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Chris Brown: Beautiful People

Beautiful People (2011)


Love the beat and the lyrics behind it all!



Love the beat and the lyrics behind it all!


I Lovee This SonG It UpliftinG and SoothinG it Give Peoplee Confidencee and Stand StronG Yuhr an AmazinG SonG Writer?Artist Keep Up Thee GREAT Work ! Lovee Yuh Always and Forever Baby #TeamBreezy

i love this songg so muchh <3
he is soo cuteee
ilovehimsomuch (L)

this song is amazing its not one of my favz but its a must listen to....its very different and unique. my favorite song by chris brown number one..its just amazing..!!

much luv,

soo...sooo cute. i love chris brown! my 3 favorite songs are beautiful people, look at me now and oh my love, all on his new album F.A.M.E. which is AMAZING!!! Check it out guys(:

i LOVE yu' && i BEEN in LOVE with yu' ever since yu' came out with THANK YOU .! ^&&^ BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE is just the EXTENT to THANK YOU cause at the end yu said " when this song is over,, it aint the end,, cause im coming back for yu' to do it again" .! iM not an obsessed fan that will attack yu' when i see yu' i will just be calm just so yu' wont ignore me <3

OMG Words Aree Lost For This Album I freakingg LOVE This wholee Thengg Not One Songg Is Badd I Knock This F.A.M.E Evrydayy

eres lo mejor chris