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  • chris brown can rap

    allot of people on utube and in real life says chris brown cant rap but i know he can and im sure everyone whos a breezy fan thinks he can to! his really talented!+.*.+. i remember when i was 16 and chris was making songs like now and later and whos girl is that he said in one of his interviews he used to rap before he was singing. and also if you heard boy in detention mixtape of his its very clear that he can rap! it dosent matter if his a singer he has the voice for rap and the rhythmem which is really important in rap! anyway...besides this post! whats your favorite chris breezy rap song?

  • new dancer i need help learning some new moves i wanna dance like chris brown

    anyone out there who dances to hip hop dance hit me up because im a new dancer i did have a personal dance teacher but he left me so now im on my ones! it would be amazing to have c.b teach me but it would be far to expensive lmfao! so if you all could give me some useful tips and some c.b moves that would be awesome! here is my dance video to green goblin cbreezy to show you how i am atm