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Syndney, AUS - Acer Arena

Date / Time: Apr 26 2011
Venue: Acer Arena
Location: Syndney, AUS



I went and I have his denom hat! and omg it smells so good... and p.s chris that bra was mine! :) hehe
Loveyou xox

i went and saw it he was absolutely amazing, just such an amazing entertainer and such a great inspiration to other singer/dancers around the world :) i love u chris brown <3<3<3

lovee yuh soooooooooooooooo much chris <3

i want to go to want of his concert but i cant and its suck.

love you chris <3 <3 <3


AHHHHHH, i can not wait !!!!!!! i love you chris brown !!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

Grrrrr i want him to come and do one in brighton - in the UK xxxxx i love him he is soooooo fit xx :O <3 <3


yay! im going , got them as soon as they went on sale (:

i really want to come

im so going as if ill miss it no way!!!

:( sO MUCH MONEY... :( i dont care about the money jus want to see chris but parents arnt allowing cuz its $325 to see chris do mic checks and get a pack.. i wish. next time when he comes im definitly going.:)Guys Have Fun at his concert. :)