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Chris Brown: Turn Up The Music

Turn Up The Music (2012)


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    Turn Up The Music


I love the video and song!
#teambreezey all the way

I love the song and also the video. I love to see you dance! you make me want to join you :)

amazing dance i really loved it

Love it love it love it. #teambreezy


I really like this song and I really enjoyed seeing your performance at the Grammy's. Keep up the good work.

I love this song! Dude, Chris Brown I wanted to be like you. Shoot

Wassup Chris Brown! Would you come to Guam for my birthday in next month my birthday is March 24, 1998. Make sure get me a clean verison of your album like F.A.M.E. and Fortune to come to Guam you know come to the comcert in next month. Come on, please! If you say yes that I want you to come to my big birthday party or if you say no than maybe it's okay. Shoot.


until death end us apart..... 4 life breezzy

this song is the best chris.but plzzz upload officiel video

My music that promises to blow on all radio worldwide