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o f f i c i a l !

F u t u r i s t i c !

Posted by Maurice.lovEr


HALA,again just wanna tell you that i am so into HIP-HOP and i can dance it too. I flow and flow effects, tick, buck, krump and lil' bit of tats(hand work). Been dancing since eleven years old but bein stopping 'coz ma mom wants me to stop dancing and focus on school and have a better future, i can't stop 'coz it's my dream to become the best that i can be. I am duing grade 12 this year(2010) so for my mom's sake i wanna do travel and tourism so that i can be able to see how other people, learn their culture and also to see how they make an effort to live another day. Maybe we can battle and exchange styles :). I am not rushing things 'coz i kno that good things comes to those who are patient. Enjoy life to the fullest. Have a good one. PEACE