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Chris Brown: Graffiti

Graffiti (2009)



heyyyyy, I LOVEE YOU! :D
i really love your slow songs, the one titled NOTHIN'.
it's so meaningful. ur songs are all meaningful! i lovee it very much!
wish i'll get the chance to meet u one day ;(

I love this this album soooo much, I love you Chris :) <3

He can "transform ya" into a bashed up woman LOL XD

He can transform ya into a bashed up woman LOL XD

Hey boo i luv all yo songz and i want 2 meet u

.hey Chris , I love your work and you are amazing at it. I am a huge fan but I'm not the type that will be all up in your face and trying to touch all over you. I am the type that will wild out when I see you in concret , even though I haven't yet cause I don't really have money like that but I know I will act a fool when I see you. I think it will be soo cool if you went on tour with Trey Songs , Usher , & or , Brian McKnight. I don't know why I said him but I think it will be a really good combo. Anyway , I hope everything is going good in your life now. Oh and I saw you on 106& park the other day and you was fantastic. You can really dance and of course sing. Hopefully they will but No BS on the count down. I will vote for that so it can stay on there , just like "Duces" is. But yeah , have a good time where ever your at and tell your mom I said hey lol. Comment me back please and have a awesome day !

I LOv yOu CeeBee!!U're Dah Besttttttt..Ur vOiice, yOur Scream,yOur bOdy,yOur Music!!All abOut yOu

your awesome!
-diamond lovone

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