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  • wow dats hot, imma 4realz get dat cd wen it come out and everyone else should 2!!!!!!!!!!

  • omg i got dis shirt..... i bought it at his concert

  • who dat dude wit chris.... ops my bad dats jus rihanna man lookin ugly ass! chris u could have went wit any otha pretty celeb out there or even a regular gurl but no u had u pick rihanna. she supa ugly like a mutha f***a omg, if yall both was walkin 2getha sum 1 would think u gay cuz they'll mistake her 4 a nigga.... u a sexy azz boy man go get sumthin betta!!!!!! WAT DA HELL RONG WIT U????

  • damn he lookin fine

  • chris dont look rite wit a mohalk... but i'm still luvin him

  • my babii kno how 2 lean wit it den rock wit it. lolz

  • my babii kno how 2 lean wit it den rock wit it. lolz

  • chris look like he havin a gud time.. but inside he kno he thinkin bout me so jordan need 2 bac up

  • jordan betta enjoy da time wit him cuz afta he cumin home wit me..... imma beat her ass if i find out dey doin mo den jus shootin a video

  • imma whoop dat b****'s ass if she kiss my man.... dose lips r mine and mine ONLY!!!!! so jordan and all u otha celeb hoez out there betta bac off cuz chris is my boo 4lyfe.