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Katowice, Poland - Spodek Arena

Date / Time: Nov 25 2012
Venue: Spodek Arena
Location: Katowice, Poland


Daaamn Chris Come to POLAND, best to WARSAW!!!! ♥ REMEMBER ABOUT US

thats right.

I'll be waiting for next cocnert Chris!! Poland ♥ u!

I'm soooooo saaad Chris Brown's concert in Poland is canceled... Love u Chris♥♥♥ !!! :) I'll be waiting for next cocnert! Please come to Poland broo!

canceled.. that is pissed.

I am glad that in the end you will have a concert in my country - Poland. Unfortunately not too far ... Too bad .. But I'm so glad. I love what you do - you sing, you dance, your graffiti, and how you loved Michael Jackson .. You are an inspiration to me. Your new video for the song "Do not judge me" exceeded my wildest expectations. It's great, although also a little sad, especially the ending. The same can be said of the text songs:
"You're hearing rumors about me
And you can not stomach the thought
Of someone touching my body
When you so close to my heart
I will not deny saying what they
Because most of it is true
But it was all before I fell for you "

This song is so true ...

I love you and what you're doing ...
Not valid is the criticism of others. Be yourself and do what you do the following: give us good music like so far .. I look forward to new songs and music videos. I hope that the next show will be held in Poland, in Gdansk. :)
PS: Sorry for vocabulary, but I do not speak much English and I use google tlanslator.