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Moline, IL - iWireless Center

Date / Time: Nov 2 2011
Venue: iWireless Center
Location: Moline, IL


Chris Brown! It ruined my day to hear that your show at the Iwireless Center was cancelled. Our Quad Cities would still love to see you! I have been waiting a long time for you to come to our town, please reschedule!! :(

I hope you and your team are planning to reschedule the concert. As many have stated we are not a big city but there are true fans in the area who bought tickets and even stood outside in lines for a chance to see you. Come on Chris don't disappoint us!!!

Wow, I just found out that the show is cancelled. Is it really a scheduling problem or was our town just too small and there was not enough tickets sold? You have a lot of fans in small towns, too! It would have been nice to see you come here and show that you care about all of your fans not just those in the bigger areas.

i'm hella mad that you would even cancel your show coming here there are so many people that have bought their outfits && tickets and that were looking forward to this show I mean we aren't the biggest city but you definitely had some dedicated fans here but not any more you lost a few hopefully you reschedule because we still want to scream our asses off when you come out on stage.
so reschedule please. :)

I WAS looking forward to going to this concert for my birthday! But it was cancelled due to a schedualing problem? Really?! I would advise you to check your dates next time! I am really upset and just thought id let you know you have lost one fan!

I am excited to see the concert. Moline is a small town so I was shocked to find out he was coming. I may be a bit older than some of the other women there, but I'll be there!