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  • boobyoutthere saying hello.

    boobyoutthere saying that its difficult to be, during the reccession, and that people make it very evil because they have a job, and dont believe in the reccession, but some people really want to be helpful,
    like me.

    Lickylush is really a liar, she dosnt really sing and dance she is a fan thats obsessioned about Chris Brown.

    PLC is really honest and really loves Chris Brown and her work is really hers and qualified is what she is.

    Lots of love and kisses and hugs.

  • Boobyoutthere loving Mr Chris Brown.

    Boobyoutthere wants to know why Chris Brown is so really beautifull, is it the way you hit the note of c- or is it the way you manifest into the Popstar of a Super star world of musik and dance, or is it because your fit body is makeing me weak, every time I look at you.

    Lickylush is blushing every time you are on the tv and radio, she is not really a dancer, shes a fan, with big busty tits full of lager, thus her other name is lager tits, dont tell every one, its a secret.

    PLC is sooo sexy right now because you are really makeing her.

  • Boobyoutthere returning from the ultimate nightmare.

    After surviving the streets of London Boobyoutthere is a woman who is
    surviving on the music and sound of Chris Brown.

    Lickylush is a bit teary and cryy and rough but she dosnt want to go out in the streets of London for more than 1hour a week, how stupid is that.

    Anyway PLC is the one person thats a bit dangerous and is missing Chris brown like crazy, like to much, I mean the womans over the top.

    I love Chris Brown he's my love.

  • boobyoutthere bigging up tiny trickles of support.

    Boobyoutthere is saying that when you have a staff force which dont want to say that they are incorrect, then your way is reduced to error, then its im going to batter, smash, lickout their heads off their shoulders.

    But lickylush disrespects the whole way of understanding and gets her legs out and poses, until the way is corrected. But thats like poseing for a magazine for charity, so she is a poser.

    PLC is really sexy,moody,bad tempered and intelligent under such conditions and wants to bigup Chris brown on his new album, which really helps one become a better person.

  • To eat or not to eat

    boobyoutthere is really haveing a diet, thats really commercial, like fish and chips with hiezne bake beans and tomotoe ketchup, every 5hours, thats the diet thats really pressured into lots of peoples, life style. And look in the mirror and say, flipping fit.

    Lickylush really is difficult, her diet is prawns dipped into mayo and ketchup jackedup with potatoe wedges, with a shoot of overproof white rum. She is like, how do I look, how do I look, before she drops to the floor. Dont stand near me.

  • The weather at boobyoutthere.

    Boobyoutthere forecasting that Chris Brown should wear speedo's in this cool breeze of a spring weather forcast, also a string vest that represents his culture, with a ice pop that resembles his speacial delight.

    Lickylush should wear pervy in gold and stop being so, slaged in, or shes going to get what she deserves.

    PLC is so hot and cold right now, that sexy sports, stays in, trendy.
    isnt she the best ever.

    Kissy,Hugy,Licky,snugy,lovely day, from guess who.

    Dribbleing on my nipples.

  • This is boobyoutthere rateing chris browns album fortune 50 stars
    and even more stars.

    The subculture that wants to dance to it is scimpy subculture and also pervy subculture, and if you want to be soft porn then you have to adorn the body with the trend that is suitable. Its really fashion and music, if its not you cant be.

    Lots of respect and nuff and lots of success to chris brown.

    Hand shake to from with chris brown.
    Lickylush is a bastard and PLC is a slut. Boobyoutthere is the best.

  • This is boobyoutthere identifying.

    This is boobyoutthere saying who is who, size zero is out, but size
    hell is in, fashion. Identify new romantics, who is chris brown.

    identify lickylush as quirky, and pervy, wearing black, wearing hell,
    wearing the new trend, which is f***al, like f***re, in the f***ed out
    fashion sub-culture.

    identify plc in your heaven, as sub-culture, sports that really look like its really hot, sexy,and your going to get battered fashion look,
    that stays in time and time again, almost like a new trend.

  • This is boobyoutthere bigging up.

    Boobyoutthere is saying, that when in hell, the sun shines, out of the mouth of the best person ever.

    Lickylush is donning the style of pervy subculture, isnt she a perve, PLC is struggleing to wear a long skirt/dress, shes wearing a micro mini, with tights in black like she owns the whole fashion industry.

    And Chris Brown is the best dressed in the whole world ever.

    Lots of Hugy Hugy Hug Hug.

  • I am a fan of chris browns.

    This is boobyoutthere, greetings to my favourite popstar, just want to say, here is really horrible and evil, but where you are is lovely.

    Any way enough about me.

    Lickylush is so full of herself that shes getting on my nerves, and that PLC is not really shakeing it right now, anyway your fit and buff and hot and singy and your profile is in my world.

    Lots of kissy Kissy Kiss Kiss.