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  • that was just damn right funny, chris' interviews/videos/clips are always jus ones to watch he's actuallly hilarious :L guess he shhut them up with his skills there ;)

  • i think this is, yet again, a work of art from breezy. the video shows his personality along with his journey of being an artist, although i think there could have been a few more clips from different tours perhaps rather than repeating clips; having said that it was over all a well thought up video.<3

  • i think this album is absolutely amazing.. i mean even my mum and brother are loving it and thats a first! he always continues to put out GREAT music keep doing ya thing breezy <3

  • out this monday, i cannot wait! gonna play it as soon as i get home.<3

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    haven't heard all his songs from F.A.M.E yet but what i have heard is just stunning. his talent has stayed consistent from day. 'paper scissor rock' is one of my favourites so far, and the heart felt 'all back' too <3