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Chris Live On Tour - Frankfurt, Germany

Chris Brown
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He looks so amazing, I still can't believe I'm still obsessed with him.

You look fantastic Chris.

chris is really super hot n super fly everywhere,anywhere he iz a star i love him sooooooooooooooo very mch


chris brown your dancing is really outstanding no one can be like you creative like you sing like you dance like be different has the swagg your the next michael jackson i adore you your my idol just keep working hard you will get that better thsn michael jackson spot and i can be the next chris brown girl version

team breezy

You GO Boy with your bad self!
Keep on dancing Chris!

He is so hot.. omgg. I have loved him since i was a little kidddd <3 I LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN

Out of this world*sexy*

Great Chris, all your presentations are great

lookin sexy