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Chris an Jordin on the set of No Air I luv dat song

Posted by ChrisBreezy245


ok let me set it straight,jordan get out of the pic because i should be in the pic and im tired of chris and jordan taking pics together.besides this is chris and haleybrownworld .com not chris and

ur wifey always luv u

Yeah they look like they could be related.

But I think chris should date somone out side of the "industry".

Who will keep him grounded and keep the media out of his biz.

He don't need celebs like 5head and jordin.

Cuz, he always said he would date a normal girl.

So that's what he should do.

Get with a normal girl chris.

Leave celebs like jordin ALONE!

But I don't think he likes her like that anyways.
I am, who I am, you can take it or you can leave it."

I like this photo they look nice and i luv that song no air its sooooooo goood