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Chris’ “Loyal” Video Premiere

Chris’ “Loyal” Video Premiere
Not only did Chris team up with Lil Wayne and Tyga for his “Loyal” video, but there’s still plenty of surprises and guest appearances to uncover! Catch Chris’ “Loyal” video below and be sure to download the East Coast and West Coast versions today.

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  • I'd be loyal.
    by shanpeterson1333 on Mar 24, 2014 am31 11:11am
  • Very Nice Breezy!!! Love the lyrics,the clothes, the dance moves and the hoes to. Yeah we know: This hoes ain´t LOYAL. The name says it all. #yourCHRISBREEZY #IamDEMSBREEZY Loving your songs since 2005
    by DenilsonAlfama on Mar 24, 2014 am31 11:11am