hope Chris might want to put his number out there for the fans, but there are some security issues when it comes to Breezy ;D people just love him. And sometimes that love can, sorry chris <3 ^_^ #TeamBreezy

What is the number please, I don't mind using it lol xx

Hey Chris Brown
Im your biggest fan. I just wonted to tell you that I really love your music and you. Also I wonted to tell you how much I love you (as in your big smile because when I look at ur picture and listen to you sing I start to smile, and giggle, and show my dimples also when I'm sad and I see you perform or something I think why be sad all day when I can be happy and make other people happy to.) Even though I have never seen you I still believe that I will see one day. Also I think that u are the best of the best and not because I love u but because your music makes people happy and laugh. Thats why I love you. I really hope you read this.
P.s. My little cousin wonts to know if you would come to her school and perform at woodland hills school. She said it would mean alot from her idol which is you. Also it's in PA. Hope you read this and get bck to me.

Hey Chris Brown
Im a very big fan amd would really like to meet u though I never really got 2 meet u I believe that pne day I will. Your music makes me smile and giggle and sometimes show my dimples and makes me wont 2 dance. But I really believe that you are one of the best of them all, and not because I think your the best but because you make people happy with your music. I really love you (but because u can make me smile thats why, and whem I'm sad I look at ur big smile and think why be sad all day when u can be happy in make others happy as well.)
P.S. My little cousin wonts to know if you could come to Pa in perform at her school called woodland hills junior high school. Thank you n I really hope u reply bck 2 me and read this Love u so much

Chris or his "Posse"

I used to be a fan of yours Chris until you beat the sh@$ out of a women. Now I see your new neck tattoo which makes you look like everyone sees you and that's a pampas a@#!! Now for the real question. With all the $$ you make couldnt you have went to a reputable tattoo shop? Holy Sh@#!!! It looks like a 12 year old juvenile inmate did that ink. Doesn't look good at all but then again what more would we expect from you these days Sisco!!!

Dear Chris Brown,I Really Am A Big Fan I Know I May Never Get Too Meet You But I Would Sure Like Too. If You Ever Come To Jacksonville,Florida For A Concert Just One Time That Would Make Alot Of Ppl Happy . The Day I Meet You Will One Of The Best Days Of My Life. If Its Meant To Be It Will Happen, See You Soon .....Hopefully :))

P.S From all your videos you look really fun to hang with, Love Yati

hey, C.B.
Well.. Since I was about 12, I used to get bullied alot, and still today, i kind of do, before it was my apperance, now its cause my name, TarErist, Teridactle, The list goes on, and it really bugged me, I never though guys looked on the inside, I always thought/believed they always looked on the outside, that was until I listen to ur songs. When i was Down I listen to Wall to wall, Run it, Gimme that, It gave me a pumpy spirit, allowing me to go through the day. The one that really got to me, was "Excuse me miss" It somehow, It gave me a bit of hope, It kind of made me dream that maybe one day, a guy, who was kind of how u were, would think just the same as the song when he get his first glimpse of me in the future, now, its the future
-So far, some guys, but.. none like who u were, and I know deep down, no matter what, that same really sweet hearted guy, who made everyone heart melt, is still in u. I know this is silly, I'm not going to ask u to come to my house or anything, but, maybe a concert, I would love that, so much it would bring me a little more hope, to be able to hear some of ur original songs, coming from the Original Chris brown, The sweetheart, that Amazing person that not many people get to see, But I got to feel it in my heart, every time I listen to some of ur old songs.
Thank u, If u actually read this Chris brown.
With a heart filled with joy hearing ur songs, and a bit of saddness that there is a chance u wont read this.
-thank u

Hi my name is Jennea ann bell and I am a High School student and I go to Nothwest High School. And your song are very very very good and I can name the song I like till I die wet the bed take you down strip sweet love No bulls*** crawl kiss kiss shawty get loose superhuman Yeah 3x forever don't wake me up best love song turn up the music yo excuse me miss and the other songs u sing I love u Chris brown:)

I love Chris brown and he is so fine and sexy because I want to meet him in life. And I want to gAmdo to his concert. ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥. And he is going to be mine in my life. :):):):):):):):)

Dear , Chris Brown i am one of your biggest fan everyone says this but im a true fan : ) #TEAMBREEZY all day thats my team ! Can you please email me Or ! Do you have a manager that i can contact or something ? Btw i have your all of your cd's >>> Your are the best out here , everybody talks about the accident with you and ______ but its 2012 that is over ! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CHRIS BROWNNNN YOUR MY #1 SHEESH I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN I LOVEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU : ) PLEASE CONTACT ME BACK !

Dear Breezy,
If you`re reading this then I`m happy, but you and Drake need to resolve your problems and be cool with each other. I love both of your music and you both are amazingly talented artists and there is no use arguing and fighting and making disses on each other. I gotta admit after that Drake diss i kinda lost respect for you man. Seriously, you guys have to resolve it. Theres no use fighting and no point.

