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Chris Brown: Loyal featuring Lil Wayne & Tyga

Loyal featuring Lil Wayne & Tyga (2014)


chris is the bestest and the G R E A T E S T ~

my song

Its just perfect it's different and easliy one of the best and video just tops it all off, amazing!

Ashley Madison ;)

I love this song gets to me like when I listen to this song I get pumped up for some reason && I love the video.

dearest chris the beat of the music is great but the lyrics is not what people like to here about the females . i love your music and so does my 11 year old son but thats not what i would want him to think or say out of his mouth

The song is great but when u watch the music video the song gets taken to another level. You have truly advanced in your music Breezy, and the hole singing and dancing thing is by far the hardest thing to do and perfect but you have it on lock down. Proud to be #TeamBreezy