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Atlanta, GA - Lakewood Amphitheatre

Date / Time: Oct 2 2011
Venue: Lakewood Amphitheatre
Location: Atlanta, GA


i plan on going. was gonna go to the Tampa show but the 100 dollar seats are not as good as Atlanta's. i mean if i'm paying good money i want a good seat. <3 love CHRIS BROWN and hope i get to make it <3

Theres lawn ticket up front right?How much would those be...I went on ticketmaster and all the good seats getting taken FAST,so I have to do somthing lol :)

how do you become a Chris Brown VIP?

Ladies! It's that time. The tickets go on sale thus Saturday august 27@10am. They will be on good luck ladies hope to c u there!

Ladies! It's that time. The tickets go on sale thus Saturday august 27@10am. They will be on good luck ladies hope to c u there!

Well u should def keep checkin...all the shows from Oct 8 n up start goin on sale next Mon Oct 29...they will not be doin a presale it would appear. They also skipped over Oct 7 date as well. I checked the location for the concert website n they state that they are a resale company n not a box office...apparently this is how they explain their high prices. Their front row is now saying $700 n up. Wow.! All of the other locations now that they are open to the general public , the prices show $39 or so up to $ gurl I do not know....just be patients n keep checking. I know I'm anxious though do that us easier said than done lol. Good luck though!


hey, i'm still trying to get tickets for atlanta..and somehow on ticketmaster and livenation, they skipped over october 2nd and went to october 8th...HELLOOO..teambreezy, i need help! i'm kinda freaking out, why did that happen? i'm trying to get good seats before they're taken..should i just keep on checking everyday..or what??!


Well the locations is at the Aarons Lakewood Amph...2002 Lakewood Way, Atlanta GA 30315. They have tickets on sale there for the event..but they are overpriced and right n front of the stage runs about $300+ and on lawn $93....

BUT>>>>> nevertheless the tickets have not officially went onsale for that date so I am super excited about that and oh yea... someone asked for the code. It is on and the code is


This will allow pre sale buying and the highest i have seen on the other locations was like $104 so yea. The last date that has went up was 10/01 and it becomes available to the general public on tomorrow 08/ this one should become up really soon! keep a look out TEAMBREEZY! hope 2 c u there!


where is this place can i get an exact location

i agree with the girl above i have been trying as well and cant find a single hint as to where i can get pre-sale wait im lieing there was some tickets on the radio station but thats not going to happen because thats a slim chance to none so please let us know asap because im loaded with cash and dont wanna have to see them when im broke dry down and out and mad as nobody knows love you lots and hope to see you again.....mmmhhmmm ♥