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i love this freaking songggg ughhhhh

Wooooooooooow! do wat u wanna do........!

I love this song it helps me with everyday and even makes me cry sometimes to.

Soooo,Good love i lyk it.

Chris Brown This song is one of my favorite songs by you I listen to it everyday and night this songs means alot of how the world is today people judging other people I love your music with a passion I hope one day I get to meet you and you can show me some dance moves keep the music coming chris brown your awesome your my role modle


I love this song ""don't Judge me...Nice one

chris breezy is just expressing himself to all his haters cause they won't leave him alone so what if smokes mind your god dame business just leave him alone u haters!!!!!!!

this music video is great i akes me wanted and telling me to stop juding people by what they did.

This song makes me cry i wont judge you chris brown i love you