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Chris Brown

Official Chris Brown photo in suit
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awwww he was so cute when chris brown was a teenager but he a grown man now he is still sexy and i saw chris brown in a movie this christmas that is the best movie ever i love it.

awwwwww lukk at lil chris on my fav video!! (tiffany wuz here)

I remember this video and i watched everyday for two months. I loved to see him dance and be cute and try and be grown. I love every chris brown song released and unreleased. he inspired me to be better.He gave me hope and brightened up my day with his smile. he is so sweet and caring. I believe in him and i will support him through everything. i know my father likes him, shout out to my dad eric rowe. FORGIVENESS IS BEAUTIFUL and i never had to forgive because i respected him,his music,and his love for music.

spoken to give hope...i have faith in him


his smile is so sexy!

Eu sou completamente , incondicionalmente apaixonada por ele faria qualquer coisa por ele , e em questao de suas fotos nao existe comentario bom o suficiente para ele ...
Ele e perfeito eu o amo demais

HEY BOO! i aint gottah compliment dis pic cuz u noe u sexii ijus wanted 2 say sup and i noe u goin through but keep ur head up, dont think drugs is da best way cuz its not. i luv u alwayz remember me, ur #1 fan savanna AKA pepsiboo,cuz i lu da pepsi lol. big ups 2 u booboo!!

boy i bet dat she be acting all jerky like,like she deserves u and u so lucky 2 be wit her bet she be treating u rude alwayz goin crazay like shes the laday made 4 u oh, LOL BOOEY BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

HEY BOO! SUP tell me how i see u on tv goin through court dats o'd. poor boo boo. just noe im wit u every step of da way i'ight! i's be rootin 4 u. PEPSIBOO!!!! PS keep in touch u noe mii email right? anywayz, dont get any sexier!...HEYY, wat i told u? L.OL!