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hey yo breezy keep it up bro.

chris brown needs to come to the uk :(((((((((((((

i love you so much! come to cardiff in wales soon please!

Cbcbcbcbcb i love u!!!!!!!!!!! Know word to every song uve wrote (except raps;)) COME TO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

if it aint his dance moves it his smile damn this guy is good. But TAKE U DOWN is still the bestiiiii


just keeps getting better :) team breezy

I never tire of watching this video!! The more I see it, the more I want him!!!

This Geezer is an absolute LEGEND!! and I LLLLOOOOVVVVEEE him!!!

loveee this song soo much!! teambreezy i done a dance routine to this! i would love for u to see it!! message me and i will send the link!! :) xx

Wow!am going so crazy over this song,I love all your songs even before i hear them.