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Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Arena

Date / Time: Oct 28 2011
Venue: Wells Fargo Arena
Location: Philadelphia, PA


OMG OMG I GET TO MEET CHRIS!!!!!!!!! I won from Q102....I'm still in complete shock!!!!! But here's the thing: I bought 2 tickets on Saturday, they're in section 211...ANY TAKERS? Let me know :)


How are you meeting him? I thought there weren't backstage passes for powerhouse??


i cannot wait me and my dad already got our tickets and we like in the third row


so excited to finally get to see chris live <333 seriously this is going to be the greatest day of my life without a doubt. it's gonna be crazy! slight possibility i might even get to go backstage too...i'd probably burst in to tears on the stop meeting him, ahhhhh <3

i'm going i got the ticket yall dont


Omg i cannot wait to finally see him live!!!!!! sooooooo excited #teambreezy

i f***in love him to death nd i cannot wait to see him ahhh :)

The tickets go on sale Friday!!!! He is performing at Powerhouse. He is bringin his FAME tour to Powerhouse! Tickets are on sale 10am-10pm friday. Go to and check it out. It's still on October 28th!

I've never seen him in concert and I cannot wait ! Y haven't the tickets for the Philly show gone on sale yet ?!?!?! :/

I'd really like to know when tickets are coming... if they are. Please let us kno, thanx :)