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Chris Brown: Chris Brown - F.A.M.E (Explicit)

Chris Brown - F.A.M.E (Explicit) (2011)




yo breezy i heard ur is out

I pre ordered 5 copys of the deluxe edition... but im kind hurt that "12 stands: matrix" isn't on the album... :^(

F.A.M.E Omgeee ikant wait till i get mine then imma hav da whole collection thnx Chris 4 all your hard work and your dedication 2 your music and art im glad i started trying 2 follow in your foot steps not into "F.A.M.E" but into my work. ps. love your music big fan also Look At me now is the best music video no BS got bumped 2 #2 on my chrts =)

Israel love u CBreezy

i heard it all wit ma boo breezzyy!!
&&& yeaa its pretty dopee
but kntt wait to have it in my hands && play it all the timme :)

Can't wait til this album to drop.!

esse album chris brown dedicou a nos fans de todo o mundo entao vai ser bom

i love you chris brown yhu is so sexy i dont kno wat i wiil do if i meet yhu


The title says it all!(F.A.M.E.).
Know it's time for all the Hater's to eat there word, just in case you didn't when "Deuces" was #1.

Keep up the great work!

hi bae whats up when you coming to my house i want some action a lot cant wait till i see you.bye