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  • Fortune album is amazing Chris! I love every pic and song on FORTUNE!!!

  • Fortune is awesome Chris!!!! I love every frickin song on dat album! You're just amazing! Now i just gotta get an album and that's gonna be pretty soon!

  • That's what i'm talkin bout Chris!!!! U know Team Breezy loves you! Keep doin wat u do and we love u! #TeamBreezyForever

  • Chris Brown is my INSPIRATION

    Well, imma put it this way. I love Chris Brown! He is so amazing! I dance to his music almost everyday (when my mp3 is charged). One thing i love Chris Brown for is his love for us fans, anybody wit me? I love Chris Brown for his talents, and most of all letting go of the past and keeping positive and learnin from mistakes. And respectin and prolly havin love for the HATERS. REMEMBER: I LOVE U CHRIS BROWN!!! Any body follow me on twitter: @Seylena. FRIEND REQUEST ME on FACEBOOK at: Ariel Seylena-Butterfly Hewlin. hit me up aite. PEACE!