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I'm still here supporting you Chris I was here in the beginning and I will be here until the end{which will never happen} i love you sooo much and I'm so proud of the work you've done with Graffiti

Posted by T3aM Br33zY BBy


Chris breezy i love so much i was goin to go to to ur show on the 18 but i dont have the money i am tryin to git it thought by the way i love y so much on my this year i am gitin ur face on my back my mom think my crazy but i dont care love u so much i really hpoe i git to come and see u on the 18 love ur biggest fan De'Shuna bka top diva

i love you chris breezy!!!! hi geralyn!!!! tpt in and out!!!!:)

i dreamed you last night...

im ur fan since in beginning and i will forever no matter what happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!love u so much my,u are my idol my inspiration,my everthing.....

Lov u chris keep doin ur thang lov u mwah :)

Chirs Showing Yuuu Some Loveee Doe
Ur Maaa Fav Singer iLoveee Yuuuu
#Team Brezzy :)

I want for TeamBreezy to pull together just like they do for the awards show, and Tell all his fans to go buy his cd and help him go Platnium. He have over a million fans if everyone bought a cd he would be there. Im tired of seeing good music overlooked. Truth be told Graffiti was a very good cd.. Im 41 and I know good music. Make it happen Team Breezy

brezzy is my prefect artist, he's beautiful, a little bit crazzy he's swag, intelligent. he's perfect

I need u boo

I never hated you and everypne who says i should love you or ur too violent i tell them right

I love u

j'aime beaucoup chris brown