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NoW That tha Band Is MAde WhAt are yAh favOrite MTB4 MomENtS?

mine are when theii was playing b-ball
tha water fight
when thei came back and thei was like thats big mike?..."yo where tha rest of him. check in tha bag" lol
the 5 mi. run
and when theii finally made tha band


LoL Me Too The Boxing Match Wit Qwanell And Johnathon LMAOOOO ::Qwanell Is Soo OoOoOo LaLa LoL:: The Waterfight Had Me In Tearz ::I Added Ques Word To My Own Dictionary LOL::

SaShA AkA --->Sunny<--- RoCkS ThE MiC RiGht!!!.........LoL SIKE!!!!!!!! BuT I Do RoCk lOl
Reppin CBH To the Fullest We Do It Big Cuz Theres No Other Way To Do It!!!

im gonna have to agree with you on those