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I'm still here supporting you Chris I was here in the beginning and I will be here until the end{which will never happen} i love you sooo much and I'm so proud of the work you've done with Graffiti

Posted by T3aM Br33zY BBy


you da Best team breezy :D

Thss picture iss Cute ilyouuu ; Chriss :) ! !

iLovee Yuu Chriss

Just wanted to say Ive been a fan since the beginning- Team Breezy always!!!!

yo br33zy ""like""

man luv u chris u my fav idk wat the world be without uuu!!!

I love u chris brown u know u my baby foreva i been wth u since day 1 nd im still gone ride or die wth u chris mwah love u boo!!!!!!!!

: )))) iWonder iF That Concert iS rEALL Y fREEE