Thanks for reading,
Dre Pierce

Dear Breezy,
If you`re reading this then I`m happy, but you and Drake need to resolve your problems and be cool with each other. I love both of your music and you both are amazingly talented artists and there is no use arguing and fighting and making disses on each other. I gotta admit after that Drake diss i kinda lost respect for you man. Seriously, you guys have to resolve it. Theres no use fighting and no point.

Thanks for reading,
Dre Pierce

Dear Chris Brown, I know you have a lot of fans but My dream is to meet you and I am def your "Biggest Fan" <---- Get it? lol that was corny. But I Love You Christopher Maurice Brown and one day I would love for you to Follow me on Twitter...Cant Wait til the Fortune Tour. I'll def be there ! Love You !!! Bye for now.

-Angel (BiggestFan)

not sure if this will get to you. but i remember i saw an interview and you mentioned you liked anime. and i just recently saw a video of you playing basketball.your moves were similar to the ones in an anime that im currently watching "Kokuro no Basket" and just wanted to recommend it to you. its a pretty nice anime series. keep doing you.

Dear: Chris Brown .I hope you get read letter. I just wanted to say that you have some awsome Music and that you are truly talented no matter what any one says or thinks your a star. The song that I like is FOREVER dude man wow thats talent. Hey man I have question for you? So here it is. How does it feel like to have millions of fans that like your talent? Bye bye

Dear Chris. I challenge you to a one on one fist fight. Before you decline, please know that I am old and small. Just imagine me as a helpless woman. Hell, I'll put on a wig if it makes you less frightened. You are a spoiled rotten human that only a mother could love... even if she is ashamed.
I dont expect a response. Im sure you'll never see this and one of your cronies will delete this immediately to not upset your fragile ego living in a bubble of egomaniacal delusion.
You are a lump of stinking s*** and no matter how you try... you ALWAYS will be.
Derek T Mullins

Hey Chris,

Im Rougiena , Ever since The Day You Came out I Was speechless , Your Really Talented Im Dying To Meet You , You Inspire Me So Much , I Cant Even Explain , Maybe We Can Chat On

Love ROugiena

p.s Email Address :

Hey Chris,

I was wondering If I could ask you a favor, you probably don't read these but I'll give it a try. I'm 20 years old and I live in NY and I'm not good with the ladies, I'm a good looking guy girls say im cute. But I get wicked nervous when I talk to them. I'm tired of being nervous in front of them. I know this would probably be the last thing you would do. But, I was wondering if you could give me pointers. I want you to help me overcome my nervousness.


hey chris brezzy,

im ur biggest fan and i hope u can email me at and we can talk there i luv u

hey chris brezzy,

im ur biggest fan and i hope u can email me at and we can talk there i luv u

Chris Brown,

I just wanna say that your music and your voice puts a smile on my face every single day and I love you with all of my heart. Ever since I was about 13 ive been a fan of yours and im 19 now and still playing your songs over and over again. I thought i'd join this website to get at you kos I really want to be able to get the chance of meeting you. I know you have millions of fans that want the same so if you get the chance please reply. I am sooooooooooo flipin proud of you Christopher Maurice Brown.

Monique from London xxxx

Hi there,
I am such a huge fan of Chris Brown. I would just luv or could have the opportunity to meet you. It would be an honour and if I could just spend even 5 minutes with you and that would make me happi. Even just to touch your hand would be a dream come true for me.
tons of luv

What Breezy Boy man I been tryna reach you and yo manager... I was jus tryna do a little birthday booking dis month but I wanted 2 tell you da story so send me an email at so we can see whats up

Hey Chris,

My name is NaJae and i am a really big fan of yours. I listen to your music everyday because every song you come out with has a meaning and it touches everyone hearts. I have a friend his name is Josh and he is also one of your big fans. He loves to dance soo much and i was wondering if you ever had the time to come to Corning, Ny to teach him some moves. I know you are really busy but he would love to me you. He is really good but needs more experience from good dancers. It would mean a lot to him and i am trying to surprise him because he has been through a lot. He wants to be a dancer someday. Everywhere he goes he dances to your music and people notice him, he just hasn't gotten himself out there enough.

Please Email me back sometime at:

hey chris,

im nikki and im one of your biggest fan,
yuu inspire me in so many ways!ur music tough me thing
that nobody explain to me, i cut myself everyday because
i have no one here to support me but u mad me realize that life is worth living we both made horrible mistakes but we both got threw it
even though i never got to meet yuu in person maybe yuu will
come to waterbury ct ! i mean all your fans really need yuu right now! be there for us like i know we may not be all that perfect or rich but yuu can at least give me a try contact me on my email thank yuu chris