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Chris Brown: Fortune (Explicit)

Fortune (Explicit) (2012)


  • 1
    Turn Up The Music - Produced by The Underdogs & Fuego
  • 2
    Bassline – Produced by @PopWansel, co-produced by @DayviJae
  • 3
    Till I Die feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa – Produced by Danja
  • 4
    Mirage feat. Nas – Produced by Harmony, co-produced by Chris Brown
  • 5
    Don’t Judge Me - Produced by The Messingers
  • 6
    2012 – Produced by Adonis, co-produced by Kevin “K-Mac” McCall
  • 7
    Biggest Fan – Produced by The Runners, co-produced by The Monarch
  • 8
    Sweet Love - Produced by Polow da Don & Jason “JP” Perry
  • 9
    Strip feat. Kevin McCall – Produced by Tha Bizness
  • 10
    Stuck On Stupid – Produced by Brian “BK” Kennedy, co-produced by Dante Jones
  • 11
    4 Years Old – Produced by Polow da Don & Tommy Hittz
  • 12
    Party Hard/Cadillac (Interlude) feat. Sevyn - Produced by Brian “BK” Kennedy & Boi-1da
  • 13
    Don’t Wake Me Up – Produced by Benny & Alle Benassi, Free School & William Orbit, co-produced by Brian “BK” Kennedy
  • 14
    Trumpet Lights feat. Sabrina Antoinette - Produced by Polow Da Don, co-produced by Jerome “J Roc” Harmon



cant wait for this album to come out ill be first one to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx♥♥3

Cant wait til the album comes out. I will be like the first one to get it.

i love c-brezzy

OMFG :D I Cant WAIT Till This CD Come OUT! I Got ALL HIS Cds!

#TeamBREZZY Devoted Fan From Day 1(:


BREEZY'S BIGGEST FAN RIGHT HERE!!!!!! I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS ALBUM, AND I AM COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL ITS RELEASE!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BIG OF A FAN I AM! I HAVE OVER 100 SONGS BY HIM AND IS ALL I LISTEN TO!! I was sad to see that breezy didn't come to Minnesota for his FAME Tour, and I was considering driving 14 hours to St. Louis to see it there, but it was my homecoming night, so CB, if you see this- COME TO MN FOR YOUR FORTUNE TOUR AND SEAT ME VIP BREEZY! TEAM BREEZY FOR LIFE! LOVE THE DEATH OUT OF YOU AND YOUR MUSIC

I love this man!!! HE is always on top with his cds and records.. Proud of you Chris Keep Up the Good Work.!!!!!!


Gosh !! so amazing this guy!! 'nd his muzik... im without words!! lov ya Brezzy so!! f*** THE HATERS ahahha ;)

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Diz album iz bout 2 go hard!!!!!!!!!!!!Might get it 4 my B-DAY!!!!!!!which is may 21


hey im gonna get that hey myra when is the fortune tour starttingP.S im not new i have 2 profiles jayzbreezy my page luv yall u 2 breezy u know who am i